I decided to end this story at chapter 22 instead of 30. It's been a great month of writing this and sadly, I'm not making a sequel, maybe just a one-shot on a couple you'll probably find out at the end of the chapter. The baby's nickname is "Lena" just so you know.

Chapter 22 — The End

Normal POV

In the morning, Damon and Bonnie joined Elena and Stefan for breakfast while Rosey, Anna and Lexi dressed Lena. It seemed all the bad were finally gone, after weeks of battling evil. They still missed Caroline, Matt, Jeremy and Meredith but they knew they were in peace, which comforted them a lot. Isobel and Alaric went back to their place; they were certain everyone was safe.

Lena was growing at an immense pace everyday. Even though she was only three days old, Lena acted more mature but still couldn't talk properly. She adored Damon the most, which is weird for the family and often bites his finger playfully as she doesn't have her fangs in yet so the bite is non painful. She likes it when Rosey combs her hair, feeling like she's in the water. With her father Stefan, she enjoys sleeping on his chest and sucks on her thumb to draw away bad dreams. Lena especially likes playing with Lexi and Bonnie; she often races with Lexi to improve on her walking and can almost beat Bonnie, who runs as fast she truly can.

The family was really fine. No bad things were to ever touch them again.

After breakfast, Elena went out hunting with Lena and Stefan while the rest of the group stayed behind.

Bonnie was with Lexi upstairs in Lexi's bedroom; Damon and Anna were playing video games.

"When are you going to tell him?" asked Lexi.

"I don't know. I'm not even sure…"

"You took the test. Twice. Do you want to it to be a hundred times until you realize you're pregnant?"

"Don't say it out loud, Lexi!" Bonnie yelled in he whispered tone.

"Sorry but you're gonna have to tell Damon. You saw what Elena went through. It's likely you are going to go through it too,"

"I know." She whined.

In the hunting trip, Lena caught a deer and tackled it, giggling. Elena helped her while Stefan caught his own. After biting the deer's neck, Elena let her daughter drink it while Stefan shared with her. Luckily, none of them got their clothes bloodied.

"I did it, Daddy." Lena said. Because Bonnie practiced with her almost everyday, she had learned some words but not all.

"Very good, Lena. C'mon, lets go back home," Stefan said, lifting his child as they went to the boarding house.

Damon chilled on the couch while Anna stared at him, obviously annoyed he won again.

He felt her stare and groaned. "Stop staring. It's rude."

Anna rolled her eyes as Elena, Stefan and Lena came in. Lexi heard them come and told Bonnie, "You should right now!"

"No! No, I'll decide when."

Lexi groaned. She sometimes thought Bon was stubborn. "Then when?"

"In a few days. You'll be there when I do, Lexi."

Lena was sitting on Anna's lap, playing with her brown locks when Bonnie and Lexi came down. Damon saw how Bonnie looked scared and ran to her as Lexi winked at him. He got more confused.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing, Damon." Bonnie said calmly.

Lexi was trying to keep her mouth shut but she couldn't anymore and shouted, "She's pregnant!" Then placed both palms on her mouth. Bonnie viciously glared at her, Lexi mouthing "sorry" to her.

"What?" Stefan, Elena and Damon said at the same time. Lena stopped playing with Anna's hair.

"You heard her. I'm gonna have a child," the redhead said, acting like it wasn't a big deal.

Damon did all but hug the woman he loved while the family smiled at him. Everything really was going to be fine, no matter what.

Meredith, Caroline, Matt and Jeremy looked down at their family, smiling that they were in peace too.

The End. Hope you enjoyed it.

-Barbie :)

Characters of the story in alphabetical order:

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* = means villains of the story.


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