Warnings: OOC, OC, violence, very violent, sexual situations, non-con, dub-con, drug use, mentally disturbed author, a lot of typos and over all grammatical errors, misuse of Don.

No Tears Just Fears

Chapter 1

"Everything he does, he does with hidden intentions."

"So, what are you telling me? That this goes beyond his suicidal tendencies? That despite everything you've done to him, he has something brewing deep inside?"

"In so many words. Your son, he's very, very smart, manipulative, and unfortunately selfless."

"Selfless. Of course he's selfless." Dad Eppes was beginning to lose his patience. "What did you expect he was going to be like? Like you, selfish and cruel?" He yelled, getting up from his chair. "This is a waist of my time. I should have never come."

He could see Dad Eppes walk away from his seat across from him, hesitant and desperate. He wanted to help his son, wanted to heal him from the harm and trauma caused by his own hands. Hands that would do it over and over again if given the chance. "You weren't listening to me, Mr. Eppes. If you want me to tell you in what state your son's psyche is, then take a seat. No one, and don't take offence by this, but no one has come to know the inner workings of your son's mind like I have. You'd understand if you were standing as close as I was."

"You sick bastard." Dad Eppes hissed out.

"Do you want to know or not?" He purred out with the finest of all his poker faces on.

"What do you want in return?" Alan asked skeptical of the man's intentions. No one that dirty ever offered anything in return for nothing.

"I can see where your son get's his brains." He could see that Dad Eppes waited for his request, steadily being drained of the little patience he had for the man across of him he spilled his first. "Would it be too much to just see your son once more?"

"Out of the question. My son is off limits." Mr. Eppes said, a disgusted look suddenly playing on his features.

The sick creep released a low laugh, gurgling in his own hysteria. Confused in the other man's humor, Dad Eppes remained silent. "What a difference time makes. Just a few months ago your son was my personal buffet with no limits to what I could have."

It seemed like Dad Eppes refused to understand, his brows furrowed and his arms crossed.

"Whatever I wanted. Whenever I wanted." He spelled out for him. Leaning back on his seat, hands still cuffed to the table he once again began speaking. "Did he ever tell you of the time I decided to take him to an underground fighting arena? That night was one of the most exiting I've ever had." He said licking his lips as he thought back to that specific night lost in his memories until, his eyes finally made contact with those of Mr. Eppes. "I caught him shooting up."

Dad Eppes eyes disconnected their connection, his eyes dropping down. A pained look within them at hearing what the other man was saying. "That's not true." He faintly said in disbelief. "He wouldn't."

"After I forbid him from doing so." He said with a tone that caught Mr. Eppes attention nerving his already strained emotions.

"You're lying." Dad Eppes accused. "You made him take all those drugs. You're the one who made him."

He released another sickening laugh haltering another one of Mr. Eppes angered irruptions before it even started. His confusion left swimming within the echo of the other man's hysteria. "Did Donny ever say, word for word, that I made him take his first taste? That it was me who forcefully pushed that needle up his arm or did you just assume it was me?"

Thinking back, Alan had never heard Don say those words. Never accused the man of forcing him into them. He just simply wanted to believe that that's how it happened, because Don would never, ever do that. Never.

Or… was that once upon a time…

"Because if he did, he lied to you."

Dad Eppes sat back down on his seat, his legs refusing to work for him any longer.

"How they grow up so fast, right Mr. Eppes?" He mocked and he felt like a champion when Dad Eppes darkened eyes fell on him, his sight murderous. "One moment, his lying under you begging you to stop and the next his on top with the priciest drug money can buy running through his veins fucking the brains out of you."

"Shut-up you sicko." Alan yelled, tears swelling in his eyes, and even managed to surprise himself by smacking his fist harshly on the table keeping the two men apart.

The other man lips spread upward. Alan relaxed across of him, his hands up to his lips, crossing each other as he tightly held them their. His cheeks becoming streaked and wet. His shoulders shook and his face dropped forward as his hands came up to cradle it within his palms covering the sight of cascading tears. So many tears. So many held. So many to shed. Not one freed in front of any of his son's. Held prisoners in his own body. He had to be strong, strong for his son's. Stronger then he'd ever had to be before.

The other man sitting across the hurt man knew he shouldn't feel so good about it, but even if Don was no longer in his possession, even if he no longer hurt Don physically, he still manages to hurt his family with more force then he ever managed to do to Don. He could see Dad Eppes breaking in front of him. How he relished the moment and how he wished it was Don who he broke so.

It took a moment for Mr. Eppes to control himself. He sat up straight, taking a lung full of air before the muscles in his face were forced to relax and he looked back at the monster in front of him, eyes red with little tears remaining to fall.

"I'll give you anything, anything you want, money, drugs, anything besides my sons… just tell me how to stop my son from killing himself." Dad Eppes said with just the right amount of desperation in his voice to make the other man purr.

The man once again let himself lean back on his seat, taking Alan's offer in consideration. Spinning it in his head so to use it to his advantage.