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I am his drug. I am his entire supply gas, the match, the igniter. I am the moral the very fiber, the whole substance to his life. I am his reason for being, the meaning of his existence and he knows this better than me.

Without him I can't breath. He keeps me together without even knowing it. The buzz he creates around me just by being in the same room as him is indescribable. He knows what pushes my buttons and he knows what makes me glow with happiness.

He knows I'm his. He knew this before I knew. He claimed me before I could escape not that I would want to escape. Without him there is no me. I don't exist or belong in a world that doesn't include him.

He pushed me on to the bed and crawls on top of me. I felt his weight but he was gentle enough not to crush me.

He licks up my neck and whispers in my ear so softly only I could hear.

"I'm dangerous" I don't care

I moaned as he cupped my breast and massaged it roughly in his hand. His other hand held my hip tightly as if not to let go. When he removed his hand I saw his fingers already imprinted in my skin in the form of a bruise. This wasn't the first time.

His cold body soothed my heated core. He knew I belonged to him. I would never tell him to stop. Why prevent the inevitable?

My moans were getting louder and my head was turning into mush. He was the only man that could do this to me. Make me forget everything and everyone besides his name. I was an intelligent woman who had lived beyond her years yet at the one caress of this mans hand and everything I have known and lived was forgotten and no longer seemed important.

"Tell me to stop." he whispered against my thigh. I can't.

He slowly kissed his way back up my body and growled when he saw I was biting my lip.

"No don't quiet your moans let me here them." he said roughly. Only for you.

He felt his fangs grow out and he slowly pulled my head back and just as he entered me he bit my neck right on my pulse point where the blood to my heart pumped working to restore all the blood he had taken for himself and I cried out his name, repeating it like a prayer.

That's all Edward did. Take, take, take. And I gave and gave until there was nothing left for me to give anymore.

He sucked greedily and made sure he kept on sucking to his satisfaction. I was glad to give.

After he was done he ripped his fangs from my flesh and looked into my eyes. He was moving inside me roughly. Faster, harder.

He green eyes turned black as he let his lust override his actions and possess his very soul. This wasn't my Edward anymore this was his demon but I loved him just the same if not more.

He kissed me roughly and I tasted the sour flavor of salt and metallic. I didn't care.

He ripped his lips from mine almost forcibly.

"I could kill you" But you won't.

He smirked as I opened my mind to his and let our souls connect in another worldly level.

"Mine" Yours.

He grabbed my hand and placed it on my womb. "Feel that?" he asked. Yes

"That's me moving inside you." He growled while pushing into me harder making the bed shake even more. Only you. "Only me." he whispered.

"Scream for me" he roared. I cried out his name as I felt my inner walls begin to clinch and my orgasm rocked my body. I have only been with one man in my whole entire existence so I had no one to compare him too but I doubt for a second that he will be best I ever have.

"Come for me again baby. Scream my name." he growled. And just like that he turned a switch off on my body, I exploded around him. I screamed his name over and over again and I couldn't stop. He kept on moving inside me and I felt the bed shaking behind us. He started moving faster and a second before my orgasm could subside I felt his sperm splash deep inside me which sent me into another back arching, world changing, universe stopping orgasm.

We came down from our high together. I opened my eyes only to find his face an inch away from mine. He still hadn't pulled out of me. I don't ever want him to. I would die if he had pulled out because I hated that empty feeling I get when he is no longer in me.

Our foreheads were now touching and our bodies remained joined even after he had emptied himself inside me. The electricity cackled all around us.

"We shouldn't do this." But we do.

"I can't not live without you." Don't lie. It hurts. I whimpered the pain to much for me to bear.

"I love you" he whispered. I wish you would mean it "Always" Forever

He was still inside me as we both fell into a deep sleep, leaving me vulnerable to him. We fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up before Edward and decided to save him the trouble of another awkward morning. I slipped on my short black dress and my peep toe pumps. I missed the coolness of his body already but he had hurt me too many times it was now my turn.

I looked back at him just before leaving and saw his face get a pained expression as his arm searched for my body. I walked over to him and kissed him softly. "I love you" I whispered against his lips.

I felt my wall begin to crumble as his faced became more pained when he didn't find me. I saw his eyes begin to flutter so I grabbed my purse and ran out on the only man I will ever love.

He is the composer to my symphony but he fucked me over when I realized he would never want me as I want him. In his mind I was just another body to warm his bed. I have been played the fool for over five decades now but no more. He broke me and composed one of the most angst filled songs known to the world.

What he did to me was unforgiveable and I was done being used. I couldn't leave without saying my final good bye to the one and only love of my life. It was time to move on from this miserable depression I had thrown myself in to so willingly. Never again.

I gave him a hundred years to realize what he had in front of him. But he never did. Because I'm not good enough.

I stopped a cab and directed him toward the airport. I finally had the strength to leave. Start over without him.

I threw a few hundred the cabbies way and made my way inside to check in just in time to board my flight and leave this god forsaken place that held the one person who could rip me apart and I would let him because when it came to him there was no me. There was just him.

I looked around and noticed that I was already in the plane. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I let my body get in zombie mode. I looked out the window and a felt one lone tear go down my cheek as the plane went up in the air. I said my final good byes and never looked back.

When you look back it means you regret something and I refuse to regret any of the choices that I have made. I would be lying if I said I would stop myself that day from meeting Edward but the truth is that I wouldn't and I rather live in a world knowing he exist than in a world not knowing him at all.

My name is Bella Marie Swan. Big brown eyes. Pale as sheet of paper. Long naturally wavy, curly hair. Half vampire.

I am nobody's daughter.

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