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After finding out about Alice's pregnancy everything seemed to switch focus. It really wasn't about Alice and Jasper anymore, it was about what was best for this baby. Even though I understood that, I don't think that Alice did. I had a strange feeling that she still held hope for her and Jasper's relationship. I didn't want to be the one to burst her bubble but someone was going to have too.

I hadn't seen Edward in two weeks and nothing seemed easier. I still missed him like crazy but I just stored my feelings away. Sometimes I had the feeling that he was in close proximity as me but I just blamed it on paranoia.

This Saturday started out like any other but I should have known that the dull ache in my stomach was not meant to be ignored.

I stumbled out of bed only to find Alice pacing the room back and forth. I looked at her with confusion written all over my face.

"What's going on Ally?" I asked worriedly.

"Carlisle called, he wants to have a family meeting with us."

I'm sure my eyes were bulging out of my head. This was not a normal thing. I was in no way associated with the royal family besides Edward and I wasn't important enough for Edward to mention to his family. Alice was only Jasper's concubine but she was pregnant with the first baby born into the royal family so I can see why they would want her but not me.

"Wait, what does this have to do with me though?" I asked.

"I don't know but he told me to bring you and besides that I can't show up there by myself." She said with tears in her eyes.

I walked over to her and hugged her. "When does this family meeting begin?"

"At one so we only have an hour to get ready."

I nodded my head and we went our separate ways to get ready.

In less than an hour we were on the road to the Royal Mansion. As I drove I sensed Alice shifting and fidgeting in her seat. I wanted to comfort her so badly but how could I when I was nervous also. I was just better at hiding it.

We arrived to the mansion 5 minutes early. As I looked up at this castle, I couldn't help but feel intimidated. Alice and I stayed in out sits and I couldn't say I blamed her for it. I had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach and I knew that Alice saw what would happen today. But Alice knew more than anyone that the consequences of changing the future were never good.

With a deep breath I opened my door and slowly walked out of my car. Alice followed my lead and we soon began to walk to the front door. The door opened before we could even knock and I was surprised to see the face of a gentle woman smiling at us sincerely.

Her eyes landed on Alice first and she smiled and hugged her.

"Hello, I'm Esme." She said her voice soft and gentle.

Alice frame was rigid as she tried to understand why this unknown woman was hugging her.

Her eyes soon landed on me and her eyes widened in recognition. I heard a soft gasp escape her lips as she turned a deathly pale color. Her eyes looked so familiar. It was like I had meet her in a previous life. She looked at me with a horrified expression and a mixture of fear and guilt. I don't know where I have meet her but I didn't get a good feeling about it. She moved toward me to hug me as well but my body reacted by moving as far away from her as possible.

She looked at me with sadness and nodded her head as if she understood why I reacted that way. I didn't even know why my body seemed to want to run away from her but some how she still looked at me as if I was justified for doing this.

We followed her into a room where everyone sat. Everyone was talking but as soon as Esme walked in with us all the talking stopped. I didn't know who else was in the room because as soon as I went in my eyes snapped to Edward and it felt as if everyone disappeared. I tried to rip my stare away from him but his eyes held me in like a prisoner. I heard Esme clearing her throat as if to snap us out of our staring contest but I couldn't find it in me to look away.

I felt so weak when I was looking at him. I felt as if he could read me like an open book and I had no choice but to accept how vulnerable he made me feel. I vaguely remember sitting down in the opposite chair, in front of him but all I could think about was how I was going to survive this.

Carlisle cleared his throat after we were all seated but my eyes stayed connected to Edward's pure emerald green eyes.

"Well, I will like to get straight to business." Carlisle's voice echoed throughout the dinning room. I felt myself nod before I could stop myself.

"So it has come to my attention that the first child will be born into the royal family. Congratulations Alice and Jasper." As he spoke you could hear a hint of happiness and longing in his voice.

"So to make this official I am proud to announce that Jasper and Alice are now engaged."

As soon as these words left his mouth, I snapped out of my Edward induced haze and looked up at Carlisle.

"What?" I asked my voice shaky. I could vaguely hear Alice coughing up a storm. I guess she was just as surprised by this.

"Jasper talked to me and said that he had asked Alice for her hand in marriage." He stated, confusion seeping through his voice.

I could feel my anger boiling as I saw tears start gathering in Alice's eyes.

"Well sir, I'm afraid that what you are saying is absolute blasphemy or has Jasper not told you of what he said to Alice?" I asked my voice taking on a sweet tone.

Carlisle looked in Jasper's direction and I could feel all the anger he held towards me at this moment rolling off of him in waves.

Everything was dead silent, all you could hear were Alice's soft sobs in the background.

"Well since Jasper doesn't have the balls to tell you then I will. He told Alice to get an abortio-" but before I could finish I felt the wind being knocked out of me as I felt someone's cold rough hands wrapping around my throat tightly. I closed my eyes and took short breaths but I still felt my vision getting hazy. All I remember before I passed out was staring into deep cold ocean blue eyes.

I love you Edward. Was all I thought before I blanked out.

Sorry its short and took so long life got in the way