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"Cyrus better thank his lucky stars he's dead because if he wasn't already he would be now. For the love of God, someone give me an epidural. Do not give me ice chips! Are you sure you have a degree in medicine? You wouldn't try to hand a woman birthing two 6-pound beings ice chips! I need pain medication and so help me, God, if you give me ice chips one more time with that sympathetic grin on your face, that cup will be down your throat. Got it?" Emily barked at a poor unsuspecting nurse with wide, terrified eyes.

Reid and Rossi had already been banished from the room. Reid spouted facts about the side effects of epidurals on babies, and both JJ and Emily had kicked him out. Rossi, on the other hand, went straight into grandfather mode and started running background checks on every nurse, tech, or doctor within a 20-foot radius of the room. Morgan kissed Emily's forehead before excusing himself to be queasy in the waiting room where Hotch was keeping a short leash on Rossi's background check rampage.

As the young nurse left the room, Garcia whispered a comforting word before returning to her perch on the chair in the corner of the room. JJ sat next to Emily on the bed, holding the brunette's hand.

In the waiting room, all four men waited almost patiently for news on the latest additions to their dysfunctional family. Once Garcia had also been banished, the real pacing began. For every ten minutes the team heard nothing, another oddly shaped path was being trudged by all the pacing in the waiting room.

"Seriously Morgan, you have to stop that or you are going to pace your way through the floor and end up in the garage. Sit down," Hotch said in a voice that attempted his usual stern, commanding tone. Morgan shot him a sassy smirk and sat down, his legs immediately tapping on the floor. "Never mind, go back to pacing. That's less annoying than the tapping."

Rossi paced in circles between the waiting room and the outside of the room itself. The nurses stopped trying to forbid him to enter past the double doors when he threatened them with new records complete with misdemeanors and felonies alike. They quickly learned he wasn't one to mess with. Garcia smirked at his overprotective paternal nature and thought at this point he could go toe-to-toe with the Ambassador and win. Because while the Ambassador was the scaly, fire breathing dragon, Rossi was the knight in shining armor, willing to do anything to protect Emily, JJ, and their children.

Reid, on the other hand, had been forced into a far corner of the waiting room after being given a dictionary to entertain himself for an hour. In the meantime, Hotch kept his eye out for books exceeding 1000 pages for his agent to read.

One dictionary and two medical manuals later, JJ walked to the waiting room to tell the team about the newest additions to their family.

"Guys, come on back. We'd like to introduce you to some very important little people."

The group walked in to see Emily sitting in the bed holding a little boy and a little girl. "Look kiddos. Your family is here to visit you."

Within moments, Garcia was tearing up. JJ handed her son to Reid and her daughter to Morgan. Garcia hovered over Morgan, chastising him constantly for not holding the baby correctly. While Reid looked at the boy like he some sort of oddly shaped fruit that would explode at any moment.

"Reid, you're not going to break him. Stop looking at him like that. He's not even two hours old and you're going to give him a complex," Emily laughed as she teasingly insulted the boy genius. Reid sent a glare to the brunette before Hotch gently took the baby from his arms while Morgan passed the little girl to Garcia.

"So how much longer are you going to wait until you tell us their names?" Garcia all but whined as she stared in awe at the little bundle of joy in her arms.

JJ held Emily's hand tightly and replied, "Garcia, you are holding little Miss Abigail Morgan and Hotch, you have Nathan Reid."

"Oh she's my namesake give her back," Morgan said, taking the newborn back from Garcia as Hotch passed Nate on to Rossi.

"There ya go, Gramps. Finally you get to hold the little kids you've been so fiercely protecting for the last however many hours."

"Where are your parents, Jayje?" Reid asked, still shocked that his namesake weighed about five pounds and was smaller than a microscope.

"They will be here sometime tomorrow morning. They're going to stay with us for awhile to help out while we get situated and all that."

"They're beautiful babies. They look just like you, Em," Morgan said, admiring the little girl in his arms.

"Yeah you're hooked. That girl has you wrapped around her tiny hour-old pinkie. You're screwed for life Derek," Garcia teased. "Now pass her back. Stop hogging my niece."

A nurse knocked politely on the door. "I don't come bearing ice chips. May I come in?"

"Oh lord," Emily said. "I'm so sorry I yelled at you and threatened you and potentially cussed at you."
"It's okay," the nurse said. "I've had worse and twins are never easy." The nurse laughed gently before continuing. "I've come in to help you breast feed."
"And on that note, we'll be in the waiting room," Morgan said quickly, passing Abby off to Garcia and running from the room.

"I need to remember that for future reference," Emily joked. "Did you see how quickly they vanished? That's a neat little trick."

"Mind if I stay?" Garcia asked without taking her eyes off the tiny baby girl.

"Of course. You should get some special time with them since you're their godmother and all." JJ replied evenly.

This statement got Garcia's attention. "I'm sorry. I'm the what? I heard you correctly, right?"

"Yes ma'am. Please don't buy them ponies or elephants or erase credit reports of teachers they don't like," Emily responded.

"I make no such promises. Now she's fussy, and now she's yours again," Garcia joked passing the squirmy child back to her mother.

Hours later, after visiting hours had long passed, Emily sat awake with Nate in her lap. Abby slept in her bassinet close to the bed while JJ slept propped up in a chair with her feet on the bed, a hand cautiously draped along the edge of the bassinet.

"Hey buddy," Emily whispered to her son. "I love you a lot, you know, you and your sister. Everyone is so excited you both are finally here. That whole crazy brood of people that came in early, that's your family. We aren't normal, not by any means," Emily laughed to herself, "but we all love you so much. Tomorrow you get to meet your grandparents. You're named after your grandfather. He's a great man and an amazing parent. I may not be an amazing parent, but I promise I'm going to do the best I can. Okay, kiddo?" Nate squeezed his little fist around Emily's ring finger in an affirmative sort of way. "That's my boy." She placed a gentle kiss to his forehead before placing him in the empty bassinet.

She glanced around the room and smiled. I'm so lucky, she thought to herself. She knew life would be challenging with newborn twins and work, but if JJ was by her side, she knew they could face anything.