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Rain began to fall as I ran from the Hyuga compound

Tears fell down my face as I ran, their words echoing in my head

Father - You are not fit to be head of this clan

Hanabi - Five years your junior and my skills already out shine yours

Grandfather - I disown you, when the time comes Hanabi and Neji will battle for the position of head of the clan

It's not my fault I thought, I can't help it, I try really hard but I'm still weak

I turned and ran towards the top of Heiwa (peace) temple.

I always felt calm there

Although for most people getting there is a challenge.

You have to climb 100 steps to get to the top.

''Oh!'' I exclaimed tripping a little, the heavy rain was making the steps slippery.

I was breathing heavily, making small clouds. About half way up the stairs I tripped and fell.

In front of me was a large puddle, I stared at my reflection and cried even more.

I was so pathetic.

I pulled my legs against my chest and closed my eyes.

I wish the world would go away, I wish the people were nicer

I shivered as the rain continued to beat on my body,

And I wish this rain would stop,

I cried a little more before noticing something

The rain stopped

I looked up and froze a little

A cloak was being held over my head but it was who was holding it that scared me.

Itachi Uchiha.

He wasn't as scary as I pictured, more cool and collected.

But he was a member of the Akatsuki, and a missing Nin. He was not to be taken lightly.

I shivered at the cold and because I was scared. We sat in a silence until he finally spoke

''Why are you crying?'' he asked emotionlessly.

I sniffled ''Because my family disowned me and called me weak and-and-and…''

I began to cry again.

Then he did the last thing I thought he would,

He lifted my head and kissed my right eye.

I opened my mouth to protest but he but his arms around me and I couldn't protest.

I felt as though I was finally safe

I lifted my arms intending to put them around him when

''Hinata!'' I was surprised when Neji called my name but didn't want to move from this position

''Do you know that voice?'' Itachi asked me.

''Yes my cousin,''

''Should you answer him?''

''Maybe, but I don't want to,''

''Hinata where are you?'' He was getting closer.

Itachi pulled away from me ''Hinata was it?''

I nodded.

''Do you want to return to your family?''

I shook my head no

He cupped my chin ''Come with me back to the Akatsuki base,''

I blushed ''O-okay,''

He lifted me up bridal style and began to run away.

I held on to his neck and prayed he would take me away from here and all my troubles.


Just to reassure you all this is before Shippuden after Sasuke left