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Voldermort looked down at Lily Potter who he just stunned. Then at the twins and their three year old brother. The one year old girl looked at him with big elemered which grew distent and she started to speak in a clear creepy voice.

"The god of death has been born...He will be brought up fighting for the ones he love...He will loose many of his brothers and sisters to the dark ones...He will use the shadows to protact the children of the shadows...The god of death has been born..."

Voldermort looked at her in shock. He knew that the Potters had had some seers in their family but not anyone who told a prophecy at such a young age. Which meant that this little one was powerful. Just as he was about to kill her she told him another one.

"He will take everything from the lighting child...he will be the down fall of the mother natures children if he doesn't tell the truth...he will die at the hand of the betrayer of mother natures children...But the lightning child will have her protacters in form of the brother who would die for her, the god of death and the Dark Lord...He will take everything from the lightning child..."

He looked more shocked. Every wizerd, witch or magical creature knew that they were granted their magic and gifts from mother natures. And out there is someone who will destroy all her work. He vowed he would find him and kill him. But what shocked him more was that HE had been chosen as one of her protactors. He then vowed to do as good as a job he could. But first why he came here to do. He raised his wand and shot the killing curse at the little girl who just stared at him with a smile. He was shocked when the curse rebounced off some kind of white light. He felt the wormth of the light and knew that she was one of mother natures chosen and he wouldn't be able to kill her. It was then he felt the pain of his own curse. He watched as his body turned to ashes and he looked at the little girl who smiled at him. He noticed the scar in a form of a lighting bolt. 'He will take everything from the lightning child.' Rang through his mind. He looked at the girl sadly. She would grow up much like he did but he would do everything in his power to help her. He heard people downstairs and he disapeared with a small smile at the now sleeping child, after pressing a kiss on the girl's forhead. On her scar. He turned to look at the house to see the roof fall in. 'You will be safe for now little one.'

Ashley looked at her twin. He was beeing praised as the boy-who-lived. She remembered everything of the night before. She had woken up by something cold kissing her forhead. She had seen the roof fall and cut Edward on the cheek. Leaving an L shaped scar. Everyone took that as the sign from Lord Voldermort and believed he had vanqished the Dark Lord. She then looked at her older brother who had pulled her into an hug when the partying had began. Jack was glaring at Edward but no one noticed. She sighed and she knew that they wouldn't stay here long.

Solo stared at Ashley weirdly.

"Why shouldn't we go to the market and steal some food for the young ones?" Ashley looked at her brother with a meaning full look.

"Because who ever you send will be killed by OZ soldiers." Jack's eyes went wide. He rushed to Ashley's side.

"Ash? Are you sure?" Ashley nodded.

"She told me." Solo narrowed his eyes.

"Who is she?" Ashley just looked down and her brother sighed.

"Mother nature." Solo snorted. They argued for an hour before Solo sent Sarah and Freja.

Ashley was crying in her brothers arms when the girls left. They all thought she was some weirdo. Ashley and Jack had been thrown out on the streets a week after that night and they had taken themselves to L2 and Solo had taken them in to his gang when he saw Jack steal food for Ashley. They were know six and eight years old.

An hour later the news of the girls death came and Ashley wouldn't leave her brother's side while Jack just glared at everyone who tried to pin this on Ashley. Finally he exploded.

"She tried to fucking warn you and you wouldn't listen. So screw you." Everyone looked at him in shock before looking at Ashley who hadn't spoken since the girls left. Duo smiled sadly.

"Ash I'm sorry I didn't believe you. From here on out I will listen when you say something is wrong." Ashley smiled at him.

Jack looked at Solo's dead body. Ashley had said that she had been warned that something would dimish their numbers but didn't know what. A week later the plauge hit and took fifthteen people from their gang. Many had turned on Ashley blaming her for what happened making Ashley even more scared of here gift.

Duo and Ashley looked as Jack packed the few things that he owned.

"I'll come back for christmas and summer holidays. I promise." He said to Ashley who smiled sadly. He then turned to Duo. "I'm leaving her safety in your hands. I see on skratch on her and you are dead." Duo nodded and pulled Ashley into his arms.

"I promise to protact her with my life." Jack nodded and kissed Ashley's cheek before leaving. Ashley ran to the door where Proffessor Snape stood waiting for her brother so they could leave. She had tears running down her cheeks.

"I love you Jack." He shouted after them. Jack turned and smiled.

"I love you too little sis." And then he portkeyed away with the proffessor. Duo put his arms around Ashley.

"He will be back Ash."

Three months after Jack left Ashley had a vision and ran to Duo who was talking to Father Maxwell and Sister Helen.

"Duo." She yelled in panic. He turned and ran to her with the Father and Sister after him. When they reached her she had tears running down her cheeks.

"Ash?" She throw herself in Duo's arms.

"Rebels will come and hide here tonight. No one will live passed sunrise because Oz Soldiers will storm the place and shot anyone in their way." The Father and Sister looked confused and Duo smiled sadly.

"We have never knew how but Ash has always been able to tell what will happen in the near future. Expcailly if something bad would happen to the gang. The first time no one believed her and we lost two of our healers." The Father looked shocked.

"A prophet." The Sister nodded.

"Come, we will get as many kids in the panic room as possible before they come." Ash raced to the play room where the other kids were.

"I had another vision." That had everyone turn to her. Even if many blamed her they knew that it would be their death to not listen to her. "If we don't get down to the panic room no one will survive past sunrise. Pack what little you can not live without and hurry down there." Everyone rushed. But there was just ten that made it to the panic room before the rebels were there. Ashley not being one of them. She shut the door before the rebles could see the little ones. The others looked at her in shock. "Do you want them to find out about the little ones?" They all shook their heads. "So are you going to fight for their lifes?" They nodded and knew that they would fight until the end.

When sunrise came only three was standing alive. Duo, Ashley and Micheal, Solo's little brother, plus the little ones in the panic room.

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