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In her business suit she walked into the HQ of London News. Her interview was starting in two minutes. She went to the front desk.

"Excuse me, my name is Ashley Potter. I'm here to meet a Miss. Anderson." The girl nodded.

"Yes, she's in the office one level up and to the right. Her name is on the door." Ashley nodded and went up the stairs. When she found the right office she knocked on the door.

"Come in." Ashley walked in and smiled.

"Hello I'm Ashley Potter." Miss. Anderson nodded.

"Yes, you're here for your interview. Wait a minute. I'll record this." She said and took out a tape recorder. "Yes Miss. Potter, you had information on the Oz organation, is that correct?" Ashley nodded.

"Yes, I have. In fact I'm here to prove that Oz is nothing but cold blooded killers who are hiding behind lies to make the goverments trust them and give themselves more power." Miss. Anderson looked shocked.

"Why would you say that?" Ashley smiled sadly.

"You remember the Maxwell massacure?" Miss. Anderson nodded.

"Yes, we all do. It was horrorable night. What about it?" Ashley took a deep breath.

"It was Oz soldiers that killed everyone. In fact they had a chance to just leave with rebels as they had surrenderd. But instead they started shooting the rebels and then at the children and the father and sister. They didn't want anyone to survive so they could blame it on the alliance." Miss. Anderson looked shocked.

"How do you know all this?"

"Because I'm a surviver." Miss. Anderson gasped.

"A-a surviver? We didn't know anyone survived." Ashley nodded and showed a scar on her shoulder that a bullet had done when it went through it.

"We had heard rumors that rebels were on their way to us so we hid as many kids in the panic room as we could but we only had ten kids in there when the rebels arrived. The rest of us fought when Oz started shooting up the place. We didn't have anyother choice if we wanted to survive. We knew no one would believe us so we ran." Miss. Anderson looked at her in sadness.

"Why did you come forward with this now?"

"Because Oz found out that there were survivers and are killing us of one by one. Haley and Sam Sanders who were found in a ditch two months ago were two of ours along with Emily Stocks and Erica Wilson. We all have gone into hiding with our loved ones since Oz don't care about who ever you are with at the time. They will not leave witnesses." Miss. Anderson looked close to tears.

"How do we know that you aren't lying?" Ashley gave her a photo.

"This is a copy of a photo taken two weeks before the massacure. As you can see they are all in the picture." Miss. Anderson took it and gasped. Sure enough there were the children who had been murderd a couple months ago and the last one was last week.

"Thank you Miss. Potter for beeing brave enough to come forward with this information." Ashley nodded.

"I just hope this will make people understand who Oz really are and that we will be safe again to walk down the streets without fear to be killed simply for surviving." Miss. Anderson nodded.

"Thanks again."

Next day London News were printed and sold all over England and soon it was on the news. The world was told their story and Ashley was again interviewed on live tv along with the other survivers. Except for Duo of course. But his part in the massacure was soon reveled to the world when the gundam pilots won the war and peace was started with the preventers what was formed to hold the peace.

In the wizerdring world were different news were spreading. All because an article in the Daily Prophet.

The real Dark Lord!
By Janet Parkingson

Today came to shock when this reporter was called into a meeting with the Minister and Voldemort himself. Voldemort was going to tell how this whole war started.

"It started in 1958 when I was an apprantice of Albus Dumbledore. I was going to be a transfiguration master but does dreams went down the drain when I found out what really was going on. Albus Dumbldore was slowly but surly taking over the magical world. And if he did he would have the world worshiping him like a god. He would decide who was going to do what. Hogwarts would be the only school in the world and only the lucky ones would be able to go. Forget about magical creatures. He would have them all rounded up and killed. No matter if it was a light or dark creature. You weren't human and you were going to die. He also had book on who were going to be married to whom. He had the house-elfs dosing the food with love potions. Don't blame the potion masters that made them. He threatened to kill their families if they didn't. And because I found out about this he started the rumor about me beeing a dark lord so a gathered supporters to take Dumbledore out. We tried going within the law but no one would listen. No all we heard was; 'Albus is a hero, he wouldn't do that.' 'Albus killed Grindelwald, he wouln't do that.' So we decided to take the fight to him." Voldemort said and the Minister asked for prouf of any of this. Voldemort handed him a copy of Dumbledore's little black book.

"I was able to make a copy of it before he found me. I also spelled it to be self uppdating as Dumbledore wrote in his own." He explained and this reporter was shocked to see that most couples in this world were dosed with love potions. This reporter included.

"But what about Grindelwald, Mr. Voldemort?" Asked the Minister in desperate hope for this all to be a lie.

"Ah but as anyone noticed how one Marcus McGonagall, brother of Minerva McGonagall, looks alot like Grindelwald. I had Lucius Malfoy do some digging. There is and never has been a Marcus McGonagall. They were spelled to believe that he was apart of their family but there isn't any birth record of him ever beeing born. And minister call me by my real name Tom Riddle." This reporter was shocked to hear that the man Albus Dumbledore was famous for killing was alive and well. This will be investigated.

More about Love Potion victums on page 4.

More about Albus Dumbledore's past on page 5.

Dumbledore was arrested and given the kiss. Grindelwald was put in askaban. People all around the world reported things the two had done to them. Minerva McGonagall became the headmistress and people were given the attidote for love potion or any other potion they were given. Ashley and Jack were shocked to find out that their parents were victums to imperio and a dozen other curses. The Longbottoms were found to have been awake for five years but had been given potions to stay asleep. The Weasley parents were proven to have known about everything but claimed that Dumbledore had threatened to kill their family. All in all the world was free.

Five years later.

Ashley watched as her family were goofing around with Duo at her side. They were both 20 now and she was pragnent with twins. They had gotten married after she had graduated from Hogwarts. She had used some of the money from her vault to rebuild Maxwell church and Orphanage. With a statue on the front yard long with a memorial stone for does who died in the massacure. Duo was working with the preventers. Jack, who had married Daphne Greengrass, owned the garage he always dreamed of owning while Daphne was home with little Emily and little Sam and was pragnent with their third child. Henry and Marcus were proud students at MIT. Ally was going to Law school at Harvard. Tayler and Caleb were doing their last year of high school. Daniel were doing something for the military. Top secret. He would be arrested for treason if he told, so it's pretty secret. Micheal continued to work for the fallen and was engaged to a Amber Stevens. The Weasley twins opened their joke shop and were still not talking to their parents while their siblings were always welcome. She sighed happily. This was life.

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