Title: Brothers and Jails

Author: PaBurke

Cross: Prison Break Season One and Supernatural Season Five AU

Summary: What if Michael had had a very different cellmate?

Disclaimer: So not mine

Michael Scofield's cellie was a pretty boy and was always working out. Dean Chester kept to himself but was very capable of taking care of problems. Other alpha dogs steered clear of him, his quick smile and his quicker fist. The 'Cell Test' that Michael had planned didn't even phase Chester. In fact, Chester told Michael that he fixed the phone and later when Michael checked, the bar of soap had been replaced with a top-of-the-line, working cell phone.

Chester, or 'Chest' as he was called by the other inmates for his sculpted body, kept his mouth shut most of the time. Oh, he made noise, mostly humming the melodies to classic rock songs. Chest had two comments about Michael's tattoo. One, the artist had 'made the demons and angels look like pussies.' And two, Michael's path out was 'convoluted as hell.'

Michael asked Chest if he wanted out. Chest said yes. When Michael asked why, Chest replied that 'Sometimes a man needs to spread his wings and fly.' Chest turned out to be a very good ally. The man could get a hold of stuff that no one was supposed to have. He brought in the insulin blocker that Michael needed within a day. With Chest's help, Michael was running ahead of schedule. Michael had prepared for any number of contingencies, but they weren't needed.

Prison was still hard. He lost a toe rebelling against Brutsie and got beat to hell during the riot. Somehow, Chest managed to miss both. One day, Chest cornered Michael and asked what parts of the plan was still in the air. Michael told him certain problems. Chest offered to pick the lock on the infirmary and to do whatever heavy lifting and hitting required.

On the night of the escape, Michael, Linc, Brutsie, Chest and the other guys Michael had been forced to take along made it safely to the infirmary. Chest picked the lock as promised. He was one of the last ones to go over the wire and where the others clung with their arms and legs wrapped around it, Chest ran the damn thing like an acrobat. Then they ran. The men followed Michael's lead to the van.

Out of nowhere, a tall stranger grabbed Michael and ripped his shirt off of him. "I like," he grinned.

"Sammy, let him go," Chest demanded.

"Why?" the man whined. "On this side, I win and on this sideā€¦" Sammy yanked Michael around so that his back was facing Chest. "You win. Let's throw him up in the air and see which side he comes down on."

"He did this for his brother," Chest informed him.

Sammy's smile never dropped. "We all do stupid things for brothers, don't we, Michael?"

"Why are you here, Sam?"

"I've been looking for you, Big Brother. Cas's markings were too good, so I had to do it the hard way. I really need to mark you myself so I can keep tabs on you and your Ijobs/I."

"It's me you want. Let the others go."

"What will you do if I don't? Imprison me?"

"Something like that, right Gabe?"

Sam whirled his head, but no one was behind him. Chest dove for Sam and Michael was free. Chest and Sam started grappling and fighting and it was Ivicious/I on a level that even prison couldn't compete with.

"Run, Mike!" Chest ordered.

Linc grabbed Michael and piled into the van. The other convicts followed suit. As Michael looked back, he thought he saw dark wings form on Chest's back, but then the single flood light burst and the illusion must have been the beginnings of the light malfunctioning.

Michael remembered that Chest had been put into maximum security because he had killed a gang member saying that the man 'needed smited or smote or whatever you want to call it.' He pushed it and Chest from his mind. He had other things to worry about. He had to keep his brother free. He had a feeling that Chest would understand the sentiment.