Minnow Lane

By PaBurke

Spoilers: Season One of Eureka, and a surprise cross that Ieveryone/I knows

Warning: Crack!fic, serioiusly, it doesn't get more cracky! than this.

Summary: Jack Carter is trying to learn the residents of his new town and their specialties.

Word Count: 350

Jack had been looking for a way into the countryside, somewhere far away from Taggert and his dart gun. He found a little street labeled Minnow Lane that disappeared into the woods. It seemed promising and so he turned onto it. There was only one house on the entire road, at the end, so it was more like a driveway. Talk about isolated.

Jack parked in front of the house. If he was going to explore the area, he wanted to warn the owner, in case this man was like Taggert. Henry's car was there. Jack climbed out a little more cheerfully; Henry could smooth the waters and introduce them.

Henry met him at the door with a smile. "Hi, Jack. Come on in."

"Actually, I was just here to get away from town was wanted permission to explore."

"Professor!" Henry called over his shoulder. "You mind if the sheriff wanders around?"

"No, no," a disembodied voice yelled back. "I don't mind at all."

Henry smiled and ushered Jack back to the car.

"You call him 'Professor'?" he asked. "Your teacher's here too?"

Henry laughed. "I won't lie and say that I haven't learned anything from him, but that is the name he answers to."


"When he was much younger, he was stranded on an island with several other people for years. They all called him 'Professor' and he has a hard time remembering to answer to anything else these days." Henry was now sitting in his car, hand with a key in the ignition and talking through the open window.

Jack shrugged and nodded. "That sounds reasonable. So what does he do best?"

Henry laughed and started up the car. "IHe/I can make Ianything/I out of whatever is in reach. He's the one that designed the portable nuclear generator. He's a very practical man. Have a good walk, Jack." He drove away still laughing.

The sheriff stood alone by the car and wished that he wasn't the punch line for the entire town. Walk. A walk in the woods would be very normal right now. He needed that.

Author's note: If you still don't know, it's a cross with Gillian's Island. I own neither series.