Meeting and Greetings!


I walked down the aisles of the grocery store looking in search for my kid who decide he wanted a few snacks of his own. I rolled my eyes thinking of all the junk he probably have in his short seven year old arms. I smiled at the thought.

"Mommy! Mommy!" I heard Chase yell from down the candy aisle. I smirked at him until I noticed two other kids with him.

I walked towards them with a confused look on my face.

"Uh? Chase baby, what's going on here?" I asked.

Chase sighed dramatically at me, I rolled my eyes. My kid was such a pain and joy.

"Mom this is Cassidy and Adam, they lost their daddy" He explained like it was most obvious thing in the world.

I bent to their level so I could get a better look. They were some of the most gorgeous kids I've ever laid eyes on both blondes with blue eyes. I the little one Cassidy was had tears on her cheeks and was looking at the ground. Adam was holding her hand closely; he was the same height as Chase.

"Hey sweeties I'm Bella and that are Chase, how old are you guys?" I asked Adam.

"I'm seven and my sister is four" He told me quietly.

I nodded thoughtfully at them before I came to my decision that was pretty obvious from the beginning.

"Okay Chase put only three snacks in the basket and we'll go to the front and make an announcement for your daddy on the intercom" I told them, chase groaned in reply but did as I told him. I looked at Cassidy and she held her arms out to me. I smiled and picked her up.

"Hi Ms. Bella" Cassidy said softly, I just about fell in love with this kid she so adorable. I smiled as she laid her head on my shoulder and put her thumb in her mouth.

"You can call me Bella sweetie" I said just as softly. I let Adam and Chase push the basket while they talked about which super heroes where the best. I smiled as we made our way to costumer services.

"Hi, Excuse me? I'd like to make an announcement, I found these lost little kids" I asked one of the sales ladies. She nodded politely towards me.

"What are their names?"

I looked at Adam, "What's your last name honey?"

"Whitlock" He said proudly that I asked him.

"Cassidy and Adam Whitlock" I told her and she made the announcement twice and walked away with a nod in my direction.

We waited for about five minutes before a man ran towards where we were standing. I back up indistinctly with Chase and Adam in tow.

"Daddy!" Cassidy squealed and jumped out my arms into the man's arms.

I looked at him for the first time and realized he was fuck hot, his hair was blond and fell disheveled in his face, broad shoulder, built but not like the hulk he was very lean as well. This man was sex on legs. The things I would do to him came in mind.

I was shaken from my thought when Chase pulled on my hand. I took noticed to scene in front of me.

"Dad I'm sorry we ran off" Adam said while hugging him and Cassidy. It looked like a scene from a movie.

"It's ok little man; just don't ever scare me like that again" Mystery man said.

"Daddy this is Bella and Chase they found us" Cassidy said excitedly and ran to hug me leg, I smiled down at her.

"I'm sorry ma'ma for my rude behavior. I'm Jasper Whitlock" he said in a southern accent that just makes your panties damp thinking it about it and stuck his hand out for me to shake; I shook his hand and felt like shock I quickly pulled away.

"I'm Isabella Swan but call me Bella and this little demon is my sugar baby Chase" I introduced and embarrassed chase so he was blushing.

"Mom" Chase whined but I just shrugged. Jasper just laughed it off.

"It's nice to meet you Ms. Bella and Chase. Thank you for finding my kids and for not being a crazy psychopath."

I smiled friendly at him, "No problem, and their sweeties. C'mon Chase we have to go" I said.

"Awe mom do we have too?" Chase whined, I laughed.

"Did you think I wanted to hang out a grocery store all day, plus it's going to rain soon" I explained with an eye roll of my own.

"Well Ms. Bella this Seattle rain is common here" Jasper drawled in his sexy accent. I internally swooned. Whoa what the hell Swan pull yourself together.

"Yes Mr. Jasper I know that I grew up in forks" I told him while crossing my arms over each other.

"Ah I see ma'ma" He told me cockily. I glowered at him for a minute.

"C'mon chase we have to go now" I said and grabbed his hand. I looked back at Jasper. "Nice meeting Adam, Cassidy, Jasper" I said before leaving.

Chase and I checked out and went to put all the groceries in my beautiful silver-grayish Audi SUV 2010 only a week old. Yes I Bella Marie Swan love my car almost as much as I love my kid.

I drove through the Seattle city towards our newly acquired house while Chase was chattering away about how fun Adam is and how much they had in common.

"Hey mom?" I heard him asked after five minutes of silence.

"Yes Chase?" I asked while glancing at him and pulled into our drive way. He didn't answer he just helped take things into the kitchen. I watched as he hopped up on the bar stools in the island.

"Mom?" He asked for the second time. I looked at him curiously before giving him a questioning look. "I wondering mommy if I could play soccer for the recreation center I saw a paper about this morning"

I looked at Chase in confusion, since when was he into sports. I mean hell I'm his mother I'm clumsy as fuck. I trip over fucking air and he wants to go play soccer. Hmm well it's good thing he didn't get my clumsiness like he got my everything else. I sighed.

"Well Chase if you really want to then you can play soccer" I told him. He flung himself into my arms hugging me tightly as he could manage while I laughed.

"Thanks mommy" he whispered, before running to his room to play.

I sighed, sometimes I feel bad for Chase not having a father figure. It was my fault for not using protection but it was His fault that he didn't stick around to get know his amazing son. I ran my fingers through my hair, this will be good for Chase he needs more friends his age because it can't be healthy for he to always be around his mom no matter how awesome he thinks I am. I shook my head of my thought before starting dinner. I decide to make Chase's favorite, spaghetti and meatballs.

I was almost done cooking when I heard the door bell ring. Who in the hell could that be I don't know anyone in this neighborhood. I opened door to come face to face with a very large Quileute man standing in front of me, easily towering my five foot four frame.

"Hello?" I answered looking up at him. He smiled friendly at me.

"Hey I'm Jacob Black your neighbor. I just wanted to come me you before you met all the weird neighbors" he told me a slight shrug. I laughed.

"Hey Jacob I'm Isabella Swan but you can me Bella. C'mon in" I said and stepped aside so he can come in. He moved pat me and into the living room.

"Nice set up here Bella" he told me looking around, I smiled and nodded.

"Thanks, let me introduce you to my son Chase" I told him and yelled up the steps. Chase came running down the steps. He looked up at Jacob and his eyes widen.

"Wow your really big" Chase blurted out, I gave him a scolding look but Jacob just laughed it off and bent down to chase's level.

"Hi Chase I'm Jake"

I watched Chase's facial reaction; he surprised me by breaking out into a huge grin.

"Nice to meet you Jake, do you know how to play soccer?" He asked. Jacob nodded and they began discussing the sport. I walked back into the kitchen. Hmm, Jasper Whitlock. What a gorgeous hunk of man. I wonder if he's married, if he that woman must be one lucky woman to go home to that every day. Nice southern gentlemen always wanted one of those types of men. I chuckled to myself.

"Mom" I heard chase said and broke away from my thoughts. I whirled around to face Chase and an amused Jake.

I smirked at them, "Yea Chase?" I asked my boy.

"Can Jake stay for dinner mommy" He asked giving me those puppy dog eyes that I taught him how to do. I pretending to think for a few minutes.

"If Jake wants he is more than welcome to stay for some spaghetti and meatballs" I said. I looked at Jake who was eyeing the food with hungry eyes. I guess that answers my question.

Chase and I ate with Jake and talked about his life. I found out he was from La push and his dad Billy knew my father Charlie Chief of Police.

"So Bella how come I've never seen you around forks?" Jake asked me while Chase was watching TV in the Living room.

"Well I lived in Arizona with my mom and Charlie would come and visit me up until I was fourteen. Then I moved to forks to be with Charlie, my mom already had my younger half sister to take care of plus I kind of missed forks." I admitted to him. Half truth only was I didn't miss forks I mean who the hell misses the rainy freaking place on the west continental, not me.

"Well then that still doesn't explain much Bella" Jake said with an amusing smirk playing on his face.

"Fine if you must know Jacob, I was quite the loner back in the day not nearly as cool as I am now. So I mostly hung out at home or in here in Seattle. My best friend lived here and still does so that's the real reason Mr. Nosiness" I said with my signature eye roll and smirk. Jake just laughed.

"Whatever Bella, anyway thanks for the grub Hun but I got to go do my job of pouring drinks for hot desperate rich women" I rolled my eyes at him and smirked.

"Fine then Jake, get out my house hot stuff" I told him playfully and walked him to the door, "Oh hey Jake where is the recreation center?" I asked.

"Oh it's just an on Admin St. you can't miss it. Later Chase" Jake said while waving at Chase. After Jake left Chase and I watched movies until eleven.

"C'mon Kid your dead on your feet in other words I can't use to take over the world until you get some sleep." I told chase, who was nodding in and out of sleep.

"No mommy I-I'm not sleepy yet" He said droopily. I laughed softly and picked him up and carried him into his room. I help him put on his PJ's. I kissed him goodnight and went into my room to dream about sexy Mr. Whitlock let the wet dreams go.

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