The Math of Hiring

by PaBurke

Distribution: The Nook

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Spoilers: Season one of Eureka, season four of NUMB3RS

Summary: No one knew that they were being interviewed for a purpose other than history on Charlie's friendship book.

Word Count: 200

Henry Deacon finished his report and his article for Vanity Fair concerning Dr. Charles Eppes and sent them to two very different addresses. He liked the professor and genius. Charles was smart and driven enough to join the Eureka community. Henry had been about to advise the committee into offering Dr. Eppes a position at Global Dynamics and he could bring his two friends (fellow professors) along as well.

Then the brother called. Don Eppes, the FBI agent, had pushed himself into an interview to protect his brother. Agent Eppes had known that he had words that a real (full-time magazine) interviewer of Dr. Eppes would find intriguing and irresistible. Henry found Agent Eppes to be intriguing and competent. If Jack Carter hadn't been fitting in so well, Henry would have nominated Don Eppes for the position of sheriff. Don knew how to deal with geniuses, how to work with them and how to solve crimes. He was also very effective where he was with Ihis/I team. Both men worked well with others.

It was something to consider. If anything ever changed, either in Eureka or in the Eppes' lives, the two groups might intersect somewhere in space and time.