Bella Swan sat still on the couch, with her new family around her. Edward's hand and hers were entertwined, and he squeezed her hand slightly. On Bella's lap sat a small girl, looking to be about the age of six. She glanced up at her mother, a worried look in her eyes.

"Momma," she said in the most perfectly angelic voice possible. "Momma, what's wrong?"

Bella pushed some hair out of the girls eyes and she smiled. "Nothing, Renesmee," she replied. Just after the words were said Jacob burst through the door, his eyes set on the child.

"How long should I keep her?" he asked in a rushed voice.

"Not long," Edward answered. "Only about three hours. Go to the beach or something, it would be easiest."

Jacob nodded easily, bending down in front of Bella, so his back was turned to her. Renesmee climbed on his back, latching on with her arms around his neck. He turned to face Bella. "Do you plan on telling Renee?" he asked.

Bella shrugged. "It will most likely come up, depending on whether or not she catches onto anything."

"My guess is she will," Jacob thought aloud.

"Correct," Alice chimed in. She glanced at Bella, giving a hopeful smile. "She's almost here. And she has a surprise."

"What?" Bella asked iritably, Alice winked. "You know I don't like surprises, what is it?"

"Jacob, you better be going. Out the back, like usual," Alice instructed. Jacob nodded, slipping out the back door with Renesmee on his back.

They all heard it, at the same time. The car getting closer and closer. Bella let out an unneeded breath. "Are you ready?" Edward asked tenderly.

"Ready as I'll ever be," she replied, forcing a smile onto her perfectly beautiful face. At the same time Alice made her way to the door, a light knock sounded and Alice swung open the door.

"Renee!" she exclaimed loudly. Bella looked up, and the two of them were hugging, Renee's back to her. "How have you been?"

"Fine," she said back. Bella could tell the suspicion in her voice. "Now can you tell me why I wasn't allowed to bring my husband?"

Bella winced. Edward squeezed her hand again, and she stood up. "Mom," she said quietly. Renee turned around, and that's when Bella saw it.

Renee was sporting a pink maternity t-shirt, and an overly huge stomach to match. Bella froze, her eyes on Renee's stomach. Renee's reaction was the same, only her eyes were on Bella's face. Immediately, everything stopped moving.

Within the same second, the two of them both realized something different about eachother.

One, Bella was different. She was incredibly beauitful. Too beautiful. Her eyes weren't her regular chocolate brown, and her skin was so perfect, her features so striking.

Two, Renee was pregnant. She was really pregnant.