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Characters/Pairings: Green-centric, various implied (Green+Eevee, Green/Red, Pikachu/Eevee this part)

Five Jobs Green Never Had (and One He Did)
0. Gym Leader

"Match - gym leader Green," the referee declares and waves his flag in the direction of Green's side of the field. The challenger looks distraught, but walks up to the middle to in order to exchange a handshake with Green anyway.

Eevee bounds up to his side, barely looking ruffled from knocking out three Pokémon, and Green picks it up, holding it against his chest.

"Good job, Eevee," he says and pats Eevee on head as it snuggles into him.

He watches as that trainer walks dejectedly out of his gym. Green considers stopping him for a moment and just handing him a badge anyway, though he decides against it. He doesn't know what the boy's name is, but he'd been coming around twice a week for the last three weeks to fight Green, each time a little stronger. Green knows that kind of trainer he used to be that kind of trainer. If it were him back then, Green thinks, he'd be insulted by such an act of charity.

This battle had been the closest yet, knocking Green down all the way to one Pokémon when he still had half his team left. But Green let Eevee play, and Eevee proceeded to effortlessly pulverize the rest of his team.

"I don't think it's fair to let you play anymore," he says. "You're just too strong."

"Vui," Eevee replies sulkily, but seems to understand. Green doesn't believe in throwing matches anymore than his Eevee does, but he wanted to give all the trainers a fair fight.

"Don't worry," he says. "You know you'll always be my best girl." He laughs when Eevee growls and headbutts him in the shoulder. After all, that kind of statement holds little meaning when Green already has Red.

"C'mon, let's go see Red and Pikachu," Green says, and Eevee visibly brightens.

Green may already have Red (and Eevee may have Pikachu), but there's enough room in his heart for more than one. But even more than that, there's no one Green would rather have to always be at his side.