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The night was old; time had slipped past the double digit and gone back to one digit numbers. The cold night was one that would always be remembered; everyone in the wizarding world would know of it, remember it. Some would celebrate, while others would only detest even the thought of it being the best day of their lives. Yes, tonight Voldemort had met his end, or so it seemed. Witches and wizards old and young, some not even knowing the truth behind the celebration would soon learn about the Chosen One. You see, that night young Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, rested on the door steps of number 4 Privet Drive, unaware of what might become of his future or anything else that had happened. Soft steps approached the small bundle not long after he had been placed on the door step. The man had long flowing pure silver hair; as the moonlight hit the strands, they seemed to glow, giving him an ethereal beauty.

His cloths were unusual as well; a long dark green cloak covered his outer body, clasped together at the top with a silver pendant in the shape of what looked to be a Basilisk with golden eyes. If any pureblood were to see him, they would think he was rich and wealthy, which wouldn't be far from the case. He had eyes of molten pure silver, unlike the Malfoys' which were grayish-silver while the man's seemed more pure in color. They seemed hard, cold and full of wisdom no man could possibly possess, but right now, they had a bit of softness to them. As he knelt next to the babe, his voice was a little rough but smooth, it was from someone who commanded respect and kept it. "It's not right to leave you out here in the cold is it?" He asked the babe softly. Though he expected no reply, startling emerald green eyes opened and looked up at him, surprising him with how strong they seemed, how they glowed and shown power that even he knew would be dangerous if untamed. Picking the child up, he stood up fully, glancing around before he took the note from the child, opened it with one hand and read it before scowling slightly, crumpling up the note before stuffing it in his pocket.

Eyes returning to the child, he looked into those wonderful eyes, brushing back the fringe to see the lightening-shaped scar before sighing, shaking his head. "Tom what have you done you foolish boy?" He uttered lowly, bringing the babe closer, he turned and with so much power, only a soft 'crack' was heard in the night, not loud enough to startle or awaken anyone. Apparating home with only a step, he appeared inside a large grand mansion, hidden from everyone, Wizard and Muggle alike. The marble floor was so clean, anyone could see their reflection off of it. It was a grand dark marble, expensive in its own right. To the right, standing at five stories tall, was a grand staircase leading to the second floor where the study, living room, meeting room and a few personal rooms that were always locked were located. Right next to the stair case, another one led up even further to the third floor consisting of guest bedrooms and bathrooms, each wonderful in style and look. Another staircase further down the hall and to the opposite side of the room led to the fourth floor where a training room was, along with a few sealed rooms and another where magic could be used without a trace of it being exposed to anyone. The last staircase lead to the fifth and final floor was present in a circle order, it was a spiral staircase in the middle of the walk room. Up there, the grand master bedroom was located at the very end of the hallway, as well as two other bedrooms located to the left and right of the hallway. Each room had double doors, showing just how important the people on the top floor were. Lining every hallway on every floor were old paintings and potted plants, some very exotic and rare plants to boot.

The first floor contained not only the 4 staircases, but also the kitchen, dining room, ball room, another study that wasn't so personal, another living room that was bigger and a few guest bedrooms down another hallway. The basement held a few potions labs and the dungeons of course. But the man didn't seem to care about any of those rooms just yet. Instead he snapped his finger. Hearing a light 'pop', his eyes strayed to the house elf wearing the house's elf attire, though it was cleaner than most house elves'. The emblem on the back also gave hints to who he was. Though it was not the true symbol of the house, the man had deemed it appropriate for them to have a change and a whole new identity. After all, the world would go crazy if it found out that Salazar Slytherin was still alive and well. Yes, he was indeed the very same man that had helped build Hogwarts many years ago. But he could not have the world know of him, so he had taken another identity, one that not many would put together as him. Though he did look the same as he did then, he was still slightly different thanks to a Glamor he wore in public.

Returning his attention to the house elf, he looked at the symbol on the front and back of the uniform. It was a star shaped pattern; a snake wound itself from the bottom to the top and laid its head on the left part of the star; on the right rested a raven with its wings spread wide. It was quite nice and it suited him, every time he had a friend or someone come over, they would know about his crest since he wore it on his clothing, but to those he did not, he simply explained that his family was in Slytherin and Ravenclaw. A good and useful excuse, one that worked well too.

The house elf looked up to the male before bowing deeply. "What's can Debis be getting Master Notte?" He asked him, keeping his head low. When alone, he would call him either Master Salazar or Slytherin, but since he sensed another presence he called him by his alias.

The man formerly known as Salazar (and potentially known as so one day in the future) now referred to himself as Nyen Salazar Notte. He kept the middle name as his first, saying how much he liked Salazar, and again people bought the excuse, not knowing it was his true first name. Holding the child closer, he nodded to the elf. "Set up the right room on the top floor for a young boy, add a crib to my room as well and make sure to get baby food." He told the elf.

Nodding, the elf seemed more excited at the thought of a baby, not once had the elf had the pleasure of taking care of or tending to a child's needs, so it was something to look forward to. "Is master's be keeping the baby? Is it a boy or a girl?" He asked, usually house elves would never talk back or ask questions, but Salazar was a bit more kind to elves that listened to him and Debis was a personal favorite of his.

"It's a boy." The male paused and looked to the now sleeping babe in his arms before looking to the house elf again. "And yes, I will be keeping him. I will raise him as my own and he shall become my heir. So you will be his personal house elf from this day forward Debis." He told him firmly, showing that the boy was to be well taken care of.

Nodding rather happily, the elf wrung his hands together. "I has not raised a child's so young. But I shall not fails Master." He told him before popping away to go and get what was needed and to set up the rooms.

Salazar watched the creature go before he turned and slowly started up the four flights of stairs gently, so as not to jumble his precious bundle. Life for the male was easy, albeit a little busy. Since he had put himself into a stasis so long ago and had recently come out of it by magic and potions combined, he had to make a name for himself. The goblins did know who he was and were more than happy to serve him. Salazar was more than happy to do business with them, so long as the secret of who he was remained just that, a secret, and the goblins were more than happy to oblige such a request. Now the richest man in the wizarding world, he had worked his way up on the political ladder as well. He held three seats in the Wizengamot and he provided money to St. Mungo's as well as to the Ministry to show support. So he was working his way up in the wizarding world and was now well known.

Once he reached the top of the steps, Salazar walked down the long hallway. As he approached the master bedroom at the very end, the door opened as it sensed his magic. Inside, the walls were a dark green, the rug pure black. In the middle of the room stood a large four poster bed covered with dark green silk sheets lined in black. There was a basilisk in the middle of the bed, embroidered in the blankets. To the left was a door that led to a large walk-in closet, filled with many types of expensive robes, the best that money could buy. The door to the left of that one led to a very large, extravagant bathroom. The bath was the size of a hot tub and there were even exotic plants in the room. A large full length mirror decorated the far wall and a shower was to the side of the bath. Everything was made of marble, mostly black but also some white. To right of the bed in the bedroom were two balcony doors that opened to a medium sized balcony overlooking a large garden in the backyard.

The garden itself was taken care of by snakes, house elves and Sal himself. Since he spoke to snakes often, his garden was full of all types; they enjoyed the free food and the wonderful garden to live in. Sal had gotten all types of flowers, bushes. On the side, rare and common herbs for brewing were seen growing amongst the plants and sometimes alone. The more dangerous and special types of herbs, roots and trees that gave bark needed were grown in a large greenhouse a little bit away from the house, but seen easily from the balcony. A few fountains could be seen, stone benches beside and near them. One fountain had a snake, a large basilisk with eyes that seemed to glow gold and mouth open pointed downwards with water spewing forth from it. Another had a raven along with a rearing Thestral with its head tossed back, water seeming to pour from its mouth as well. Each fountain was surrounded by plants and bushes, with stone benches on each side. A cobblestone walkway made its way through the garden should someone desire to walk through all the plants and flowers.

Salazar sighed softly, seeing his elf 'pop' in with a crib, setting it next to his bed before bowing to his master. "Does the little one need foods now?" He asked him watching as Sal gently placed the sleeping baby in the crib before covering him with a silk black blanket.

"Not yet, most likely tonight he might though, if you hear crying, then get a bottle ready and bring it to me."

Debis nodded before slipping away with a 'pop'.

Sal sighed before moving to go change, slipping into his closet and changing into a pair of black silk pants before sitting on the bed. Looking to the boy, he smiled just a little. "My heir indeed." With that he laid down and got himself ready for bed. "Nox." He murmured softly, the lights going out immediately and with that, Sal fell asleep. Through all of that, he briefly wondered just where life would take him with this child and he couldn't wait to enjoy being a parent for the first time. He had no idea that the child would be so much more then what he thought.

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