This is a very short drabble based on a drawing that Hino-sensei did. It's about Zero, Kaname and Yuuki cosplaying as the characters in Alice in Wonderland. You can check it out at Sagakure's awesome livejournal:

http :/ sagakure. livejournal. com/365814. html (without the spacing)

Ever since I saw the drawing, I've been dying to read a story based on that drawing… but sadly none appear. So here's a one shot that I wrote. Beware, the characters might be OOC.


"Read my lips – I want my clothes back!" Zero almost screamed the words out. He was this close to losing his head. Hell, maybe he had already lost it! That would explain this whole crazy nightmare that he was stuck in. Because what else could it be other than nightmare when you wake up with the worse headache in a century wearing a blue dress, complete with a white apron, a blue head-ribbon and a fucking blue underwear!

"And I told you; your clothes has been shredded, torn to pieces and incinerated. There's nothing left of it but ashes." Kaname said, calmly… or at least his look-a-like because Zero couldn't imagine the haughty pureblood prince being caught dead in the black weird bat-like dress that he was wearing now. And seriously, a chibi rabbit Yuuki happily munching a cupcake beside the throne chair? Yuuki hated cupcakes! "Besides, blue suits you, if I do say so myself" The doppelganger continued smugly, eyeing him from head to toe.

"I don't care! And I rather wear nothing than wear this stupid dress!"

Kaname who was slouched in his throne and looking very bored, perked up at the statement. "Really?"

This time, Zero actually couldn't quite control himself and gave a little infuriated scream and slammed his fist on a pillar that he was pacing by. "You know what fine! Whatever! I'll get home and changed my clothes!"

Kaname leaned back into the chair, yawning, when he realized he would get no action. "No you can't. You're stuck here, Zero."

"Are you trying to stop me because if you do, I swear I'll rip you apart" Zero said pulling Bloody Rose from under his skirt from its leg straps and cocking it toward the okama. Not that Zero was one too; he was wearing a dress against his bloody will! But truthfully, he was not all that confident. If this Kaname look alike has the same strength and power of the real one, then… he was screwed.

Kaname snorted as if the suggestion was very amusing. "I don't need to. The rabbit hole only appears every 50 years. You're stuck here… for good."

Zero looked like he might actually commit suicide right then, right there. "You're joking right?"

Kaname scrunched his nose in distaste. "I don't make joke"

"Then how the hell am I suppose to get home!"

"You can't. That's what being stuck can do to you."

Zero stared at him incredulously before shouting hysterically. "I thought you don't make joke!"

"Well, sometimes." Kaname conceded, looking slightly guilty.

This time, Zero really did tear some of his hair from his head when he screamed.


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