Author's Notes: Hello, and welcome to my Lunar fic! I've had the idea sitting around for a while, but thanks to my friend K'Arthur (who is a filthy enabler) I'm finally going through with it. I have a full outline already done, so hopefully it won't be a project that takes forever to complete. In any case, I am borrowing from K'Arthur's head-canon with certain traditions and such from Vane, including one "borrowed" character. If you love Lunar fics, definitely check out her fic "Rise from the Ashes"!

Okay, on with the show!

"Lady Lemiria, please, calm down!"

The current Guildmaster of Vane and current matriarch of the Ausa Dynasty, Majesty Miralda Ausa, simply smiled at the sight of her young daughter Lemiria running around in the garden as she passed by on her way to yet another meeting; as usual, the nanny was certainly having a difficult time keeping up with her. Chuckling, Miralda continued her steps and waved at Lemiria, who beamed back. The young Ausa child then ran to her best friend, Myriel, both causing trouble for their nanny.

"Majesty Miralda, the next item on the agenda today-" Escorting Miralda was Councilwoman Amber Lutice. Garnering a glance at the children playing, she couldn't have chosen a worst time to bring up anything; it was quite clear that Majesty Miralda Ausa had far more pressing matters of observing her daughter than to listen to whatever Amber had to say. Children were to be children, parents were to be parents. Amber made a mental note to make sure that the Ausa child would receive her lessons in Ausa mannerisms as soon as possible.

"Please, I'm certain that whatever it is, it will be the opening sentence of the meeting, and can wait until then." Miralda halted her steps for a moment to watch her daughter cheerfully, Lemiria splashing the water in the fountain at some imaginary enemy.

"It has to do with your daughter, Majesty." Amber's solemn tone almost seemed to echo in the hallway.

"Back to that again, are we?" Miralda's smile never faltered as she turned to a surprised Amber. Certainly the current head of the Ausa clan couldn't be this guileless, could she? Amber frowned. Then again, as long as Amber's served on the council, she's never known herself to be pleasantly surprised at Miralda Ausa acting the way she expected. "When the time comes, I believe that young Lemiria will surprise all of you."

"Surprise, yes, but in what way...?" Amber muttered under her breath. "If she cannot hone her magic now, she'll be unable to adequately invoke the necessary spell arts for her ascension rites on her sixteenth birthday! Must I remind you that is less than six years?

Even those who struggle with magic require at least eight years of training to perform the necessary rituals!"

"Oh, my, is that a long time?" Miralda tilted her head as she put her hand to her face.

Amber's frustration shone slightly in her eyes.

"In any case, I see that your daughter has been entertaining my dear Lemiria with tales of the Dragonmasters of old, is she not?" Miralda returned her gaze back to her daughter and Myriel finally sitting down and behaving as they earnestly listened to their nanny.

Casting a gaze at her own daughter, the nanny, Amber nodded.

"The Ausa clan has always helped the Dragonmasters of old, and we are always in Althena's favor. Please, don't toss that aside so flippantly, Lady Lutice." Miralda smiled once again, as she continued her leisurely walk to their next meeting.

"I'm going to be a Dragonmaster when I grow up!" An enthusiastic cry could be heard from the garden, and that cry echoed throughout all of Vane.