I should be focusing on Swords and The 60 Deadly Sins Drabble but….I am BORED!

So just like the rest of the One Piece FanFiction world, I shall start my own ask the straw hats. So here's the first chapter.

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Nami glared at the mess of yellow and white on the deck.

"Marco!" Luffy walked around the filled deck with his eyes closed.

"Polo!" Usopp and Chopper popped up from underneath random spots, kernels and small piece of popcorn stuck in their hair. Luffy grinned and ran toward them. The mast quickly got in the way. Nami soon had enough and she walked over to the smiling duo and her idiot of a captain.

"Where the hell is all my money?" She screamed at the three. Luffy looked around at the mass of popcorn that filled the deck.

"Well, um…" He pulled a couple of berries out of his back pocket and handed them over to Nami. "We spent the rest on popcorn." Luffy replied hesitantly.

Five Minutes and Three Beaten Teens Later…..

A crew meeting was immediately called.

"Oi, what's the meeting for?" Zoro asked as he leaned against the aquarium.

"The idiots decided to spend almost all of our money on popcorn." Nami said, her gaze a death glare on her earlier victims.

"What's left, Navigator-san?" Robin asked. The orange-haired girl pulled out a few crumpled bills and set them on the table.

"Just a little under 500 berries." Nami replied sadly. Sanji glared at Luffy.

"How dare you make my Nami-swan sad?" Luffy received a kick in thanks from the older blonde.

"What do we do now, girlie?" Franky asked Nami.

"I don't know. We need money and fast." A solution came soon.

"I bet we could get a lot with these two." Sanji dropped a tied up Luffy and Zoro at Nami's feet.

"That is a good idea." She mumbled. Luffy pouted and Zoro glared at Nami. A loud caw came from outside. Nami sighed and walked out to the newspaper bird, tentatively handing over a couple berries.

"I just think I found a solution to our problems." Nami laid the paper on the kitchen table.

Question and Answer Columnists Needed

5 berries per column

Please call 354-789-1240 for more information.

One Call on the Den Den Mushi Later….

"So basically the first column is on who we are and people just ask us questions afterward." Nami explained after the call.

"Nami, do we have to?" Luffy whined.

"Yes!" The navigator snapped quickly. "Because you spent all our money on stupid popcorn!" The rubber boy kept shut as Robin pulled out a pad of paper and began to write everyone's descriptions.

Monkey D. Luffy – Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates

Roronoa Zoro – First Mate of the Straw Hat Pirates

Nami – Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates

Usopp – Marksman of the Straw Hat Pirates

Sanji – Chef/Eternal Knight of Love of the Straw Hat Pirates

Tony Tony Chopper – Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates

Nico Robin – Archeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates

Franky – Shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates

Brook – Musician of the Straw Hat Pirates

Usopp blinked at the column in the paper.

"It looks kinda boring, don't ya think?" He stated.

"Whatever." Nami said in a bored tone as she worked on another map. "So long as it works." Zoro looked at the paper with a raised eyebrow.

"What the hell? Sanji, what kinda crap goes on in your mind?" The young cook glared at Zoro.

"You're just jealous." The swordsman rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, because I'm not the 'Eternal Knight of Love'."

Now the Straw Hats are waiting for your questions! So go on, ask the straw hats anything. And I mean anything. They will answer any questions asked of them. I will reply to the questions as soon as I can. So get on with it! The Straw Hats are waiting for all your questions...unwillingly though. But no one questions a pissed Nami so there.


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