Challenge from LuckyKat10:

How far can Luffy stretch his arm?

Tied to a pole and with his arm painfully stretched across the island and back, Luffy's hand continued to stretched across the island.

The main idea was to see how far the captain's arm would stretch but seeing as how he currently had no motivation, the crew's chef cooked up a tasty plate of elephant tuna nose.

Driven by the mouthwatering meal, Luffy's determination grew. His arm shot off and Sanji, doing this for his Nami-san, began running all around the island.

This had been going on for several hours and by the time his arm had been measured out and the meal was just in Luffy's reach, the blonde man gracefully handed the delicious dish to an awaiting Robin and crushed the rubbery teen's dream.

Answer - too damn far or 1, 246 feet

I know this was supposed to be a least I think...but I felt I had to type up this little tidbit.


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