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Chapter 1
Compelling Plans

"I thought I told them I didn't want to see you," I muttered from my corner in my cell. I was not impressed with him, or anyone else right now for that matter. Why is it that a girl who's been wrongly accused of murder, rejected by her first love and have the weight of execution on her shoulders not get the right to alone time to mull in self pity? Honestly, the lack of consideration in these people is appalling.

"Well, you did, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to get down here left to my own devices. Regardless of what you told whoever," Adrian answered with his signature smug smirk.

I rolled my eyes, still not budging from my corner spot even with Adrian's arms hanging through the bars, looking like a kid in a pet store doing his best to try and pet the dog that was asleep on the other side, just out of his reach. Or the fact that my butt was getting numb. "And, oh mighty god, what are those devices? Did you get them drunk?" I, personally, was surprised he wasn't drunk himself.

He gave a soft chuckle, letting his arms droop casually by his side, acting like he did not just get rejected. "My little Dhampir, I compelled them of course. In case you've forgotten, your little Princess isn't the only one with awesome powers."

I gave him a small smile. Of course. Something about the fact that the guards could be compelled demanded to hide out in my brain for later contemplation. "Yeah, well why didn't you wait for when I was asleep? It's just as effective."

He sighed. "Only when you're sleeping. Which you never seem to do anymore." He was right. I'd made sure not to sleep the night before. Or the day. Or during any other obvious times to sleep. I only slept, or napped, at random times and for only as long as I needed. And when I did happen to slip into one of his dreams, I made sure to work my butt to wake up right away. I really didn't want to talk to anyone. Call me stupid for not wanting the small comfort of a familiar face but really, if I didn't talk to anyone I wouldn't be tempted to yell at them, demanding why I wasn't already running free. Or fall into their arms, bursting with tears complaining about how unfair the world really is… Or tell them about the dirty secret scribbled on a note inside my pocket.

"Whatever Adrian. What is it that you wanted to say anyways? What would make you go through all the trouble to break law, just for me? A glimpse of my beautiful face or a taste of my brilliant humour?" Just because Rose Hathaway was in a cell didn't mean she left her nature outside the prison. Though the nature sitting on the other side of the cell in a little toilet bowl could use a trip out there. Though it flushed, it still reeked. It didn't help with her already non-existent appetite.

"Ah, both, my dear. You don't know how empty my life is without you. It's not a bright. Not as fun. And no where near as liveable. I don't know how much longer I can stand seeing you in a cell like this, much less not seeing you at all." His eyes shined with a sadness I couldn't explain.

"And how do you think it is for me? I'm the one about to executed." He flinched. "Unless you can compel the court out of that too." And with that, an idea clicked into my head. "Wait, you said you compelled the guards to let you see me right?" He nodded slowly. I suddenly lost all annoyance at his arrival. "Then do you think you could compel them to let me out?"

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