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Worth Loving

Lily Evans had long straight red hair, fair skin, bright smile and a slim womanly figure. She was bright and powerful witch very talented in charms and potions. Her friend Severus Snape had chin length baby fine jet black hair, fair skin, black eyes, thin and tall with board shoulders. He was extremely talented in defense against the dark arts and potions. They had been friends before their years at Hogwarts. They had met at the local park when they were young. Their friendship carried on into their teenage years.

Lily stood near the Black Lake gazing out across the shinning water caused by the slowly setting sun creating a shadow on her sad and worried face. She tucked a strain of red hair behind her ear that had fallen from her ponytail.

"Lily what's wrong?" said a slick voice from beside her.

She turned her head and saw her friend and secret lover of the past two years. "I'm pregnant Severus." whispered Lily.

Severus was stunned. He wasn't expecting her to be pregnant. They took every precaution. It was too dangerous for her to carry his child. He was a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. A death eater. He had been forced by his father to join the Dark Lord when he had turned fifteen. If the Dark Lord knew that he would have an heir things could get messy.

"We did everything to preventing this Lily." said Severus finally breaking from his thoughts.

She rested her hands on her still flat stomach. "I'm two months along. I know it's dangerous Severus but I want this baby." she whispered.

Severus gently turned Lily to face him. He gently stroked her cheek and said, "I love you Lily. You know I do. It's just too dangerous. If the Dark Lord-"

"Why must everything be about Voldemort." hissed Lily. "Why can't we be happy? Why can't we have a family? Why?" she whispered with tears in her green eyes. "Why can-can't we marry?"

Severus gently lifted the squire shaped diamond that hung from a gold chain around her neck. "Because of Potter my love. Your parents signed that damned marriage contract when you were one."

Lily's parents had known the Potters for years, and dreamed of the Evans and Potter name joined in marriage. The contract was a magical one. It couldn't be unbroken. It was sealed in their family's blood.

"I love you. Not Potter. His a spoiled little rich boy with his nose stuck up his ass." said Lily angrily.

Severus smirked at the woman in front of him. He always loved it when she got fried up by the name Potter. It was the gleam in her bright green eyes that he loved.

"I love you too my beautiful flower, but it's just not safe." he whispered, trying to force himself that it was a bad idea to have a child with the woman he loved.

"We made our baby out of love Severus." said Lily tears now flowing freely down her cheeks.

He closed his eyes. "Our baby," he said quietly, "We must keep it very quiet."

Lily beamed at her lover and friend and threw her arms around his neck. Severus kissed her neck and held her close. He was going to be a father. He had always wanted a child with Lily Evans, and was now having that dream come true even if Potter had to marry his only love. They would have that one treasure.

Severus laid above Lily and passionately kissed her lips. He loving crested her four month old belly. The check up with Poppy Pomphery had gone well. She was Lily's Midwife and Severus godmother. The nurse promised to carry their secret to the grave.

"Oh Severus, right there love." moaned Lily as his thrust hit her g-spot. She dug her nails into his shoulder when a circle diamond ring shined from the candle light on her left hand. She hated the ring. It was what James Potter found beautiful.

"Lily my beautiful flower." whispered Severus when a sob left her parted lips. "On your hands and knees love."

Lily smiled and did as she was told. Severus kissed her shoulder and let his fangs break through his gums. He racked his sharp teeth over her smooth flesh. Severus had been a vampire since he was a twelve and Lily found it sexy. She asked to be turned into one, but Severus could never change her. He wanted to remain human and not of the undead.

Severus thrust deep and hard in Lily's wet hot heat. He moaned at her tight muscles. He bit down sinking his fangs into her shoulder and drank some of her blood. It wasn't enough to change her. He swirled his tongue removing the blood from her arm.

Lily forcefully met her lover's hard passionate thrusts moaning out of passion. She screamed his name at the height of her climax causing Severus to follow soon after. He moved and laid down on the mattress with his and Lily's bodies still joined as one. He loving rubbed his baby that was tucked away in her stomach.

Severus held Lily closer when her body began to shake with sobs. She was marrying James Potter in three days. He knew of the baby, but just didn't know who the father was. James knew that Lily would never tell. The name of the father would go to her grave.

Lily Evans stood in front of James Potter and in front of their friends and family. She was dressed in a simple white her belly concealed with a concealment charm. James was in a simple tux. Lily turned and looked in the darken shadows where she knew Severus stood. She let a tear fall down her cheek.

"I do." whispered Lily and James slid a gold band onto her left hand.

Severus closed his eyes and a tear fell down his cheek. He angrily brushed it away, and he left Godric Hollow Church. The woman he love had married the one person that had made his life hell. And it was now worse then that of school. James Potter had gotten Lily Evans now Potter. Potter always got what he wanted. He didn't care about others.

"I love you Lily." whispered Severus as he walked out the church.

Lily rolled over onto her side and smiled at Severus who was sleeping peacefully. James had gone out for the weekend with his friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. She was grateful because she could spend time with her lover.

Lily rolled over onto her back and gasped in pain and another hit sharper then the last. Severus opened his eyes when he heard her moan and knew it was one caused by pain. He sat up and rubbed her eight month belly.

"Oh gods Severus I'm in labor." moaned Lily when she felt her water break. "Get Poppy here."

"Breathe my love. I'll be right back." said Severus slickly and carefully got out of the bed.

The baby was to be born in October but she had gone into labor a month early. He knew it was stress that Potter was putting on her. He couldn't stand the wizard.

Lily screamed out when a strong contraction hit. She breathed in and out heavily cradling her stomach. Severus quickly returned with Poppy on his heels. He crawled into the bed and sat down behind Lily and rested her between his legs.

Poppy moved the covers aside and bent Lily's knees. She lifted her gown over her stomach knowing that Severus wanted to witness the birth.

"Lily dear, you're crowning. I want you to push on the next contraction." said Poppy.

Lily nodded. She gripped Severus's hands and pushed hard while Poppy counted to ten. She laid back against Severus's chest breathing heavily. He whispered comforting words in her ear. Poppy instructed Lily to push and she pushed hard cursing out Severus. She screamed on last time and heard aloud cry that belonged to their baby. She laid back in pure exhaustion.

"Say hello to your daughter." said Poppy as she handed the tired mother her child.

Lily looked down at her daughter with tears in her eyes. She kissed her gently on the forehead. Severus smiled and gently ran a thumb over his daughter's tiny hand.

"Hello my beautiful Daisy." said Severus and he held Lily close knowing that they would be separated.

"Poppy will you be Daisy godmother?" asked Lily.

Poppy looked over at the small family and smiled. "I'd love to."

A month later Severus stood with Daisy in the hospital wing. She had red hair, fair skin, black eyes and chubby cheeks. Severus held onto his daughter as if she was his life line. Lily had gone into hiding now carrying Potter's child. It wasn't a willing pregnancy. He wanted to kill Potter for the pain he had caused her.

"Aunt Poppy I can't keep Daisy." whispered Severus. "It's too dangerous. Please find her a good home."

Poppy quickly got up from her desk and went around to father and daughter. She pulled her godson into her arms mindful of her goddaughter. Severus buried his face into her neck and let several tears fall.

"Shh. Shh. I'll find Daisy a good home love." said Poppy soothingly to her godson.

Severus nodded. He pulled back and with drew a potion from his robe's pocket. The vial was filled with a gray liquid. He quietly handed it to her. "It's a concealment draught. I will make Daisy look like her par-parents. I want you to alter their minds and make them think that Daisy is theirs. Also change her name."

Poppy took the potion for my Potions Master. She nodded her head. She knew the less Severus knew about his only child's whereabouts was the safest way.

"Make sure the family gets this. Lily wanted Daisy to have it." said Severus holding out a diamond dove that hung on a white gold chain.

She nodded and took the necklace. She knew that Severus had given that to Lily on their graduation. It had belonged to his mother, Ellen Snape (Prince).

"Goodbye my Daisy. I love you." said Severus. He kissed his only child and quickly left her with her godmother.

Poppy sighed and watched Severus's black robes vanish from sight. She left Hogwarts in search for Daisy a good home. She knew that the best place for her was the muggle world.

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