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We were standing around, trying our best to be as silent as possible. I was focused on staring into the dark forest, my muscles tensed to spring the second Alice gave the go ahead. Edward was in Florida with Bella, protecting her because of what Alice had seen. The vision was one that had frightened our strong coven into getting Edward and Bella as far away as possible. We could have used Edward but Bella wouldn't go anywhere without him and vice versa. Earlier this week Alice had predicted that when Edward left Bella for fifteen minutes to change for school, the red head would find Bella and it wouldn't be a pretty ending for either of them, Edward would kill Victoria then run to Volterra before we could stop him. Other than that Alice hadn't been able to see the evil vampire.

"Are you sure this is where you saw her?" Carlisle asked in a strained voice, not liking that his coven is out in dangerous circumstances but the need to protect his son and future daughter prevented him from stopping us or acting against us

Jasper walked towards Alice as she answered in a strained voice "She's almost here"

I could almost taste the tension in the air. Being the strongest one I was ready for any time Alice saw her, Jasper was too being the second fasted. Rosalie was a few steps further into the forest than I was something that I wasn't particularly happy about as she was in more danger there but she had shook her head when I suggested swapping places. My eyes scanned the forest for any movement but I could see or hear no trace of Victoria.

A few more anxious seconds passed, all of our eyes stayed focused on what was in front of us.

"On your left" Alice cried, signalling

My muscles tensed further as I bolted in the direction Alice had sent us. The forest whipped past me in a quick blur as the chase began. I was closest to Victoria but Rosalie was right on my trail, the others following. A blur of red sped ahead of me as I forced my legs to move faster, not wanting to let Victoria out of my sight. I came closer to her and stretched my hand out to grab her but the second my hand made contact with her shoulder she ducked, sending me hurling into the forest. I landed in the dust and ran after her again, growling slightly. While I was out of the chase Jasper and Carlisle had taken over. Just as I caught up with them, the red head leapt over the river we called the boundary line and onto the land that was forbidden.

"Wait" Carlisle said just as we reached the edge of the small cliff that dipped into the river and stretched his hand out to stop us "She's in their territory"

Just as she started to move, we ran along our side of the line, making sure to stay close to the river as we followed her. I could hear the wolves chasing her but surely she would leap before they got her

"She'll get away!" Esme called as she ran

Jasper noticed this too and ran fasted, passing Esme as he spoke "No she won't"

I quickly caught up with my brother and soon over took him, surprisingly. Just as the wolves snapped their teeth at our target and as predicted Victoria leapt from their side back to ours, giving me a clear view of her. As she ran Victoria looked back a few times and noticed us gaining on her. In an attempt to lose us she jumped and bounced from tree to tree. Jasper, with all of his experience, leapt on the opposite ones and, pounced just as she did, flying under her and missing her waist by about a millimetre, landing in the dirt.

I tried to make up for Jasper lacking behind by running faster, secretly wishing I had Edward's speed as she would be mine if I did. She looked back once more and noticed the lack of space between us and tried to expand it by leaping over the river once more and landing on dog territory. I didn't stop and continued after her, Rosalie was now only a few metres behind me.

"Emmett, no!" Rosalie cried after me as Victoria launched herself over the border and I sped up to catch her

The red head was in my sight and I wasn't about to let her go. Treaty or no treaty this vampire had been a nuisance to our family for long enough. I launched myself after her but I collided with something mid-air and fell into the river. I jumped up to see a giant silver dog snarling at me. I snarled back at it, agitated that he was growling at me while Victoria was escaping.

The red head ran away, the dogs were now focused on me and not the monster that tried to kill Bella. The water rippled lightly next to me and I turned to see Rosalie there, leaning forward and snarling at them. Two more dogs, a black one and a russet one, joined the silver one and growled. I started to reach towards Rosalie and pull her away but she turned to glare at me, her eyes darker than I had ever seen them, so I pulled it away quickly, noting how annoyed she was.

"He's back on our land now" She growled at them, the black wolf ran into the nearest bushes

"That doesn't matter" A Quileute male came out of the bushes; he had phased from the wolf "He shouldn't have been on our land"

"Yes, we all know he's stupid" Rosalie hissed at him "But, as I said, he's on our land again"

The water rippled again, several times as the rest of our family joined us.

"Rosalie" Carlisle cautioned, placing a restraining hand on her shoulder before turning to the wolves and man "I apologize for my sons asininity"

"I believe that's another word for stupidity" Rosalie mumbled, she was extremely angry at me

Carlisle continued as though he hadn't heard her "Emmett is the strongest member of our coven and he, like all of us, wants Victoria out of the way"

"That doesn't mean he should cross the treaty line" The male argued back

After a quick glance towards Jasper, Carlisle answered "I realize but even as vampires we can be a little impulsive when it comes to decisions. Emmett is very head strong, like many of our kind, and didn't think before his actions. The matter at hand though, is Victoria"

Another wolf in human form came from the forest a few seconds later. He paused at the other males elbow and glanced at us before speaking

"Sam, she hit the cliffs just north of Makah country, Leah and I tracked her there but she hit the water and took off before we could get her"

"Thank you, Jared" Sam nodded at him before returning his attention to us "The red head vampire is the priority"

Carlisle nodded in agreement as I glanced at Jasper; he caught my eye and grinned. We both had the same thought. Alice looked up at him and frowned, shaking her head at him. Jasper smiled back at her before coming to stand next to me.

"Am I right in thinking that you can't follow her?" Jasper asked

"Yes" Sam, who seemed like the leader, replied

"Then I would like to request permission for my brother and I to cross over and continue our chase there" Jasper drawled in the southern accent

Sam glanced at Jared and the wolves before he answered "As much as we want the red head caught, I can't grant you that permission. I will not put our people in danger, though we understand your nature we still don't know enough of you to trust you and put our people's lives in your hands"

"That is understandable" Carlisle told them before Jasper or I could speak our complaints

They retreated into the forest quickly, and Carlisle turned to leave, holding Esme's hand as they sped through the water and up the cliff towards the forest. Jasper and Alice followed them quickly. I turned towards Rosalie, she was staring at me

"Rose" I started but she soon interrupted me

"Don't you dare 'Rose' me, Emmett. I can't believe how idiotic you were" With that she turned and followed the others

I sighed and followed her, keeping my distance to let her cool off. I stayed in the forest outside our house and saw her through the giant glass windows. Rosalie stopped at the bottom of the staircase to say something to Alice before continuing up them. I heard our bedroom door shut.

Jasper came out of the house and smirked at me, blurring to my side.

"You're in it deep" He warned me in his annoying accent that he seems to be able to turn on and off

"Have I ever told you how annoying you are?" I asked as he chuckled "No seriously, it seems that you enjoy me being in deep crap with Rosalie"

"Last time Alice got annoyed at me you laughed for days" He remarked, leaning against the opposite tree

"Could be worse" I told him, continuing when that earned me a raised eyebrow "You could be Edward"

Jasper laughed lightly "He's changed since he met Bella, his emotions are more controlled... well some are, his thirst for example can be worse"

"How do you get Alice to stop being stroppy? Can't be hard, that pixie's that happiest person I've ever met"

"Don't call my wife a pixie" Jasper replied automatically "Em, just go in there and talk to Rose, chances are she isn't angry at you but the fact you were in danger"

"Sure" I mumbled sarcastically, walking towards the house

Carlisle, Esme and Alice were on the sofas. Alice grinned at me as I passed and answered Carlisle's question on when Edward and Bella would be back. I ran up the stairs at human pace, walking down the hall and I entered mine and Rosalie's room quietly, shutting the door behind me. Rose was standing by our wall to floor window that faced out towards the forest at the back of our house.

"You scared me today Emmett" She whispered, I walked over to her and looked out at the forest with her "I thought that dog was going to kill you"

"You have so much faith in me" I chuckled but stopped once when I saw her pained expression in the reflection of the mirror "I'm fine now Rose"

"I know you are but... I wouldn't have forgiven myself if you had gotten hurt"

I turned to face her, and wound my arms around her waist, pulling her against me.

"Rose, if I had gotten hurt, it would have been in no way your fault" I whispered to her

"I can't lose you Emmett, I thought I found my fairytale with Royce but then look what happened. Then I found you and you're perfect for me, I don't want anything to happen"

"Hey" I tilted her chin so she had to look at me "You're never going to lose me, for starters I don't think anyone else would put up with me the way you do"

She laughed slightly then smiled at me "I dread to think what my life would have been like if I hadn't gone hunting that day I found you"

I smiled back and kissed her lightly. She pulled back and grinned fully now

"I'm still trying to work out how the protector of our family, the strongest of the vampires we've ever met and the biggest can have dimples that make him look adorable"

"I have many hidden talents" I shrugged, grinning back

"I don't think dimples class as a 'hidden talent'" She told me

Silence crept over us for a minute before she broke it, all the joking gone from her tone

"I wanted to strangle you when Jasper suggested you and him cross the line"

"We had to try. Victoria has to be stopped, Rose" I reminded her, hearing Edwards Volvo pull up and Bella's heartbeat thudding

Rosalie noticed it too and sighed, crossing her arms

"Be nice" I reminded her, cupping her face with my hand

"Don't worry, I won't kill Edward's precious human" She rolled her eyes

"I don't get why you hate Bella so much"

"I don't hate her; I don't particularly like her but..." She trailed off, sighing before continuing "She's human and yet she wants to throw that away to be frozen forever. I would do anything to be human Em"

"I know" I responded, sadness leaking into my voice at the one thing I couldn't give her and the one thing she would give anything to have

"But, when I sit back and read a bit more into it I realize that I'm not being completely honest with myself, sure I want to be human but I wouldn't do anything that made me give up you" She flashed me a beautiful smile before kissing me and dragging me by hand down the stairs

We joined the rest of our family, and Bella, on the sofas. Edward was talking with Carlisle about their trip and Carlisle in return was telling Edward about last night. Rosalie surprised me by sitting in the empty seat next to Bella and dragging me down on her other side. Rosalie was willingly sitting down next to the human she was so jealous of. Bella was watching Edward, who was laughing now. I recognized the look she had on her face; it was the one Esme looked at Carlisle with, the look Alice gives Jasper and the same look Rosalie graces me with.

"Breath Bella" Rosalie whispered, looking at her

Bella turned around, shocked that someone had noticed her staring and at the fact Rosalie was speaking to her.

Bella smiled shyly at Rosalie. By now Edward had noticed this too.

"Rose, there's something I learnt on the piano if you want to learn it too" Edward offered, taking advantage of Rosalie's strangely good mood.

"Sure" She smiled, sitting on the bench with Edward

"She isn't all bad" I whispered to Bella, earning a giggle from her

"I know" Bella whispered back graciously

We watched as Edward whispered something to Rosalie and she gasped, still smiling, and pushed him off the bench so quickly he didn't see it. Edward ended up on his butt on the carpet as Rosalie laughed at him

"I think I liked it better when you were moody" Edward told her "You didn't push me off things"

"Oh well Edward, I think the carpet liked the company" Rose laughed again, shocking us once more

"Oh really?" Edward asked, leaping at Rosalie and knocking her to the floor too and pinning her down

Noticing my que I walked silently behind Edward and lifted him off Rosalie, grinning.

"Bad move" She told him, getting up "My husband is vampire, therefore able to help me"

I threw Edward across the room and winked at Rosalie, wrapping my arm around her waist as she buried her face in my chest. Jasper grinned at me from over Rose's head. This was how I wanted to spend forever.

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