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We were waiting for Bella and Edward to arrive. The clearing was still light; the sun was still streaming through the trees. Carlisle and Esme were standing together talking, Jasper and Emmett were play-fighting and Rose and I were sitting together in the shade of some of the trees, talking.

"Emmett's going to be annoyed later" Rosalie murmured, trying to make sure he didn't hear her

"How come?" I asked equally as quietly

"Jasper is going to kick his ass" She muttered, smirking at me slightly

I started laughing then and Rose soon joined in, the boys stopped and stared at us. It didn't help that Jasper had Emmett in a headlock at the time they froze; that made us laugh more. They stopped and walked over to us, sitting in the dirt next to us.

"May I ask what you ladies are laughing at?" Jasper asked in his southern drawl, smiling crookedly at me

For a second we were stuck for words, until we glanced at each other and Rosalie started laughing again. I looked at her then Jasper before pursing my lips and shaking my head

"You're not going to tell us?" Jasper raised an eyebrow

Once again I shook my head; Jasper narrowed his eyes playfully as I saw what his next moves were. I sprang up just as his hands whistled past my waist and he flew into the dirt. Jasper sat up, smiling at me.

"She's fast" Emmett laughed

"She's physic" Rose rolled her eyes at Emmett and leaned against him

"Well she's going to lose her visions soon, if Jacob is true to his word and the wolves come" Jasper came back over and sat next to me

The thought of losing my vision scared me, I was blind without it and probably useless. My lower lip pouted out as I thought about it. Not being able to predict Jasper's moves would be horrible; he'd catch me in seconds. Jasper chuckled as he noticed my expression

"It's not funny Jazz" I told him "I feel blind and vulnerable without my visions"

"You'll be fine" He grinned crookedly at me once more before he and Emmett left to fight again

The familiar hum of Emmett's truck's engine came from the distance. No doubt Bella was scared out of her mind because the truck was off road. Rosalie and I got off the ground and went to stand next to Carlisle and Esme, behind where the boys were fighting. We watched them for a few minutes more and just as the snap of branches under the truck's tires drew closer, Jasper ended the mini battle by ramming his hand on Emmett's chest and sending him flying

"Again" Emmett demanded, jumping up just as the truck stopped at the edge of the clearing and Bella and Edward walked towards us

"It was a graduation present" I heard Bella tell Edward quietly and my eyes snapped onto the bracelet hanging off her wrist, a little wooden wolf hanging from it.

Edward stood holding Bella's hand next to Carlisle. I leaned against Jasper's side, my hand resting on his waist as his arm wound around my waist. Emmett and Rosalie had an arm around each other as we heard rustling from the trees and my visions went blank. I sighed quietly. The wolves came from the forest then, growling slightly as they stopped at the top of the small hill

"They don't trust us enough to be in their human forms" Edward informed Carlisle

"They came that's what matters" Carlisle replied, walking towards the wolves cautiously before glancing back at Edward briefly "Will you translate?"

Edward released Bella's hand as he watched our father stand opposite the wolves. Bella was watching a russet brown wolf; the wolf in return was watching her.

"Hey Jake" She whispered just loud enough for him to hear

I unwound myself from Jasper and walked over to Bella, standing by her side and smiling supportively. The black wolf growled a bit as I did this and I noticed Bella staring at him nervously.

"Welcome" Carlisle addressed the pack "Jasper has experience with newborns he'll teach us how to defeat them"

The large black wolf raised his head slightly; I guessed he was the packs leader.

"They wanna know how the newborns are different to us" Edward told Carlisle

Bella leaned forwards slightly at the sound of Edwards voice, I wrapped my arm around hers and held her in place as Edward and Jasper were standing nearer to Carlisle than the rest of us and Edward would not like Bella being that close to grouchy werewolves.

"They are a great deal stronger than us because their own human blood lingers in their tissues. Our kind is never more physically powerful than in our first several months of this life" Carlisle stepped back and stood next to Edward, motioning Jasper to take the lead.

Jasper nodded at Carlisle and spoke clearly to the us, a hint of his Texan accent leaking in to his words "Carlisle's right. Carlisle's right, that's why they are created. A newborn army doesn't need thousands like a human army but no human army could stand against them. Now, the two most important things to remember are: first never let them get their arms around you, they'll crush you instantly and second never go for the obvious kill they'll be expecting that and you will lose" He paused for a moment to let this sink in before turning and walking past us to the patch of dirt we has set out for training "Emmett"

Emmett left Rosalie's side and stood a few feet away from Jasper and flexed his massive muscles. Anyone who didn't know of Jasper and his past would fear for his health seeing him going up against a monster of a vampire like Emmett.

"Don't hold back" Jasper drawled

"Not in my nature" Emmett grinned before flying at Jasper

Jasper braced himself and stretched his arms out. Emmett rammed into him and ran against him, Jasper's feet were dragging in the dirt before Emmett picked him up and threw him towards the other end of the clearing. The second Jasper hit the ground he picked himself up and ran at Emmett once more, Emmett ran towards Jasper too, prepared to flip him again but Jasper dodged under his arm and hit Emmett across the chest with his own arm, sending Emmett flat on his back on the ground.

"Never lose focus" Jasper told him, before nodding at Carlisle at Edward

Emmett stood back with Rosalie but Jasper walked a few more paces away, reading to watch and judge their fighting skills. I felt Bella tense next to me as Edward walked into the clearing. Carlisle nodded slightly at Edward and they ran at each other, Edward trying to knock Carlisle to the ground like Jasper did to Emmett but Carlisle dodged under him and skidded under his feet. They both ran at each other again, and grabbed each other's shoulders. Jasper circled them as they wrestled his hands behind his back as he observed their tactics. I wanted to go over there and hold his hand but knew that wouldn't be helpful at the moment, Jasper needed to concentrate on teaching and Bella needed my support. Carlisle and Edward were dodging around each other's fists now but Edward managed to grab Carlisle's throat and push him into the dirt

"One more thing" Jasper walked closer as Edward turned towards him, eyeing Carlisle slightly. Carlisle leapt up and knocked Edward to the ground as Jasper passed them once more "Never turn your back on your enemy" He looked at Edward as if it were obvious

They got up and walked back over to the rest of us, Bella's fingers laced with Edward's the second he got near. I released Bella's arm as I was sure now she wouldn't try to get in between fighting vampires to 'protect' Edward. Jasper walked closer to us and scanned the line, choosing the next person. His golden eyes locked onto Rosalie and she sighed, rolling her eyes at him as she stepped out of the line and walked so she was standing opposite him, a few feet away. Jasper motioned with his fingers that he wanted her closer so she complied, walking forward and glaring at him.

Jasper nodded slightly at her, a signal to begin, and Rosalie threw a couple of punches towards his head, each of which he dodged before he grabbed one of her fists and flipped her so she landed in to dirt. I had to hand it to her though, Rosalie managed to land crouched like a cat. She glared playfully at him before she walked back into Emmett's arms. He then tried the same thing with Esme and ended it quickly just like with Rose. Jasper crossed his arms as his gazed travelled up and down the line before smirking at me and raising his eyebrow slightly. I nodded in response and felt Bella's gaze one me. I turned to find her staring at me with worried eyes. I just laughed quietly at her and went to stand opposite Jasper, not able to keep the smile off my lips.

We walked towards each other and he nodded at me, a playful glint in his eyes. He threw his fist towards my face but I leant away from him slightly just in time, even without my visions I was able to predict his every move. He smirked slightly before spinning in spot, trying to catch me once more; I dodged under his arm and leapt a little bit away from him, Jasper pounced towards me then and missed me as I cartwheel out of his way. Jasper brushed his hair away from his eyes as he walked towards me now his gaze clearly saying 'It's over now Alice, it's ok' but I knew better and just as I predicted he threw his fists at me once more, I blocked his throws and grabbed onto his first and dodged under his arm, what I didn't expect though was for him to grab my upper arms and turn me quickly so I was facing him. Jasper smiled at me and tilted my chin up slightly with his index finger, leaning forward to kiss me. This was his mistake. I grabbed his other arm and twisted it around his body, manoeuvring out of his grip and ran up the tree behind him. I watched with a playful smile as he looked around his surroundings, but not thinking to look up the tree, for me. I saw my chance and fell from the tree, landing on his back as he looked at me. Leaning down I kissed him briefly before jumping off his back and walked back over to stand near Rosalie and Esme, Jasper was still staring at me. I just returned his stare with a smug smile.

"How did the pixie win her battle?" Emmett cried, unable to fathom the thought of me winning a fight that he lost

"Because the pixie's his wife" Rosalie muttered to him, smiling at me

The russet wolf went to stand near Bella, I assumed he was Jacob, as she leant against him and ran her fingers through his fur talking to him.

"Some of you are going to get hurt" She murmured to him

Jasper walked over to us then and took my hand in his own

"Yes Alice, how did you win that battle without your vision?" He asked, tracing patterns on the back of my hand with his thumb

"I just know your weak points" I smirked back at him

"We're done for the day" Edward told Bella as the wolves disappeared into the forest

Rosalie and Emmett ran ahead towards home and Jasper was following them at human pace before Bella stopped him, asking him some questions

I didn't pay any attention to their conversation as I spoke to Esme while Carlisle and Edward had their re match because Edward claimed that Jasper's 'distraction' was unfair.

"I didn't have the same upbringing as my adopted siblings" I heard Jasper tell Bella before Esme and I went hunting to pass the time

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