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Hidden Chapter: Afterwards


Yuka shook Natsume by the front of his shirt.

"Y-Yuka, calm down..." Izumi held Mikan by her shoulders, who was struggling to break free to help Natsume.

"Mommy, no!" she shouted. "It was my fault, I was the one who called him over!" Yuka's eyes were bugging out of her head as she stared in shock. Then she responded by shaking Natsume even harder.

"YOU PROBABLY KNEW SHE WOULD, DIDN'T YOU? YOU PLANNED THIS WHOLE THING!" Izumi stifled a laugh and Yuka shot him an evil glare.

"Why are you laughing?" she seethed.

"You-you're kind of overreacting..." he snickered.

"He was watching her sleep, Izumi!" she hollered, throwing her arms up in the air. "Who knows what kinky little thoughts were forming in his head?"

"Relax." Natsume unlatched Yuka's hands from his shirt. "There's no way I'd go after someone as flat and inexperienced as her, anyways."

Mikan's eye twitched.

Yuka gaped.

Izumi burst out laughing.

Then Mikan walked over and proceeded to smother Natsume with her pillow.

Thus hell proceeded to break loose that morning...

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You know, this actually reminds me of something that happened in Kodomo No Omocha. For those who have read it, know what I'm talking about? XD Just remember: REI FREAKING OUT OVER SANA LOSING (OR ALMOST LOSING) HER


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