The first thing he was aware of was the darkness. He blinked a few times…yes, his eyes were open. Was he blind?

The second thing he noticed was the pain. It took him a little longer to distinguish where the pain came from: his head and his arms. He felt himself swing slightly. Ahh, he was…hanging…from the ceiling, probably. Yes, that made sense. His head, though, why was that hurting? He scrunched his eyebrows, trying to remember.

He faded, losing touch with reality for a few moments, then returned. He frowned at the darkness. Was he blind? Focus! You already asked that. Yeah, but I never answered, he thought. He stopped, mentally shaking himself. Arguing with yourself, never a good thing. He moved his eyebrows and decided it was a blindfold. Why he wore one, he didn't know. Nothing really made sense at the moment.

Of course! Mystery solved! One of them at least. His head hurt from the blow it had received earlier. His satisfaction faded when what should have been an obvious observation slowly became clear to him. This situation, the whole hanging-from-the-ceiling thing, was not good. He heard something creak, like a door opening, and swallowed. He was pretty sure the situation had just gotten worse.