Gibbs looked down at the folder, rereading its contents. Joseph Tannen. Age 43. Recently unemployed because he had shown signs of mental instability and refused to seek medical attention. Gibbs took a deep breath to control his anger. Then, he slammed the door open and strode into the room. Joseph Tannen flinched, glaring balefully at Gibbs before he returned to his rocking. Gibbs stood in front of him for a moment, watching. Forward…and back. Forward…and back.

"I have you for the murder of a naval officer, and the assault and attempted murder of a federal agent." There was no change to his rocking. "Why did you do it?"

Tannen began rocking slightly faster, but showed no signs of speaking. Gibbs slammed his hands on the desk. "Why?"

Tannen jumped, his rocking going faster and faster as he began to speak. "Nosy. Nosy. You're just like them. They were both nosy." Over and over he repeated these words as he rocked faster and faster. Gibbs' gaze narrowed, but he just waited. When there was no change, he took a step away from the table. He was surprised when the rocking slowed and the muttering ceased. Then Tannen looked up and met Gibbs' gaze. Where there had been an unfocused stare and nervous movements just a moment ago, those action were now replaced with a deadly calm as Tannen studied Gibbs. Tannen smirked at the anger on the man's face. "I made him scream. I made them both scream." His smile grew as he continued to bait the other man. "I liked watching them squirm."

Gibbs' control snapped, and he started towards Tannen, "You sick, son on a-" He froze when Tannen began rocking again. Forward…and back. "They were nosy…"

His skin crawling at the confrontation, Gibbs pushed out of the room. He met Tony and Ziva in the hall, both of them looking shell-shocked at what they had witnessed. Without a word, they fell in line and followed Gibbs as he entered the bullpen. Gathering their things, they left the building together, only parting ways when they began driving. Gibbs headed toward the hospital, pushing aside his guilt. No, he hadn't been able to keep McGee safe earlier that day, but he wouldn't let anything hurt him tonight.

McGee shifted. "Next time I ask you a question, you answer." The voice seemed to echo around him in the darkness. No. No, no, no, I thought I was free! Pain flared through his whole body while a crushing weight sat on his chest, making it difficult to breathe. Gibbs watched McGee move in the grips of a nightmare. As he leaned forward to put his hand on McGee's forehead, a whispered plea hit his ears. "Boss, it hurts…" McGee wished he could hear his boss, wished he could sink into oblivion. But hadn't he already wished for these things and been disappointed?

Gibbs swallowed, and reached for Tim's hand, too. "I know, Tim. It's okay. He won't hurt you again."

Tim sighed as the nightmare dissipated and he relaxed completely into sleep.

It was over.

He was safe.

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