Bella POV

Last call for all flight 123, Los Angelos, California to Seattle Washington. Your flight will be departing in 10 minutes.

I was finally heading back to La Push. I left when I was 12 and haven't been back in 6 years, ever since my mom and dad divorced.


"Charlie, I hate it here! There is nothing here. Everyone who comes here is bound to reduce their lives to nothing but bonfires and trees! I'm leaving and I'm taking Bella with me." mom screamed.

"Renee, please don't leave! We can work something out."

"I'm sorry Charlie, I will always love you, but we ARE leaving!"

{End Flashback}

I sat in my seat and thought about the last 6 years of my life. My mom remarried a major league baseball player named Phil Dwyer. She also got really into photography. Since Phil was always away for games, I was the person who got to "smile with my eyes" in front of her camera. At the time, I wanted to burn the damn thing but after my photos got into the hands of some important people, I loved it. I was asked to be in Fashion week, stared in music videos, and walked red carpets with celebrities. I am the youngest super model in history. I miss my friend Jacob Black. He was my bestest friend in the whole world before I moved. I have no regrets on my life except that maybe, I should have spent more time with my dad.

I recently received a call from him saying he was getting married to someone named Sue Clearwater. Her husband died a few years back leaving her to raise a 19 year old daughter named Leah and a 15 year old son named Seth. Since my dad was getting married, I decided to take some time off and get to know my family. I was brought back to reality by the flight attendant saying that we should buckle up and prepare for landing. When I got off the plane, people rushed me, asking for pictures. I was starting to get scared when an incredibly good looking Native American pulled me from the mob, picked me up, and spun me around shouting, "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH BELLSY-BOO!" I knew immediately who that was. I shouted right back, "IS THAT REALLY YOU JAKEY-BEAR?" He finally set me down and said "Who else would it be, its not I'm a fan." He said sarcastically.

That's when I actually got a good look at him. He was wearing khaki cut offs and a tight white shirt where is muscles were just begging to be let loose. He was all in all SEXY. When I finally reached his face, he was wearing a smirk. He broke the silence by saying, "Like what you see." I rolled my eyes at him and said, "I've seen better." I laughed when I saw that smirk come right off his face. He was about to say something when my dad grabbed me into a hug. "I missed you so much Bells," he said as tears streamed down both of our faces. After our reunion 1½ hours later, we were pulling into the driveway of my new home. I was so used to the homes of the rich and famous, that I turned my nose up at this house. I soon caught myself thinking I need to come back to reality and this move will be a good thing for me. As I stepped out of the car, I heard music and a lot of talking. Jake and Daddy grabbed my bags out of the trunk and lead me into the house.

"Jake, why don't you take Bella outside and introduce her to everyone and I'll take her bags to her room." Dad said to Jake as he disappeared up the stairs.

"Sure, sure. Come on Bells, let's go outside and meet the family!" he said to me enthusiastically. He led me to the back door and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me. At first there was an extremely awkward silence before the all shouted, "WELCOME HOME BELLA!". I smiled at them to get a good look at the people im going to be spending my time with, and I liked what I saw. I literally dropped my jaw when I saw a group of about 10 boys, all about Jake's aged, shirtless. Every single one of them had an 8 pack with that little "v". I knew for a fact I would LOVE La Push. I looked over all the guys until I saw one, and my world stopped. The next thing I knew was Jake pulling me out of sight of the man and screaming what I guess his name is, "PAUL!"

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