JPOV (Jake)

When we all phased back and made it to the council hall, all the elders were already there. The injured wolf, Stacy, stayed outside with another pack member who tended to her injuries. They saw the two packs approaching and their facial expressions changed, they looked guilty; never before have the elders made a decision regarding the pack without even consulting the Alpha first. We allowed the Makah pack to take their seat first and took whatever seat is left. We were stone cold silent as we stared at the elders, silently demanding that they explain themselves.

"It's obvious that you guys are upset that we called the Makah tribe to help you but honestly we need all the help we can get. There is a maximum number of 200 newborn vampires, and although there numbers go down every day, that is still too much of a risk even with the Cullen's help." Dad said

"We understand that you guys are worried about us, but the fact that you didn't tell us, caused for another pack member to become injured!" Leah all but screamed at them

"Leah, what are you talking about?" Charlie replied. (A.N.-if I didn't say this before I apologize but Charlie is a council member)

"One of my pack members illegitimately attacked one of your own." The Alpha Anthony said. The council looked amongst themselves in shock and fear.

"Who?" Dad asked. The pack looked at each other, not wanting to be the one to tell a father that his daughter was seriously injured.

"It was Bella, Charlie. Paul ran her to Sue to get patched up." Jared said biting the bullet that none of us wanted to take. Charlie's face paled before he jumped out his seat and ran to his car before driving home to check on his daughter. The elders' reaction to the situation was much more delayed than Charlie's. It took a while for the information to set before their faces started to show the worry that they felt for Bella and the anger they felt towards the Makah pack.

"What was your reasoning for attacking one of our own?" Old Quil asked with nothing but venom in his voice.

"The wolf in question had loved ones hurt due to the large number of vampires in the area. Those vampires actually have moved into our land and have attacked some of the people there. I agree that her decision to take it out on one of your wolves isn't warranted and rest assured she will be punished." Anthony said. The council digested that information and left it alone for the time being. We got the meeting underway quickly as we wanted to check up on Bella. We learned their names; that the Alpha was Anthony, Beta was Chris, and then there was Stacy, Nicki, Tim, Kevin, and John. We talked about how they would help us. They would essentially be on their own rez but a few of them would stay here and coordinate battle strategies; and on the days we train with the Cullens, they would all be here. Considering what happened earlier in the day, I think that we conducted an extremely cordial and productive meeting. After the meeting adjourned and the Makah pack left with the promise to keep in touch, we ran to the Swan-Clearwater household to check on one of our own.

Charlie POV


I Bella….

Bella got hurt…

Those were the only things that were going through my mind as I ran out of the council hall. I saw the female wolf in the tree line and saw that she didn't look too good. There was a feeling of pride in me knowing my daughter did that to the other wolf but I put those feelings aside and focused on my injured daughter. I hopped into my truck and drove like a madman to my home where my wife was there waiting on me to get there. She told me of Bella's injuries and how she treated her as best she could, considering that Bella was still in her wolf form. I went to the backyard, wanting to check on my daughter for myself. I saw both Bella and Paul in wolf form asleep. Paul's body was so close to her body, it looked as if it was slightly on top of Bella's, as if he was trying to hide her from the world. I was steadily walking closer to them when Paul woke up and looked at me. He looked from me to Bella and back again. The pain he was feeling was extremely evident in his eyes.

"Hey Paul, has she woken up since you brought her back?" I said as I rubbed my hand on the top of her head. He raised his head and shook it, no. He looked down towards her and gently nudged her with the hopes of waking her up but to no avail. He let out a whine and licked her face before putting his head down again. I sat on the porch outside and just stared at the young couple in front of me. I was proud that I could one day call Paul my son-in-law. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would take care of my daughter with every fiber in his being. I heard the pack come in behind be and they told Paul, Sue, and I what happened at the meeting and in return, Sue told them about Bella's injuries. Each pack member gently rubbed Bella's head and gave her words of encouragement and love. It was starting to get dark and Bella still wasn't awake. I sighed, knowing this was going to be a long night.