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Chapter 1

As far as days went, ten-year old Dave Stutler was having a bad one. Impressing Becky had been wonderful, but everything else had gone downhill from there. The poor boy recalled the events that led to his cowering in a corner in a musty antique shop, starting with the note and ending with the dragon ring now clinging to his finger. He clutched the doll that had released the evil sorcerer who was now fighting the first one.

Dave's hair stuck up on the back of his neck as he felt the power charging through the air. The first sorcerer, Balthazar, who had given him the dragon ring, dodged a heavy bust as it was propelled towards him with some unseen power. He landed next to Dave in an ungraceful heap, dirty-blonde hair falling into his blue eyes. Dave gasped as the other man approached, moving like an angry predator.

"Dave, give me the doll." Balthazar whispered, sitting up with a grunt. Dave hesitated for a fraction of a second before handing it to him, just as the other sorcerer grabbed Dave with a growl.

"Give her to me now, Balthazar, or I swear I'll kill him!" Yelled the second man, sparks running up and down his body like he had just been struck by lightning.

Balthazar shook his head grimly, looking from the sorcerer to Dave with an angry sort of determination. Before Dave even had a chance to prepare himself he felt a jolt run through his body as he flew back and hit the wall, dazed.

Dave watched as Balthazar made a slicing motion with his hand and heard a sound like a cloth being ripped. He saw a flash like lightning and shielded his eyes, smelling ozone. When he opened his eyes again, the doll was gone and Balthazar was pinned against the wall with some invisible force, struggling to breathe.

The second man was looking at Balthazar with fury in his cold, dark eyes. "Where did you send it? Where?" He screamed angrily.

Instead of answering, Balthazar looked at Dave and choked out, "RUN!"

Dave didn't need to be told twice as he scrambled to his feet and fled towards the door. He didn't get far, however, as he felt himself being dragged backwards until he slammed into the wall next to Balthazar. The other sorcerer stalked forward, staring intently at Balthazar. Slowly the man reached inside his jacket and pulled out a wicked looking dagger.

"Tell me what I want to know or I'll cut it out of the boy's skin and then yours." The dark sorcerer pushed the dagger into the flesh of Dave's throat until a trickle of blood slid down the blade.

Dave heard his heart pounding in his ears as a fuzzy feeling surrounded him, particularly in the hand with the dragon ring.

"Get away from me. Get away!" The fuzziness turned into warmth, the warmth a heat, and the heat a burn until Dave thought he was going to be destroyed from it. As suddenly as it was there, the heat was gone and Dave found himself face down on the blessedly cool floor, so weak that he could barely move. He could hear Balthazar coughing next to him as the man tried to get enough air.

Across the room, the other sorcerer was picking himself out of a pile of rubble he'd been thrown into by…the boy? The man looked between Balthazar, who had regained his footing, to the child, who was too weak to stand. Then his eyes fell to the ring on the boy's finger and he stiffened.

Balthazar, as if sensing the other man's gaze, stepped in front of the boy, preparing to defend him. "Stay away from him, Horvath." Said Balthazar, exhaustion obvious in his voice.

Horvath just smirked, "So you found the Prime Merlinian, after all these years. Such power, too, it's a shame I have to kill him." He stepped toward them menacingly.

Dave struggled to get up from the floor as Balthazar moved to engage Horvath. The first sorcerer was easily pushed aside with another spell as Horvath laughed, "Pity you wasted so much energy sending the Grimhold away. If you hadn't, you might still pose a threat." He raised his bejeweled staff, pointing it at Dave, who cringed.

With a strangled yell, Balthazar rammed Horvath, knocking him away from Dave, who was still unable to function properly. A fire sprang up between the sorcerers, separating Horvath from Balthazar and Dave. Balthazar attempted to haul Dave to his feet, only to have to shove him back down as a plasma bolt shot through the flames towards them. The bolt missed its' intended target, hitting instead an antique urn that tipped over next to Balthazar, the top knocked off.

Dave rolled onto his back and watched in shock as the man was magically sucked into the vase in a matter of seconds. The flames were extinguished as Horvath stepped through them, looking around angrily for Balthazar. Unable to locate him, his eyes settled on Dave, who could barely move due to fright and fatigue.

"Tell me where he is, boy, and I will kill you quickly." Horvath hissed furiously.

"I don't know where he went, he's just gone. I swear." The unfortunate child was shaking in terror.

"Then you're of no use to me." Horvath raised his staff again as the boy squeezed his eyes shut. Instead of striking, Horvath hesitated, thinking. This boy would be the most powerful sorcerer in the world, should he live. Now Horvath may have been many things, but he certainly wasn't wasteful. When Balthazar came back, and Horvath knew that he would be back, what a blow it would be to the Merlinian to find out that the prophesized savior was serving Morganians.

By this time, Dave had decided to risk peeking, as he had yet to be blasted into a million pieces. Looking up, he saw Horvath staring at him as though deep in thought.

Horvath noticed the boy's gaze. "What's your name boy?"


Dave cringed as a hand connected with his face, leaving his cheek stinging.

"You will address me with respect young man." Horvath exclaimed, pulling Dave to his feet and bending down so that their faces were inches apart. "Now, how old are you and how long did you train with Balthazar?"

"I'm ten and I just came in here today for the first time…sir." Dave replied quietly, looking down so he didn't see Horvath's eyes light up with interest.

"That's interesting. Very interesting, David."

Those were the last words Dave heard before his world went black.

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