Hand in hand, Sonic accompanied Amy home. There was no nervousness or hesitation when Sonic grabbed her hand, and there were no efforts in breaking free from his grasp either. The action, as inexperienced as they were, was fluent and instinctive. They happily embraced the intimate silence and closeness as they walked in the dark, Amy even childishly thinking of how romantic the scenario was, with the crickets chirping and the soft winds breezing. It was really the smallest moments, the smallest of things, that brought the greatest happiness.

Amy almost moaned sadly when they caught sight of her home. Her disappointment of the walk ending did not escape Sonic's humored notice, to which he chuckled at. He slowed their steps slightly, not only for her pleasure, of course, and soaked up as much as he could emotionally from the small task of holding her hand. It was the first time, after all, as a couple, that they walked hand in hand.

Finally at her door, neither of them made the initiative to break their hold. They looked at each other knowingly and shared a short laugh, silently agreeing to sit on her steps together instead. They sat quietly and looked up at the multitude of glistening stars, nonetheless paying more attention to the heat that exchanged from their close bodies. With a content sigh, Amy put her head on Sonic's shoulder and closed her eyes, smiling softly. She regretted not having believed him sooner, for she would have benefited from such closeness much sooner. If their closeness, however, had been dependant upon her hesitation, perhaps it was not such a bad thing after all. She giggled to herself as she recalled Sonic's desperation that lead him to even crash Amy's yoga class, his joking and tacky tag lines on the answering machine, and remember his want that initiated him to even break down her front door. She blushed as she thought back to the Tug-O-War candy game – a stupid, teenaged-fabricated pass time, really – and her pounding heart. Truthfully, she found that experience to have been her favorite shard of her memoires. She wouldn't exchange any of it for whatever time she could have had with him sooner. The past didn't matter, after all. Nor did the 'what-if's' and potential 'could-have-been's'. Only now and their future together was significant.

"Hey, Amy?"

She looked up at him. "Yes, Sonic?"

"I…I gotta say somethin'."

He gently pushed her up in order for her to face him. She cocked her head to the side, confused and concerned.

"I…," He brought his hand to his quills, a small blush dominating his muzzle, "I realize now how stupid I have been, how stubborn I've been. I should have just told you how I felt instead of letting my pride get in the way. I didn't realize that what I wouldn't say was what could have separated us from what we could have been….Did that part make sense?"

Amy giggled and nodded. He smiled and continued on.

"Amy, you are really the only future I can even think of. I really couldn't bare losing you, Amy." His blush deepening, he swiped his hand through his quills again and looked to the side. Communication and sincerity had never been his fortes, after all, but he knew he needed her to hear this. "I…I need you, Amy. More than you realize. I cannot stop trying, because I need you in my life."

She was in tears now, her palms covering her mouth as she intently listened on, her heart touched and quenching happily.

"I…," He locked eyes with her, his look suddenly determined, "I love you, Amy. I love you so much that I can't breathe, I can't sleep, I can't think, I can't do anything when just the thought of you gets in my head! Life without you, just the thought of it, would be unbearable, I love you so much. And you deserve every right in the world to hear that. So, yeah. Sorry for keeping ya hangin' for such a long time to hear that. Gosh, that was so out of character!"

"Oh! Sonic! I love you too!" She flew into his arms in storming tears. Sonic recalled how, in the past, he would have resisted such an embrace, yet now, he craved her grasp, as tight and breathless as they may leave him. He smiled affectionately at her and wrapped his arms around her in turn, dipping his head next to hers and allowing her scent to dominate his nose. Ah, how deliciously enticing she smelled! He'd keep his wants in check, though. He laughed at himself.

"Thank you, Sonic!" she cried into his chest, and he planted a small kiss on her head. She pulled away and smiled at him, tears streaming. "Thank you so much. I really needed to hear that!"

With a smile, he stroked her quills. "No prob. Kinda glad I said it myself." He laughed at this, to which she joined, afterwards planting a small, sufficient peck on his lips.

"Ah, come on!" he groaned when she retreated. "That was nothin'! Not even a kiss, man!"

I'm thinking of you, for your sake, Sonic." An apparent blush formed on her muzzle as she glanced towards her home. He, however, did not get her drift.

"What? That makes no sense at all, Ames. Really, how can cutting a kiss short be beneficial for either of us?"

She laughed nervously, scratching her ear. She was too embarrassed to explain it to him, and though she hoped he'd catch on, she really would rather have him oblivious to his own desires. They weren't married, after all, and they had just shared their first kiss no later than an hour ago. Sonic's hormones would not lead them anywhere good. She was aware of how the male's mind worked, though not fully, but well enough to know that they were overly impulsive. Considering the jump from friends to lovers to couple, Sonic may view their improvement to be beneficial for...other things.

It took a while, but Sonic finally caught on. Humored, his side grin widened mischievously.

"Oh, Amy," and the way her name eased off his tongue sent shivers down her spine. "You weren't thinking of anything…shameful, were you?"

Her face was redder than Knuckles with a sunburn. "I-I WASN'T! IT'S YOU! IT'S YOU I'M WORRIED ABOUT!"

Sonic shoke his head playfully and clicked his tongue three times, feigning disapproval as though he were lecturing a child. "Amy, I can't believe you! You don't give off the air of a promiscuous person!"


Sonic leaned back and laughed with his hand resting on his stomach. So hysterically he laughed that he was unable to breathe, to the point where no sound escaped his mouth. Amy growled and crossed her arms angrily with a 'hmph.'

Finally, Sonic's laughter died down. Wiping a tear, he put his arm around Amy's shoulder. "There, there. I was only kidding. Haha. The one who should be worried is you, after all."

Amy's eyes widened and she yanked herself away from Sonic's grip, looking at him in horror. He blinked, then began laughing again.

"Didn't mean it that way! Haha. Don't worry, Ames. I won't try anything." He waited until she sighed of relief. "Yet."

She performed the exact same reaction as she had a few seconds prior. "WHAAAAAAAT?"

This time, she did not believe his assurance. She scooted herself as far away from him on the step as remotely possible, chin sticking up and arms crossed over her chest. No matter how cute he looked pouting at her, she refused to close the distance.

A minute or so went by, and Amy was already missing the closeness. Stubbornly and protectively, however, she remained where she was.

"Oh, Amy?"

She glanced over at him.

"Since it's come to this, I guess we should settle a few things."

She frowned at him in confusion as he hopped off the steps and walked in her direction. Before she could react, he lowered himself and settled onto one knee. She gasped and watched him pull out the same diamond ring she had turned down a month ago.

"Oh, Sonic," she breathed, bringing a fist to her lips. Already, she was tearing up again. He smiled up at her.

"I'll ask again," he said, reaching for her hand. "Will you marry me, Amy Rose?"

So ardently were her tears falling that she was unable to speak, only able to squeak the tiniest of a yes her voice could muster, but not loud enough to be heard. Seeing such, she managed a nod, and his smiled widened to the largest magnitude she'd ever seen it. He took her left hand and slid the ring gently onto her finger and leaned forward to kiss her. She met his lips before he did, clasping her arms around his neck and forcibly pulling him down to her. He laughed at her pushy actions, nonetheless pleased with her reaction. Before he knew it, she had tackled him to the ground, crying happily on his chest.

"Wow, haha. I think that the real person we should watch out for is you!"

"No! It's just cause," she cried amid her sniffing, "I'm just so happy! I can't stand it!"

He stroked her quills as she lay on top of him, crying like never before.

"Sonic?" she mumbled after a minute, still bawling.


"…I can't see the ring."


"I'm crying too much! I can't see it!" She slammed the ground with her fist, frustrated over the minor detail. Sonic laughed.

"Amy, you can see it when you're done crying!"

"But I wanna see it now! Oh! This is so maddening!"

Laughing, Sonic pushed himself up and wiped away her fallen tears.

"Ah, god," he said, leaning his forehead against hers. "I love you, Amy." He molded his lips against hers again, sucking her lips and her tears as her entangled his fingers in her quills. Breaking away a minute later, Amy hugged him again.

"I love you too, Sonic."

The moon dawned on them for a while longer, until finally Amy's eyelids began to drop and Sonic was beginning to crave more than he should, and they said their goodnights. With each goodnight kiss they pulled away from, they found themselves moving in for another, each lasting longer than the last. They would break away, smile, say goodnight, turn, walk a little farther, then would come running back into each others' embrace.

Chuckling after another attempt to break free, Sonic stroked Amy's face.

"This is getting ridiculous," he commented with a grin, sucking another short kiss again.

Amy laughed with him, blushing slightly. Sonic then lowered his smile into a devious grin.

"I could always…stay the night."

Amy's face blushed again and she backed away. "No! Go home! Leave! See you tomorrow!" With that, she ran into the house and slammed the door shut. Her heart pounded uncontrollably fast, and she leaned against her door with her hand over her muzzle. The worst part was that she had almost said yes.

She heard Sonic's hysterical laughter outside, which she growled angrily at.

"Just kidding, Ames!" he called. "Not till we're married!"

Oh, good god! They were getting married! She began to cry again.

"Night, Ames! Be sure to sleep, eh? No daydreaming or anything! Love ya!"

Amy smiled in the darkness, hearing Sonic's burst of wind as he ran.

Could life really be this good? Amy swore that feeling so much happiness was criminal, probably deathly, even, but she was happy about it. With a smile, she brought herself to her room and jumped onto her bed, laughing in her pillow at how great everything had become. She was so grateful that Sonic hadn't given up on them, that he had pulled harder than she could ever manage to in this tug of war. It was amazing how she started the day as being determined to deny every ounce of Sonic's affections, yet ended it by becoming engaged. Oh! Engaged! What a spectacular ring to it! Teary eyed yet again, Amy lifted her hand and admired the ring. Sonic had outdone himself, Amy thought with a smile, allowing happy tears to fall. She couldn't stand how happy she felt, for she, Amy Rose the hedgehog, was getting married to the love of her dreams, Sonic the hedgehog. She giggled as she thought of her and Sonic watching television together, a baby girl sleeping peacefully on their laps. Obviously that was going rather far into the future, but they would have children. Amy knew that. She and him would live a happy, fullfilled life together, their life filled with love and honor, for the rest of their days.

With another giggle, Amy turned and faced the ceiling. She smiled and closed her eyes, allowing sleep to overtake her, thinking about how wonderful this beautiful unfolding had been after such a war. Her happiness was assured now, and that was all that mattered to her.


"Whitney911?" You may ask. "Are you happy with how you ended your fruitless and unthoughtful story?" Why, no. No, I am not, and I deeply apologize, as I have so enthusiastically in the preceeding chapter, but such a lack of motivation is really beyond my control. If anything, I just wanted to get this story out of the way. And it now is. Again, I apologize to everyone for waiting, and also to everyone's disappointments.

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