"Quinn," Rachel whined, "this is my birthday. I do believe it is customary to give the birthday girl what she desires. My request was to go to a nice dinner, frolic in the snow, snuggle in front of the fire, and then make love for hours on end. A party at Santana's was not anywhere on that list."

Quinn smirked. "That's really what you desire?" she purred. "Really, Rachel?"

Quinn smiled as she quietly crept up the stairs and into Rachel's room. It was a Saturday afternoon and she'd finished Cheerios practice a little early and decided to surprise her girlfriend. Rachel's dads were out to lunch, she knew, and that meant time to themselves. Quinn peered into Rachel's room to see her girlfriend seemingly asleep under the blankets of her bed. The Cheerio smiled, took one step forward, and then froze when Rachel whimpered.

"Oh God," Rachel gasped. "Quinn…Quinn, yes…"

Quinn licked her lips when she saw Rachel's hand moving underneath the blankets. Her hand was moving quickly, one leg moved to bend up at the knee, and the other hand was up her shirt.

"Quinn, harder…"

Quinn smiled and prepared to move forward a little in order to help her girlfriend achieve her fantasy. The next thing that came out of Rachel's mouth made her freeze once more, though.

"Brittany…S-Santana! Yes…just like that…"

Quinn smirked. Rachel's birthday was going to be amazing.

Rachel growled as she crossed her arms over her chest. Ignoring her girlfriend's pout Quinn simply smiled and pulled into Santana's driveway. She didn't say anything when Rachel started complaining about the tardiness of the other guests she was told were going to be attending and instead just kept smiling as she opened the front door to reveal a dark and empty living room.


"Happy birthday, baby," Quinn whispered.

Brittany sauntered down the hallway and took one of Rachel's arms, Quinn took the other and together the pair tugged Rachel through the house. Once in Santana's room, Quinn and Brittany tossed Rachel onto the bed where Santana was waiting with a pair of handcuffs. A little struggle and two clicks later, Rachel was restrained with her arms above her head.

"Quinn, what's going on?"

Quinn crawled up on the bed and lay next to her girlfriend. "Tell me what it is that you really want, Rachel," she said as she started pushing her hand up the small brunette's shirt. "Because I didn't hear you moaning about a dinner date last week. I heard you moaning a few different names."

Rachel gasped.

"Berry," Santana growled. Rachel jerked her head to the other side to see Santana's smirk. "Guess who gets to be on top this time?"

The bed dipped once more and a pair of lips was attached to Rachel's neck, biting and sucking. Hands were running up her sides and Santana leaned in to capture Rachel's lips in a kiss.

"Is this okay?" Quinn asked.

Brittany bit down on Rachel's neck eliciting a hissed "yes".

"Tell us if you want to stop," Quinn whispered.

Rachel nodded just as Quinn's hand retracted from underneath her shirt and ran over her stomach and up to start popping the buttons open on her blouse, stopping to undo the front clasp of her bra. Santana captured her lips again and slipped a hand down Rachel's side to find the zipper on her skirt. Brittany's lips followed the trail of exposed skin as Quinn unbuttoned Rachel's blouse; Rachel arched her hips off the bed when the tallest Cheerio's lips ghosted just under her navel as Santana pulled her skirt off of her hips and down her legs.

"What do you want us to do to you, baby?" Quinn purred. She lightly trailed her fingers up Rachel's stomach making her shiver with anticipation. "Now it's your turn. Tell me your fantasy."

"Strip," Rachel gasped.

Quinn gave a short nod to her two friends who, along with the blonde, immediately pulled off their uniform tops and bras, quickly followed by their skirts and what little they were wearing underneath. Three uniforms dropped to the floor with Rachel's skirt and after a squirm of her hips, Rachel's underwear joined the pile.

"Santana," Rachel whispered. "S-strap-on?"

Quinn wasn't sure she'd ever seen Santana move as quickly as she did when she dashed to the closet to dig out the familiar toy. While Santana got suited up Rachel beckoned Brittany back to bed and Quinn watched, mouth watering, as Brittany ran her hands up Rachel's stomach and each of them palmed a breast and tugged at stiffened nipples.


"Yeah, baby?"

"Someone's got to get me ready for Santana."

She didn't need to be told twice. Quinn bound onto the bed, pushed Rachel's legs apart, and peppered her stomach with kisses then ducked lower. She flicked her tongue over Rachel's clit a few times and easily slipped two fingers inside of her drenched girlfriend.

"I really like your boobs, Rach," she heard Brittany whisper as she worked Rachel's clit between her teeth. "They totally fit in my hands."

"Th-thank you, Brittany."

Quinn glanced up just as Brittany lowered her head to take one of Rachel's nipples into her mouth while her fingertips tugged and pinched at the other. Quinn went back to focusing on Rachel's jerking lower half as she kept pushing her fingers in deeper. She added a third which got her an "oh fuck" from Rachel and a soft groan from Santana, who had appeared next to her. Santana smirked and pressed a kiss to Rachel's thigh before moving up her body, bringing Quinn's attention with her.


"May I please be uncuffed first?"

"Your birthday."

Santana undid the handcuffs and Rachel's hands immediately went to Brittany's face and pulled her up for a searing kiss and then the same for Santana. Quinn's groan must have done something because Rachel jerked her hips and clenched hard around Quinn's fingers. She slowly withdrew her fingers and pressed a kiss to the inside of Rachel's left thigh then peppered kisses all the way up her body. She traded places with Santana, the Latina now hovering over Rachel and Quinn to her side. Rachel took a hesitant breath and Quinn motioned for Santana to wait.

"Brittany, I want you…up here."

Brittany quirked an eyebrow.

"I want to…I want you up here."

"Oh! You want me to like, sit on your face? Santana likes that."

Rachel nodded. Brittany squealed and scooted up the bed; Rachel gave a go-ahead nod to Santana and Quinn sat up a little and smiled, ready to enjoy the show. Her eyes traveled down Rachel's stomach to Santana, the head of the dildo running through Rachel's folds and slickening with Rachel's wetness before it slowly started to disappear as Santana pushed forward. Her attention turned up to Brittany when she groaned. The taller Cheerio's knees were on either side of Rachel's head and she was facing Santana and writhing against Rachel's tongue.

When Santana started pumping in and out of Rachel relentlessly it elicited moans and what probably would've been yells if Brittany wasn't straddling her head. Brittany's moans echoed Rachel's and Quinn let a few of her own moans slip. She reached down to alleviate the ache between her legs but she was stopped by Rachel's hand guiding her own down between Rachel's legs. Quinn took the hint and started rubbing circles around the girl's clit but damn if she didn't need relief of her own. She moved herself as close to Rachel as she could get and pressed against her hip, the pressure perfect to release a little pressure.

Quinn watched Santana fuck her girlfriend with extreme interest, taking mental notes on the angle and Santana's pace and what it did to Rachel. She couldn't wait to try it.
"I'm…I'm gonna come," Brittany gasped.

Rachel moaned louder and Brittany moved faster, riding with everything she could. Quinn abandoned Rachel to move up on her knees and pull Brittany into a kiss and trail her hand down her rock-hard abs between her legs and with just a few circles around her clit she came undone and shuddered.

"Fuck," Quinn heard from Santana. "Fuck that was really fucking hot."

Brittany rolled to the opposite side of Rachel from Quinn and lay panting. Quinn's gaze was attached to Brittany's heaving chest until she was pulled into a kiss from Rachel, their tongues dueling and the taste of Brittany filling Quinn's mouth.

"Brittany," Rachel grunted. "Quinn…Brittany."

"Oh fuck yes, do it."

Quinn nodded and obliged Rachel's (and essentially, Santana's) request. She crawled over her and was immediately taken into Brittany's arms and pushed onto her back while Brittany kissed down her stomach and settled between her legs. A jolt of pleasure went through her as Brittany immediately pushed two fingers inside of her and did some magical thing with her mouth against Quinn's throbbing clit. She fought to keep her eyes open to look at Santana, mirroring Brittany's thrusts into Rachel.

"Harder, Britt," Quinn begged.

Brittany thrust harder and so did Santana. Rachel's moans and yells were getting louder; Santana lifted Rachel's hips just a little to push deeper and Quinn willed herself to keep her eyes open to watch Rachel come undone. It didn't take long, a few more thrusts and Rachel's back arched off the bed and she was yelling Santana's name and swearing and shuddering. Her hand found Quinn's and gripped tight as the last of the shockwaves surged through her body. Quinn finally shut her eyes and fully immersed herself in what Brittany was doing between her legs. Another finger was added and she pushed her hips up and before long she was seeing stars explode and Rachel's lips were on her neck as she came.

When she regained her coherence, Quinn was met with a deep kiss, not from Rachel or even Brittany, but from Santana. When the Latina pulled away, Rachel was smiling.

"Good birthday, Berry?" Santana growled as she crawled to the other side of Brittany, who had mysteriously ended up cuddled to Rachel's back. Quinn turned to her side to have Rachel curl into her front.


"Up for round two?" Quinn whispered.