Summary: Santana is stressed beyond belief. The girls help her relax a little.
Author's Note: Dedicated to Brittany (aka dirtypiratepimp) ;-) Also, written in less than an hour. I apologize if it's horrible.

When Quinn, Rachel, Santana, and Brittany moved to New York for college after high school they decided an apartment together would benefit them in more ways than one. The rent would be split four ways, giving them a wider selection of nice places, there would be an easy delegation of chores, between the four of them they didn't have to buy any furniture...and there was the fact that they were all sleeping together. They had separate relationships, Quinn and Rachel had their own room and Brittany and Santana had theirs. But after Quinn, Brittany, and Rachel's birthdays they discovered that sex was amazing with all four of them. They still usually saved it for special occasions but it was always, alwaysamazing.

Their very first finals week was hell. But no one seemed more stressed about it than Santana. The Latina would walk around mumbling various facts and figures from her classes, desperate for perfection. By the end of the week, Brittany was just as irritable and Rachel and Quinn were simply confused. Brittany didn't have finals, she was teaching dance and working in a bike shop. There wasn't much of a reason for her to be stressed. Quinn finished her finals first, followed by Rachel.

But with one final to go, Santana was close to a nervous breakdown.

Quinn stumbled out of her and Rachel's bed in the middle of the night, desperate for something to drink, and heart set on the carton of orange juice in the refrigerator. The orange juice was forgotten, however, when she found Santana sitting on the kitchen floor against the refrigerator with a bottle of vodka.


"I fucking hate my life," Santana cried. "Please kill me, Q. Please. Just...just stab me."

"I think you need to stop drinking and get back to bed."

"I've only had one drink."

"Is this about finals? Come on, you only have one left and I know you're going to kick its ass."

"No," Santana whimpered. "No, this is so much worse, Q."


"There's just so much stress and...I just want to have an orgasm, is that too much to ask? God, it's been like...three weeks and nothing helps!"

Quinn arched her eyebrow, it all coming together for her. Santana always got cranky when there wasn't time for sex. But three weeks? Even Quinn would want to kill something over that.

"It's just stress, San. Tomorrow you-"

" I can't wait until tomorrow." Santana dropped the bottle of vodka and looked up to Quinn, her eyes red rimmed. "I can't do this."

Quinn smirked. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Well, not really desperate measures. There was one solution for Santana's problem and it was going to be the greatest solution, ever. She offered Santana her hand and pulled the Latina up and into her arms, her lips immediately attaching to Santana's neck and biting down gently. Santana practically melted.


"Go wash up," Quinn whispered. "And meet us in your bedroom."


"Five minutes."

Quinn pulled away and shot Santana a wink before strolling to hers and Rachel's bedroom, a sway in her hips. She immediately woke Rachel and whispered her plan causing the brunette to come out of her deep sleep almost immediately. The pair darted across the hall and woke Brittany who literally squealed and clapped when Quinn let her know what was about to happen.

When Santana stepped into her bedroom, there were three very naked women waiting for her.

"Come here," Rachel said, beckoning Santana forward. "Clothes on."

Santana obliged, shaking as she moved forward. She wasn't sure she could do this. Not being able to orgasm with Brittany was one thing. But choking in front of Rachel and Quinn, too, would be downright humiliating. But she was willing to try anything at that point.

"We're gonna take care of you," Brittany said, gathering Santana into her arms.

"It's all about you, Santana," Quinn said, her voice low and raspy. "You don't do a thing."

Santana nodded. Brittany held her from behind, her hands on Santana's hips and roaming over her thighs as Rachel came in on her left and Quinn on her right, their hands pulling at her tanktop and tugging it over her head. Their hands were both warm as they roamed her body, massaging her sides and slipping up over her breasts. Quinn's mouth appeared on her neck, licking, biting, and sucking as Rachel kissed down Santana's collarbone and finally found one of her nipples, her tongue flicking over the hardened peak before enveloping it into her mouth and sucking gently, her tongue still massaging. It was only a matter of seconds before Quinn was mimicking her and Santana felt like she landed in heaven.

"So good," Santana moaned.

Brittany's hands moved over the insides of her thighs and up, her right one stopping between Santana's legs and pressing against her in an oh-so-delicious way. She was aching, nearly ready to explode. It's not like she hadn't tried but she would get almost there and then remember what she needed to study and her work hours and it would all leave her in a split second. But these things that Quinn, Rachel, and Brittany were doing her made her forget anything about the outside world.

"These need to go," Brittany whispered, tugging at the waistband of Santana's Superman boxers.

Santana lifted her hips, allowing Rachel to pull the boxers down, her lips leaving a trail of kisses down Santana's leg. When she came back up she didn't go back to Santana's side but rather between her legs. She pulled Santana into a searing kiss and Santana instinctively reached up to Rachel's chest but her hands were swatted away.

"This is about you," Brittany whispered. "Let us take care of you, baby."

Santana could only nod. Her hands went to Brittany's thighs and she gripped on as she felt the blonde's hand slide down between her legs and two fingers begin circling her clit very, very slowly.

"She's really wet," Brittany mumbled. "God, San, you are soaked."

"I want you so bad," Santana whimpered. "Please. Rachel. Quinn. Someone..."

"Your wish is my command," Rachel said.

When Santana felt a second hand, Rachel's, slip between her legs and two fingers push inside of her she nearly passed out. Brittany's fingers sped up as Rachel pushed in deeper, hitting Santana's sweet spot and making her see stars. Quinn had one hand on her breast, rolling her nipple between nimble fingers and her mouth up against Santana's ear, moaning.

"Does it feel good, San?" Quinn growled. "Feeling Rachel fuck you?"

"Oh God."

The loss of Rachel's fingers inside of her made Santana growl until she saw her trade places with Quinn. Brittany's fingers were replaced with Quinn's tongue and it was Rachel who took Brittany's hand and licked her fingertips clean, followed by her own. Santana saw stars again when Quinn pushed not two but three fingers inside of her and began sucking on her clit, causing Santana to arch her hips off of the bed and grip onto Brittany's thighs with everything she had.

"She has an amazing mouth, doesn't she?" Rachel whispered.

"Uh huh. I'm so close."

Brittany began biting and sucking on Santana's neck, holding her hips down as Quinn thrust harder and did magical things with her tongue. Rachel took a palmful of Santana's breast and kept whispering dirty things in her ear, keeping her mind far, far away from anything but the intense pleasure shooting through her body. She felt her muscles begin to tighten and her hips jerked uncontrollably.

"Come for us, Santana," Rachel moaned. "Don't hold back."

That was all it took. Santana arched out of Brittany's arms and cried out as she felt wave after wave crash through her body and the orgasm wash over her, everything becoming blurry around her as she came down from the high. But Quinn didn't stop. Just as soon as the high began to wear off, Santana felt Brittany move out from behind her, putting the Latina flat on her back. It only took a split second for Brittany to replace Quinn, Brittany's tongue slipping inside of her as the blonde's hands slipped under her ass and pulled her closer. Someone's fingers, she wasn't sure whose and she didn't really care, began circling her clit hard and fast.

"You taste amazing," Quinn whispered.

"I can't...not again..." Santana gasped.

"Yes you can," Rachel urged her. "You will. You're so fucking wet, Santana."

Just when Santana was sure she couldn't, she did. She saw fucking stars exploding absolutely everywhere and she was pretty sure there was a rainbow and fucking unicorn in there somewhere. She cried out, every single sensation amplified. Rachel's hand on her clit, Brittany's hands on her ass and her tongue buried deep inside her. Quinn's hands roaming her chest and lips on her neck. The sheets underneath was better than being high. So much better.

"Oh...fuck," Santana panted. She felt herself being wrapped up in familiar arms, Brittany's, as Quinn spooned behind her. Rachel crawled over all three of them and settled herself behind Quinn.

"You guys...I...fuck."

"You're welcome, Santana," Rachel said with a yawn. "Get some sleep."

Santana got an A on her final.