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The One


Birthday Present

*thud, thud* the bed frame hits the wall as the voices and sounds coming from the moving people grew louder and louder.

'Oh YES! Jaspeeerr!' screamed Alice as her second orgasm hit. Her tight walls surrounded him in what he could only describe as a delicious grip and coated him with her silky juices. Meanwhile, Rosalie watched their enjoyment while resting from her own orgasms, lying on the left side of the bed. Besides my boyfriend, Emmet, Jasper is one of the best lovers I've ever had, she thought. No her, Rosalie Hale, and Alice Brandon were not some sluts, skanks, whores or whatever people might think. Sure they both enjoyed sex as much as the next person, but they were very choosy as to who they had in bed. And that, my friends, is not a large number of people, despite what some may think.

'Oh, fuck!' grunted Jasper as he finally came, a few more thrusts and he was done. He rolled off of Alice and laid in the between the two hottest girls in school who happened to be brothers girlfriends. Too bad they are both taken, he thought. 'Thank you ladies for my birthday present, as always the nights events are extremely satisfying. Are you two sure neither one is unhappy with Emmett or Garrett?' he jokingly asked in famous Texan southern accent knowing the answer already.

'Sorry, Mr. Whitlock, but I'm much to perfectly happy and content with my Em. Although, I don't know about Al over there, she could be just plainly miserable for all we know.' Rosalie said slightly giggling and smiling at the memory of the last time she and Emmett were together, just three days ago to be exact.

'Well, I'll have you both know, that I personally guarantee that this southern bell is just fine and merry with her Chicago boy,' said Alice joyously remembering the sweet tender love making she and Garret shared the other day.

'That's just my luck that my friends allow me but just one time a year to live out my wildest sexual fantasies with their property, on my birthday. That's just not fair people' he pouted.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence between the three, Alice started to get out of bed. The first thing she found in the darkness of the room was her shirt. Remembering the day she got that shirt and smiling at the memory of opening the box and finding a hot pink piece of cloth. Taking it out she saw it had the subtle image of a cat's and mouth with the words "sweet pussy" on it (sweet above the eyes and pussy under the mouth). Jasper and his innuendo presents, she thought. Fed up with feeling around floor close to the bed she stretched her arm until her hand made contact with the switch of the lamp on the nightstand. The room flooded with light causing both Jasper and Rosalie groaned at the sudden brightness filling the room.

'Are you spending the night Rose?' Alice asked locating her shoes.

'Actually, I think I will. Don't worry about me. Thankfully tomorrow is Saturday and the folks are out of town till next weekend. I'll text Em in a minute to let him know of my decision or else he'll freak out with worry.' Rosalie responded.

Alice turned looked at the clock and so how late it was and finally found the remainder of her clothing, 'Ok, then I'm out I'll see you both Sunday then for the barbeque,' she said walking towards the door.

'Sure will be there,' both of them answered.

As Alice was walking to the door Jasper said 'Wait, I'll walk you to the front door, little lady. What kind of southern gentleman would I'd be if I didn't?', he smiled.

'Why thank you, kind sir' Alice answers back in her own southern accent and batting her long eye-lashes, 'However, are you sure you want to escort me to the door in all of your wondrous birthday suit glory?' smirked Alice.

'No wonder it felt little cooler than usual' Jasper smirks earning chuckles from both girls. He then saw the silk robe with his initials, a gift from Alice. It was little too much for his taste, but in times these it was very much needed.

As he tied it, he heard Alice's teasing voice 'But you don't have to if you don't want to, I don't mind the view at all'. To what Jasper retorted, 'Yeah, I know you were screaming for it a few moments ago,' winking.

'You know that you could have this view any time you want, just leave Garret and will be together'.

'Down this road again, are we Jazz?', she responded tiredly, 'Jasper, listen what we had was great. Everything about our relationship was incredible the sweet kisses, the talks, you infamous "back rubs" at the pool house of your parents' vacation home at the lake, and especially the sex. But Jasper, unfortunately like all good things, we came to an end and "You & I" just simply grew apart. Nevertheless, I am thankful that we parted on good terms and have remained good friends ever since. Honestly, you and I both know that we have been better together as friends than as a couple.' Jasper had a glum look on his face as he heard the words that spoke the truth. What he and Alice had was grand but in the end they were better friends than lovers or a couple.

'Don't get that look on your face Jazz, you know I hate to see you like this' she had an apprehensive look in her green eyes as they reach the door. Before she left Jasper took his hand and placed it underneath her shirt, his favorite one, until it reached her right breast. Soft and perky flesh met his silky gentle caress. 'How can such a petit body ever have such an ample chest?' he thought. Remembering the countless times when all he ever wanted was this, just touch her; feel her supple, tender skin and that was more than enough in his eyes at least. He recalled the first time he entered her tight walls; both had a scratch that needed some itching at the time, just a "friendly fuck" is what she called it. At the time she was 14 and he 15, and since that, he was hooked. Many memories were made during the 15 months they were together.

Get back to present times Jazz enough with the walk down memory lane, he scowls himself, she is no longer yours and you are going to be happy about that. He squeezes lightly eliciting a small gasp form her. Alice places her hand over his, forcing him to grip a bit harder. She would allow him these last few moments before reality set back in and forced them both to stop. With her other hand Alice pulled Jasper's hand from her breast and out of her shirt. Placing her hand soothingly on his cheek, Jasper leans into it. Any small amount of contact before the one that got away leaves.

'Jasper, I promise you the one you want, the one you need, the one that was made for you, the one meant for you is out there looking for you as well. And when you two find each other, you're going to say 'Alice who?'. And I assure not to hold that against you.' Alice smiles.

But Jasper doesn't see it that way, he thinks no one is better than his Alice was, and he'll just have to live with that, his one regret. So for her comfort he gives her a small smile and slightly nods in agreement, even though he doesn't. 'Ok, Mr. 5 ft. 11 ½ in. tall, lean done a little, because you know I can't reach that high' she winks drawing out a full smile from his face. He leans down to her 5 ft tall frame and Alice gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek and then one last full kiss on his lips.

She pulls away slowly before his fingers can get too entangled yet again in her short thick brown locks with blue highlights and opens the door saying 'Good night, see you Sunday. Bye!' while Jasper holds the door and watches her getting her car and drive away. But before she shuts the door Jasper calls 'Bye "sweet pussy"! Oh, and Alice, don't forget to text me when you get home safe and sound'.

Turning to see him smirking at the use of what says on her shirt 'Sure thing, Jazz' she says waving before closing the door a turning on her yellow Porsche, a gift from her daddy, a wealthy oil tycoon on the 16th birthday and drives off.

Closing the door, Jasper makes the trek back up to his bedroom on the second level of their parents' house. Once at the top of the stairs, he looks at the stretch of hallway, its not very long. This hallway just has his and his brothers' rooms on one side and then a plethora of different rooms on the other. Game room, movie room, sauna (all four have had quite the enjoyable tryst in that one in particular). Leaning against the ornate black iron rod banister, he remembers all the great times his had with his family over the years. His most fond of memories are all of the "secret" rendezvous him and his brothers have had with a rather nice bounty of females at one time or another. If these walls could, what would they say? Would they reveal what has happened behind closed doors and at times without even making to a room for some privacy? Of course the chance of getting caught with pants and underwear down while holding up a girl with her while legs wrapped around your waist, always made the tryst all that much more adventurous. Jasper blushes somewhat and smirks proudly, yes him and his three brothers are four lucky sons of bitches, he thinks. Four young men that could easily pass as their parents real kids and not foster kids. They had all attained very good-looks and charm from their equally good-looking and charming parents. And according to the females they have bedded, all are extremely (or painfully to what some say) well endowed men. To the point that some of these women couldn't walk straight for a day or more while they healed. Damn!, We are good.

Remembering more innocent times, Jasper can still recall the days at the all boy orphanage. His first day there was when he met Edward Masen, Garret Sanders and Emmett McCarthy. He was too shy to approach and say hello to anyone, it was morning and he already felt awkward not to mention he was already being taunted by some of the other boys. He was sitting out in the back yard when for some reason his now brothers saw him and came to say hello. And boy did they bond immediately; he soon found out that they were all the same age, 9 and were born on the same year 1993. He learned that both Edwards and Garrets families had died one in a car accident and the other in a house fire. Sadly neither one had any living relatives to take care of them, so they became wards of the state. Emmett was born to a crack whore mother and drug dealing pimp for a father. When they asked him about his family, all he could say was that his mother was in jail when he was born; he did not know who his mother was and his relatives did not want to deal with him. Like Em, Jasper never knew his parents either. All he knows is that his mother was homeless and left him when he was 5 months old at his old orphanage. From that day on they call themselves "the brothers of no parents" or as some of the others at the "home" call them "The 4 Musketeers".

Little by little Jasper had learned bits of his "brothers", just some small stuff. He learned that their birthdays were almost in order, Em the oldest, our big brother more or less, was born on March 1st. He is followed by Garret born on March 31st. Then Eddie, his date of birth being on May 20th and finally Jasper was born on June 15th. For some reason, though they're the same age, his brothers call him "baby bro".

Other stuff he learned was that like him Garret has food allergies; his is to peaches, while Jasper's to shellfish. They're favorite sports are baseball and soccer; Eddie and Em are the soccer players, but no one can beat him at baseball. He also learned that you could not find better and funnier cartoons than the ones shown on "Cartoon Network".

Before Jasper realized it he had been living with his "brothers" at the "home" for seven months and like any real family, they were inseparable. Even their bunk beds were right next to each other. They went to their tutoring sessions together and help out one another learn how to read, write and math. But they all admitted that they were not doing very well at any of those and it embarrassed the heck out of them. That was until the day when a childless exceedingly wealthy young couple came looking for just one child preferably no older than 5 years old and if possible younger.

Mr. Carlisle and Mrs. Esme Cullen was their name. Running down the long hallway as fast as their legs could take them, they didn't see the couple standing there waiting for the orphanages' administrator Mr. Thomas to meet with them. Two little boys with paper Indian hats on their heads rand followed by two other boys with cowboy hats and sheriff badges chasing trying to catch the Indians. 'Whoa, there!' called both Mr. and Mrs. Cullen while smiling at the mischief the two "Indian" boys who'd accidently crashed into them where getting into. A moment later the other two cowboy sheriffs called out 'Gotcha, you're under arrest' bounding down the same hallway.

'Emmett, Garrett, Edward, Jasper what are you four doing running in the hallways? All of you know the rules here.' said an annoyed Mr. Thomas. The four boys looked down ashamed and concerned, "what will our punishment be this time? No playing outside tomorrow? Help clean the library tables, chalk and white boards? No dessert for two days? Or worse yet no TV for two days?" they thought, those last ones being the roughest ones for them at least. 'Well boys… Aren't you going to show this nice couple that one of the things you've learned here are manners? Please say "Hello or Good day to Mr. and Mrs. Cullen"' said Mr. Thomas. The boys turned to where the couple was standing and cordially said 'Good day to Mr. and Mrs. Cullen'. 'All right I will see you later to talk about the rules. Off now with you boys and take you game outside from now on' Mr. Thomas told them. And that is how, after that they the four friends change their name to "The 4 Musketeers-brothers with parents". And after all these years with the Cullen's and all the memories they've made together (picnics, birthday parties, family road trips, amusement parks)… They weren't always easy or fun, but Jasper bets that like his brothers none of them would ever trade these for all the wealth, privileged, power, status or fortune the world has. Thinking to more recent and less than innocent events. Oh the things we've done and hope the parents don't, no, never find out, he grins proudly.

'Jasper?' Rosalie's soft voice calls, taking him out of the walk down memory lane of thoughts that over took him a moment ago. He was surprised to her 5'7 frame standing just a few feet away from him in nothing but a sheet to cover her body with. 'I'm sorry. Did I startle you? You took so long saying goodbye to Alice that I started to get lonely. So I grabbed the sheet to find you and low-and-behold I found here lost in thought I believe'.

'Yes, sorry about that darling. I just got lost remembering some of the best times of my life.' Gazing at the flaxen hair beauty in front of him. Grabbing her hand he leads her back to his room.

'Oh, really…' smiling devilishly entering room after Jasper. As she walking to the bed she lets the sheet fall of her naked form and sat on the bed with her legs open waiting for Jazz to turn. With his back to Rose, Jasper opens his robe letting it fall to the ground and taking into account that he had yet to remove the prophylactic used with Alice. Taking off the object from him and throwing it into the nearby waste basket, that contains all the ones they've used during the nights activities.

Watching the 17 year old, Rosalie is feeling her arousal return once more by contemplating what that body is equipped to do to any female. In fact all the Cullen boys have the most amazingly tantalizing bodies, and are also so skilled in how to make a woman's body do unimaginable things, naughty things. They can do every position in the book from A to Z, she thinks mischievously.

Finally facing Rose, Jasper is amazed by what he sees in his bed.

'Why my lady I thought that I had surely worn you out for the night?' he pronounced yet again using his southern twang.

'Well, kind sir, I think that I have enough to give it one last row in the hay' Rosalie fakes a bad southern accent, which is rewarded with a smile from Jasper.

Walking to her and standing in between her legs he can smell her arousal. This causes him to think the dirtiest of thoughts and with his member hardening right in front of her face.

'Since its still my birthday, I've heard from a very reliable source, mainly my dear brother Emmett, that a certain Ms. Hale can do many wondrous things with her mouth' looking down at her and caressing her cheek.

Rose looking up at him smiles 'What do you want me to do then, Mr. Whitlock?'

With so much seduction in her voice that Jasper hardens even more 'Take me in' he orders 'all of me'.

'As you wish' Opening her mouth she slowly takes him inside of her facial opening, painfully slow for his taste. Rosalie is thankful that, although none of the boys are smaller than 11 inches of sheer penis, only Emmett is the meatiest one.

Jasper is tempted to just grab her head and shoved his dick into that hot mouth of her, but he has it on good authority to know that that is the one thing to never do to a woman without permission first. With him completely inside her mouth Rosalie started to do all the things she knew Emmett and the others enjoyed. She grabbed his buttocks pushing even far more in her mouth, moaning at the feel of his penis. Then encircled her tongue around him, at times she sucked hard and then gently. Jasper threw his head back saying 'Fuck, YES Rose!' he was in heaven.

His brothers have been truthful about Rosalie Hale's knowledge on to how to give a blowjob. Rosalie proceeds to do the one thing that always guaranteed her not have to spend a lot of time sucking him. She started ever so softly and gracefully grazes her teeth along the length of him. When she heard him suck in a breath she knew she had him where she wanted him. With fingers in the thick of her soft long blonde hair he stood perfectly still, frozen in place unsure of what she was going to do next, but knowing he was so very close to exploding in her mouth.

Then he was sent over the edge calling out her name, with what she did next. Rosalie scraped her teeth harder while sucking and milking him dry in the process. If it wasn't because she was holding him in place, Jasper would have fallen over on top of her probably causing her some kind of injury.

When he looked down, Jasper was met with those deep pools of hazel-green that are Rosalie's eyes looking up at his blue-grey. Rose was surprised, sure she knew that the expression worn on his handsome features was one of pure pleasure, however she couldn't help it but see something hidden in his eyes. Loneliness? Despair? Fear? Maybe. She couldn't put her finger on it, but decided to leave it for another day now was not the time for that. This is about him getting to live out his desires with her and Alice, well her now for the remainder of the night. Correction this night was supposed to include a certain Ms. Isabella Swan, but the girl just had to fuck Eddies brains out in the rain two days ago fulfilling one of the big oafs fantasies and giving herself a cold in the process. Can't she remember we live in Boston, MA, when in the month of June it doesn't just rain a lot, it pours for crying out-loud. "Dumbasses, both of them!", she criticizes mentally.

Returning her mind to the matter at hand with lustful eyes, Rosalie just simply licks her lips removing any leftover cum from the outside of her mouth and swallows every bit of what Jasper just gave her. She then reaches for the nightstands' drawer and pulls out the next condom and quite possibly the last to be used. No one has yet to survive much longer after her special BJ's. Opening the packet she delicately rolled it on to Jasper, all the while he merely could not stop marveling at her. Rose just slid herself further to the center of the bed, and then with her index finger she signal Jazz to join her. Immediately, he jumps in after her. Once his reached her, instantaneously lays on top in between her legs. Before entering he surprises her with a yearning kiss that leaves her breathless and at that moment is when Jasper without warning slams himself again and again into Rose's heat.

Confusion and bewilderment are running through Rosalie's mind by the force his using. Truth is it's hurting more than usual, but she says nothing and allows him to use her body as he sees fit. With loud moans and groans the silence is broken in the room and possibly the entire hallway. Halfway through their last session, Jasper rolls them both and now Rosalie is on top. Wonderful, now I can take control, she thinks. And so she does until Jasper grabs a hold of her hips digging his fingernails into her skin and slams her onto him too hard. This time she couldn't help, 'Ow!' that escaped from her lips.

Letting go of her hips Jasper leaves the small crescent shape of his nails and stopping all and any movements sitting up in the process.

'Are you ok, Rose? Was I being too rough? Oh, please forgive me if I was' he says too fast and with a sad sincere apologetic look down in shame.

Rosalie smiles, grabs his chin lifting his eyes back to hers 'It's ok, Jazz. I know you didn't mean to. I also know that I am not her, the one you want to be inside off at this moment. And I'm ok with it; I could never take Alice's place. You two had this relationship that as much as polar opposites as the both of you were it just worked. I should have said something earlier when you first entered me, but I didn't and that was entirely my decision, my fault. Ok?'

Jasper nods and the look in his eyes changes again to something she already knew. Leaning into give him a passion filled kiss, they both start to move together again at the pace they know will bring them to the pinnacle of ecstasy in sync. Later they are both reaching immense sexual highs jointly. Disregarding the last one of the night, definitely no more sex will take place between them, unless one get creative in the morning. Rose moves to the left side of his body, swinging her leg and half of her body on top of his and starts making invisible designs on his smooth chest laying her head over his heart. While Jasper has his left hand grazing lazily her back, both of them relaxed with how this night has ended.

All they had was the flimsy sheet and the comforter almost completely fallen from the bed to cover their naked bodies. They started to converse about just anything really the weather, what they plan to do in the summer. He told her about his most embarrassing memory with his brothers at the "home", she told him about when her little sister Jane accidently almost ruined her first communion dress, just childhood memories. Not being able to erase what she saw in his eyes earlier, Rosalie decided to be bold and carefully ask him 'Jasper, are you happy?'.

Stunned by her question, he reply's 'What? Why do you ask that?'.

'Don't be upset, please, remember it's your birthday and after all of what we've done here there should be enough endorphins in your body to keep you content for at least a day.' She says with a smile and continues to say 'It's just that although you and Al have been great friends, especially after your break-up. I can't help, but feel that you are alone and no I don't mean that you don't have anyone around you. What I mean is here' placing her flat hand on his chest close to where his heart is 'Do you ever feel lonely? I know it can't be easy seeing you three brothers with girlfriends, particularly when one is your ex and now closest friend'.

Jasper remains silent digesting what Rose has just said and starts to think of what to say. 'I mean here are your brothers getting sex when ever they want, how ever they want it. That just can't be easy and I'm sure that your "lady" Handy-Andy wants a break.' Rose retorts eliciting heartfelt laughter from him when moments pass and he had yet to say anything.

After a few minutes he finally says 'Ok, Rose, but promise…no swear that you won't say a peep about whatever I tell you'.

'Mum's the word, Jazz. Cross my heart.' Rose said making the motion of "X" across her chest.

'I guess… I am sort of jealous at what my brothers have. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if Al was still with me. But I don't blame her, nor do recent that her and Garrett are happy together. On the contrary I do wish I did have someone to share my heart with and my bed if she wants to as well, because I do have plenty to offer.' He smirks lifting the sheet giving Rose again full view of Jazz Jr., to which she agrees with enjoyment. Jasper continues 'I'm not looking for anyone in particular, but you are correct I do feel lonely sometimes. By the way I can't thank you, Bella, Al and my brothers enough for asking me to join you in the adventurous sexcapades. Especially you girls I know the guys and I certainly enjoy watching you three make sweet love the way you do.'

'You are more than welcomed that is why we do it in the first place. And honestly don't know about the other girls, but I do enjoy the threesomes and every other thing our sex hormone driven brains come up with. Incidentally I know for a fact that the three of us thank you for opening our eyes to the world of pornograpy, it has without doubt served to give creative ideas to keep bedroom behavior interesting.'

'You ladies are more than welcomed as well; we gentlemen enjoy the company and appreciate the acquired knowledge and practices.' Jasper chuckles.

'Anyway getting back on subject here Jasper… What about that girl Vicky Summers? She is pretty hot and sexy, in fact she's on the cheerleading squad with Alice. According to the rumor mill in school says she is really good in bed too.'

'Vicky? Vicky Summers?' he says trying to remember the name. Acknowledgement hit him and he says 'Do you mean Victoria Summers? Her father is the head of the state's largest law firm, right? The hot tamale redhead that's as tall as you. I've been trying to bed and go out with that girl for a while now. Isn't she going out with that jerk on the basketball team James something?'

Pensively she frowned remembering that Vicky was with that asshole, regardless she answers 'Yes that was the girl I was talking about. Except that I think that what was up with her and James is really nothing. The guy is just like his father, has some serious commitment phobia issues and his doting mother and wife of that loser always sits at home waiting for him to come home passed out on the couch with a martini glass and bottle nearby. And I think that Victoria is not really sure about him, so maybe you can make your move Jazz. And if not her at least try to get back in the game; I'm sure the one is out there looking for you too.'

'Wow! You just sounded exactly like Alice with that thing about the one.'

'She is one of my best friends' she interrupts.

Amused by her words Jasper continues 'Anyway, I will do my best at least go out again. We'll see, I won't make any promises. But I do hear you, mom & dad, the guys are concerned that I haven't had a real girlfriend since Al.'

'Thank you Jaaassper. We just want youu to be haaaapppyy'.

They both yawned at the same time exhausted from all that had taken place that night. 'Rose before I forget again I've been meaning to ask you… Rose?' he looked down and saw that she was fast as sleep, yes it was time to rest and replenish their energy. Jasper smiled yet again enjoying the companionship of having a warm body sleeping with him. Thinking about the Victoria girl and what Rose had said he would definitely give her a call tomorrow.

And with thoughts of Victoria he closed his eyes and drifted off to dreamland.

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