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The One

Chapter - 11

Pool Party Weekend

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'Ok, remind me again why we're in Rose's house for this party? And why is it so early?' She asks Alice from behind the screen where she is changing into the light blue strapless tankini. Apparently the swimsuit she brought (a very old one piece dark-brown suit) was deemed insufficient, unstylish, boring, ill-fitting and I quote "an utter travesty of swimwear for all ages. You're lucky we don't burn that insult-wear". Ok, I'll agree the lint and fuzzballs really dated my suit. But it is still in good condition. She thinks while tying the last of the strings tightly ensuring and securing the bottom piece stays in place.

Looking at herself in the full-length mirror she was surprised by the way the mere swim garment made her body look. It gave her body a body, not a supermodels, but a rather voluptuous figure. The suit provided her with cover; not in the nun style that her own suit was titled to be, but it showed of her body's curves in a really sexy way. It also gave her posterior full coverage with a high waist making her lower back look shapely and desirable, at least by her standards. As well as the low cut on the legs helps make her gams look longer which was near impossible given her short height.

'For the umpteenth time, Lee.' Alice says a little annoyed. 'We're in the middle of fall and if you haven't noticed the temperatures outside are much cooler than the norm. Caroline, Rose's mom had the pool room built for that purpose. Plus the pool is heated and salt water, so it will be grate on the skin. Besides it won't be that huge of a party, only 50 or 60 some kids are coming. Remember there's going to be a Halloween Bash/Rave later this month. As for why so early, it is a pool party and we want to use up as much of the natural light as possible, also if memory serves correct we have our weekend PJ party too. Trust me when I say the last thing you want is to be doing cleaning shores when there are better things to do. The party ends at 6 so we have plenty of time.'

50 or 60 is small? Leah wonders bemused.

Alice finishes tying a loose knot on her small white sarong to the left side of her hips. Giving herself a final check in the mirror she takes note at how the dark-blue sexy bikini she bought while shopping for Leah's suit looked really good against her skin tone and the sarong really complimented the choice color.

'Also remember your brothers and a lot of our parents, yours and The Cullens included, are coming too. No adult supervision, no party is the rule when Mr. and Mrs. Hale are out of town. Therefore this way we get to party; our parents minds are at ease…' She smiles.

'Ok… Well how do I look? Am I now up to par?' Leah steps from behind turning fully so Alice may inspect the suit.

Inspecting Leah from head to toe. Hot, sexy and conservative swimsuit; check! Layered haircut, Rosalie's idea; check! Kick-ass after party, boys included; check, check!... Alice goes over her mental list.

'And the after party can happen even sooner.' She mumbles.

'What…? What was that Al? I look like a loser?' Leah gave Alice an upset look.

'NO! I said definitely a looker.'Alice covered and smiled proudly. 'This suit was the perfect choice for your body's figure and the color makes a great contrast against to your skin tone. Then the hair cut Rose suggested I gave you… Yes, Ms. Clearwater some fine choices if I do say so myself.' Alice hands Leah the light-green sarong she insisted on wearing while out of the pool area and not wet. 'By the way thanks for really trusting me. I told you I knew what I was doing. You have such thick sexy hair, that the long and straight was really killing the natural waves. Now the layers actually make them stand out more and the thickness really noticeable.'

Leah looks at herself on another wall mirror to the far left in the changing room.

'You really think so, Al?' Turning and looking at the back of the suit and what she can see of the back of her head. 'I mean I guess the swimsuit is giving me a good figure and the haircut I'm really digging, but I'm not the type to get all the hoots, bells and whistles when I walk by.'

Leah scrutinizes herself even further.

'Especially with this lovely ornament current stuck to my neck.' She says pointing to the band-aid that covers where the central line was removed. 'Anyway, with you, Bella, Rose and now a very eye-catching Angie around I highly doubt anyone other than you, my friends, will notice me.'

Leah began to wrap the sarong around her body like a towel covering as much as she could with the light flimsy fabric. Seeing that Leah is going for the even more covered look. Oh, no you don't! Alice stops her hands motions and grabs the fabric commencing to twist and wrap it around in a different manner.

Leah does not miss the look of dismay on her friend's face. She was about to say something but Alice stops her.

'Leah, will you stop that. You are a beautiful girl, any guy should be fortunate enough to be with you…'


Both girls look at the door.

'You can come in we're decent.' Alice calls taking the ends of the fabric and tying them to the back of Leah's neck making a sexy summer halter dress out of the light cloth material.

The door opens slowly to reveal Harry and Sue.

'Hey, mom, dad! What brings you up here? Will be down in just a minute.'

Alice steps out from behind Leah and instantly Harry feels a little discomfort by the small pieces or rather tiny pieces of clothe covering Alice's modesty. How can any father let their baby girl out in such attire? He wonders and addresses Leah.

'Sorry, sweetie. I told your mom the same thing, but she insisted. You know how she can be when she sets her mind to something.'

'Harry I am right here.' Sue says with her hands on her hips.

Alice takes note of how at her age and four children later Sue Clearwater has a gorgeous sexy womanly hourglass figure. No wonder Leah looks as good as she does. I sure hope that when I'm as old as Lee's mom I can still look this good and sexy. Not that I got any bad genes in my family's pool, but when the other moms see her… Let's just say on it's own jealousy is an ugly thing, but when you add in the mix stuck-up, snobby, rich wives of famous and powerful men the turnout is never good. Two words plastic surgery, directly followed by the single word, Botox. She thinks observing that Sue is not wearing a swimsuit, but strapless light-yellow top, white shorts and flip-flops she wears are making up for the lack of swimwear in keeping with a beachy summer look.

'Anyway, the reason we are here now is because I just couldn't wait any longer.'

Sue pulls from her purse a small velvet box taking Leah's hand leading her to sit at the nearby lounge sofa.

'Mom, what is that for?' Leah points to the box.

'You see honey you were supposed to receive this on your "Quinceañero". Remember when abuelo y abuela had us fly out to Panama in order to give you a proper and traditional fifteenth birthday celebration.' Leah nodded. 'Well the tradition is that the each daughter is to be presented with…'

'Oh, here we go again. Sue, please will you please be the rebel in your family and not follow that inane tradition.'

Sue gives her husband a dirty look.

'Shut it Harry, you didn't mind at all that I followed that "inane tradition", did you?' She rolls her eyes and gives Leah back her full attention.

'As I was saying honey… Oh, I'm anxious this is such an important occasion. I was so disillusioned when it did not happen at the time it was supposed to. Thankfully you've kept yourself deserving of this token.'

Alice looks on from the love-seat she is seating at opposite to the lounge chair.

Harry puts his hands in pockets, sighs and sits next to Alice giving her a small smile.

Alice returns the friendly gesture and notices how Sue's hands are somewhat shaking. Uh-oh! Hispanic woman with shaky hands can't be a good sign. Alice thinks. Please don't mess-up the plans we have for Leah this weekend, lady.

'The daughter is presented with this ring.' She opens the box to reveal a beautiful three stone ring. 'The reason you didn't get this at your party was because someone broke into la casa de tus abuelos and stole this along with several other pieces that have been in our family for generations. However, recently the police came upon the ring when they raided these pawn shops and returned it to them. They promptly called me let me know and that they had shipped it here at once. The ring arrived this morning.'

The ring was intricately designed. The white gold band has a triplet of Indian Diamond Vine with a single rose cut yellow diamond in the middle. The two others are also rose cut light blue aquamarine stones. Sue takes the ring out and places it on Leah's left hand ring finger creating a vine that curves perfectly around the finger.

'In our Mayan history, this ring represents purity of both soul and body. The blue stones are for the soul and the yellow is for the body. One yellow for the body; a one time gift of life of body, when to souls become one.' No one is paying attention to Alice for Sue is quite the enchanting storyteller. But with every word that is coming from Sue she is more and more infuriated.

NO! SHUT UP LADY! Shut it or you'll single handily ruin everything we have plan for Leah this weekend. Alice yells mentally.

'The blues are for the soul, and how we give half of it to the one we love that is why the yellow is in center. The story behind the ring goes that you wear it on your left ring finger until the time comes when you are ready to give your one time gift to the man that will hold and treasured it for the rest of his life.'

NO! NO! NO, Leah take-it off! Do not accept it, PLEASE! Alice was mentally ordering, however her façade was as cool as a cucumber.

'In return the recipient… he will be loving, caring, dedicated, loyal, committed and faithful to you and you alone, as well as the love he has for you. The ring symbolizes that gift. The gift of true love, one you give the man you marry or is the one truly love. You present him with the ring on a chain symbolizing the receiving of the gift of your body. That is why on the inside of the band there is a small loop for the chain. It is your virginity that you'd….'

'That's enough Sue; you will not encourage my baby into having sex….'

Leah is so enthralled, almost hypnotized by the rings beauty and the significance of it that she was hardly paying to the discussion about her sex life or lack thereof that her parents were having at the moment. However, Sue's loud manner startled her out of the trance she was in.

'Oh, for the second time shut it Harry. You didn't mind when I gave YOU my ring.'

'WHAT!' Both Leah and Alice say at the same time shocked by Sue's words.

'Yes, my child. Your father received my ring when we got married; it was on our wedding night. And before you ask, yes your father was my first and has been the only man I've ever been sexually intimate with. And yes I was fully aware of his philandering ways with the other women before me, which both elated me and made me nervous.' Sue said proudly.

'Ok, that really is enough Sue. You gave her the damn ring, now let's go.' Harry says embarrassed and exasperated by the situation. He has always wanted to keep his little girl a little girl forever and now here was his wife sharing innermost secrets of their or more like her first sexual encounter.

'Wow, mom! You were a virgin on your wedding night?' Leah's eyes widen.

'That I was, darling.' Sue smiles wide with pride. 'And I have no regrets for waiting for your father to be the one I shared my body with.'

'That's it we're leaving, now.' Harry grabs Sue's hand and pulls her to him heading for the door.

Harry and Sue's disagreement over the details was heard from the other side, but the farther they got the more muffled it sounded.

Alice is very disappointed; they had prospects of getting Leah some action this weekend. Ok, so maybe not all the way into bed action, because they were definitely not going to get her laid. That is something all too personal to be rushed by anything or anyone. However, the plan was to at least get her to come out of her shell more. The boys are staying. All was planned was out; they'd all sit talk sex by the fire pit in the backyard, get her comfortable with the subject, who knows maybe even give her a live action fellatio session, watch some NC-17 and soft-core movies... Although, now it will be all up in the air thanks to Sue's special virginity and purity insurance policy gift.

'Al? Alice? Are you even listening?'

'I'm sorry, Lee. What were you saying?' Alice asks coming out of her thoughts.

'Come here, look at the ring. Isn't it stunning?' Leah waves at Alice to join her on the sofa.

Alice moves towards the sofa and sits across from Leah grasping her hand in her tuning it to gain a better look at the virginity ring.

'It is absolutely beautiful Leah. I guess this means that you'll wear your symbolic crown with less shame and more dignity now.' Alice gave her a small smirk.

Leah's excitement dropped a little as she was reminded of the worst moment of chagrin she had ever felt in her life. Instantly she proceeded to remove the now offending jewel.

'No, Leah wait! I didn't mean anything bad by it. What I meant is that if there is something we've all realized about you is that you really never want to sell yourself short on anything. You have to always be the different one of the bunch, the one to keep her legs closed no matter what. What was it that your mom called it once walking with a quarter between your knees, if that coin goes ding then it means that something happened to make it fall.'

Now Leah feels even more inferior.

'Alice, how is being the last virgin in the school a good thing and then being crown queen of virginity on top? I should go out see if there is a guy out there that won't mind screwing an ugly nerd girl and get my cherry popped already.' Leah looks down in disgrace.

Homerun Alice! Make her feel worse over purity. Alice belittled herself. 'No, Leah listen… I'm just… I…' Alice was at a loss for the right words to tell Leah.

So she did the only thing that she could do.

'I'll be right back, Lee.'

Alice steps out of the room and goes down the hallway. Pulling her cell of the pocket of her daisy dukes, she presses lucky number #7 and then the "talk" button.

'Come on pick-up. You had your phone with you earlier.' She mutters.

'Hey, Al! What is it?' He answers.

'Listen I put my foot in my mouth again with Lee. Could you come here and talk to her, you somehow always seem to know the right words to say.'

'Uh-oh! What happened?'

Alice explained in great detail everything that transpired in the last 20minutes from the way the swimsuit made Leah a standout, to Leah's parents, to the virginity ring and lastly the words she spoke to Leah and how now she is against remaining virtuest.

'Wow! Homerun there Al.' She heard the sounds of a door knob being turned.

'Don't remind me Jazz. Please just come here she'll listen to you. You're the only one who can make since out of this bad embarrassingly awkward situation.'

'I'm here, Al.' Jasper said to Alice's back making her jump with fright and surprise.

Turning to face him she sighs in relief and puts her phone on a nearby table.

'Thanks for coming. I can't believe I did it again. I put my foot so far down my throat… I think I reached the knee at some point.' Alice throws her hands in air in frustration.

'Don't fret over it. It happens, Alice.' He looks down at Alice and smirks. 'To some more than others.' Alice looks even more mortified. 'I'll go talk to Lee, get everything straightened out. Now just so I know what the situation is… Basically you insulted a tradition from her family's heritage and now she feels that staying true to herself and her body is a mistake?'

'In synthesis…Yes, I'm really sorry, Jas. I guess this is why our parents always told us to "wait, there is no hurry to start having sex so young", now all I do is put my foot in my mouth by making perfectly happy sex free people question themselves and their decisions.' Alice looks gloomy.

'Like I said Al, don't beat yourself up about it, just next time remember think before you speak. I'll handle Leah. From the sounds of it all she needs is just reassurance that staying pure is an ok thing to do…'

Alice was looking at Jasper as he spoke and the look in his eyes said everything she had suspected all along.

'One day she will present a guy with her ring and he better make damn sure to be mindful and careful about the gift he is going to receive and take for himself.' Jasper looking out the near by window.

Alice heard loud and clear the bitter notes of jealousy and envy in his voice. Ha, I knew it you have it bad for our resident virgin. You're the one who now wants that ring for yourself. You're the one who wants to teach the finer point of intimacy and loves expression with the body and not words. In other words my friend you're the one who wants to pop her cherry and make her the woman she is. My friend you're going to have a heart-attack when you see her in that tankini. Oh, wait, she is wearing that stupid sarong at the moment, but we'll get it off her body soon enough. She thought, but kept her face even and voided of any hints that she caught the emotions laced in Jasper voice.

'Well, she's in the changing room the one across the "special" room.' Alice informs him

'"Special" room?' Jasper is confused for a moment. 'Which one is… Oh! The "special" room, now I remember… the one across from that one, ok. I'll see you later, Ms. Brandon.'

Walking to the changing room where Leah was, Jasper stops at the door to observe the door of the room across. The only door in the pool side of the excessively large mansion to be red. Jasper smiles as the memories of all sorts of moments that happened in that room. In fact in that very room is where Bella was single handedly deflowered by Eddie a year and half ago. And in that room is where our most memorable sexcapades have taken place. Threesomes, oral and hand services, the occasional bondage session, birthday fantasies… Yes, that room is bursting with some of the best memories my brothers and I have had. Some of my favorites with Al happened in those very confines. Jasper recalls amused.


A low *thud*and *ring* sound is heard from the other side of the door, then heavy almost stumping footsteps.

Jasper is brought back to reality when he heard these sounds.

'Leah must've thrown her ring against the wall.'He muttered to himself.

*knock, knock*

'You can come in; it's not locked.' Leah calls quietly from inside.

Jasper had to stick his ear to the door in order to listen better; Leah's voice was too quiet for him to hear. He opens the door slowly and peeks inside.

'Hi, Lee!'

'Hey, Jazz!'

Jasper finds Leah seating on a sofa lounge with her head down in shame. He walks over and sits across from her.

'Can I see the ring?'

Leah had collected the ring before Jasper came in. She lifts her left hand to him so he may see the now offending piece of jewelry.

'Wow! This is beautiful. Triplet vine design, three stones, white gold. This is an object of beauty.'

'Pshaw!' Other than that Leah still makes no gesture at eye contact with Jasper.

'Genesis, ¿qué te pasa?'

'Didn't Alice tell you already?' Leah sniffs her head still downcast.

'Yes, she did. She told me that she swallowed her entire leg reaching the thigh. Y deseaba que la tierra se abriera y se la tragara.'

Leah chuckled some at Jasper's comment.

'Jazz, ¿soy un error por aún ser virgen?... Everyone around me makes such a big deal about sex that I… I… I just don't know. Maybe getting that out of the way is so important to...'

'NO! Genesis…' He all, but screams.

Leah is startled by his commanding tone. She looks at him in the eye.

'Sorry! I didn't mean yell at you. Lee, staying true to yourself is the best thing any person can do.'

'But my brothers, all of them, and yes that's including little Seth Clearwater in the generalization. They've all done it; all my friends are doing it… Heck! More than half of the school is doing it too. I'm well deserving of the title given to me on that stupid annual pole.'

Jasper is growing more frustrated and angry by Leah's words.

Why can't she understand how important her virginity is to me? Jasper mentally snaps.

'Listen to me and listen well, Lee.' Leah jolts, inhales and does not miss on the authoritativeness in his voice. Somehow she felt different by it; it was turning her on if that were possible.

Some strands of hair had moved to the front of her face from her sudden jerky movements.

Jaspers left hand comes into her line of vision, as he moves the strands away from the eyes that always captivate him more and more each time he sees them. His hand moves down her face and comes to rest on her cheek. Leah couldn't help, but lean into his gentle touch.

Consumed by whatever it was that was happening between them Jasper speaks using soothing, almost smooth, seductive tone.

'The fact that your body is clean, unblemished, untouched, pure, devoid of anything that can taint, pollute, ruin or defile it is the most any guy in their right mind can ask or wish for in life. Do you know how much of a trueraregem you are? Especially in a school like ours, where for some reason a bunch of compulsive, horny, indiscriminate, randy, oversexed, desperate teens have made the carnal act of copulation and human mating a way of life. Forget what everyone else thinks or says. Forget that your brothers crossed that threshold. None of that matter when it means to loose yourself in wanting to be like everyone else.'

Leah had absolutely no clue as to what Jasper was saying she was so lost and spellbound by his touch and the tone he was using, that all she could do was nod.

'Te puedo hacer una pregunta.'

'Sure Lee. You know you can ask me anything. Shoot.'

'¿Lo lamentas? ¿Lamentas haberlo hecho tan temprano?'

'Do I ever regret starting sex when I did?' Jasper rubs his chin with the back of his hand in a thoughtful manner.

Leah nods once more.

'I'm being honesty and sincere with what I'm going to say here, Lee.' Jasper sighs and takes a deep breath before continuing. 'I started early and was left with nothing more than worthlessness and sorrow. However, when I met Alice and we started going out… it made me wished I had waited for her to come into my life. With her it was not sex, it was love-making. Each time we connected physically it was the most beautiful music our bodies made. The sad part was it did not last.'

'Why did you two break-up?'

'One day after making love we laid there talking just about anything that came to mind under the sun. We began to get dressed and head home. On the way to her house she turned to me and told me that everything we had been doing the entire time was beautifully perfect. But for some reason it no longer felt that way.'

Leah saw what looked like a tear form at the corner of his beautiful blue-grey eyes.

'The strange part about the whole thing was that I agreed with every word she said. Honestly it felt precise, veracious. For some inexplicable reason they rang as true to me, as well. We agreed that day that it was best to stay friends. And that was the end of our relationship when I dropped her home we parted ways no longer lovers in love, but the best of companions. I'll be truthful when I say sometimes I do wish she would leave Garret and come back to me, but I know that what they have is just as special as what I had shared once with her.'

Jasper sighs, looks back to Lead and then grins again.

'What?' Leah is confused.

'Anyways, I pity the guy who receives and gets to take your gift. Have you seen the size of your brothers? Man! Paul and Jake are the size of gorillas that walk-up right… And Seth is what 14-15 and he's as big as me and getting bigger. Scary what those three will do to the man who touches their sister before she's married, you add your dad and his shut-gun to the list.' Jasper physically shook with fear.

Leah giggled.

'Yes, I've seen my brothers and father. Remember I live with them when I'm not in school.' Leah chuckles some more, but is still in a state of awe.

Jasper takes his other hand and places it on Leah's other cheek holding her face in place. Leah is now trapped in Jasper's gaze.

Jasper starts to lean in, slowly closing the gap between them. He says in a soft low voice.

'Well, Genesis I hope you do understand what an uncommonly exquisite jewel you are, because one day I wish to be the one, no make the man to….'


There the spell was broken. Jasper instantly pulled his hand from Leah's cheek and she looked as if she awoke from a hypnotized state.

Looking back at Jasper she blushed.


'Is everything ok, in there?' Came the voice from behind the door.

'Yes, Angela we're fine. You can come in if you want.' Jasper said in a clear voice standing and giving his hand to Leah.

She gladly took it and stood.

For the first time since entering the room did Jasper takes notice of Leah's attire. The sarong was tightly wrapped around her petite body in the halter style it had been tied in. Her hair was down and the layers really accentuated the natural waves it has and made her delicate features even more exquisite. Leah could pass for a sea siren in his eyes.

The door opens and Angela walks in wearing a pale pink two piece bikini that is more modest than anything Jasper's ever seen before on any of the teenage females his known.

Boy, Angie is looking good enough to eat. I wonder if Demetri will bring her into our private sex-fold? I wouldn't mind driving the merchandise (neither would the others) or getting a chance to eat that taut pussy doesn't sound bad either. Of course not as good as Leah and her tight as a champagne cork untouched body. Every inch of Leah is just screaming to taken over by a man who knows what the fuck he's doing, how to fucking do it, how to hit her body from every angle and position imagine. Not to mention have her scream my name over and over and over again until she can't walk right the next day. Jasper lazily thinks.

Woah! Wait a minute careful there Cullen there are two women present in this room. One lady dates your cousin and one of your best friends. And most important of all the, otherlady is too perfect and precious to be defiled and soiled by the likes of you. He berates himself.

'Hey guys! Al told me what happened. Lee, are you ok? You know there is nothing wrong with being pure. Sex is something not to be taken lightly; it is serious business when you finally decide to act on it. Remember once you give it up, it's gone for good. Sure the act is pleasurable and gives you a natural high in the end, but if you just did it for the sake of getting it done. Regret and emptiness will be all you'll be left with.'

'Amen, to that.' Jasper smiles a cheeky one. 'Truer words have never been spoken.'

'Yeah, I guess you're both right.' Leah gives them a small smile.

'You guess? Girl, you know we are right. These are two experts in the field talking and neither of us would ever steer you the wrong way. Am I correct Mr. Cullen?' Angela hugs her friend.

'That you are, Ms. Weber.' Jasper drawls with his southern accent.

'Come to think of it, maybe not on the sex Angie. I do have more experience in that area and have been perfecting it for longer than you have.' Jasper grins.

Angela smacks his arm with a wide smile.

They all share a laugh and start heading towards the door.

'Wait a sec Lee, here.' Angela hands her a tube of dark red lip-gloss. 'Go put some on before we leave.'

'Angie, it's a pool party.'

'I know, but Rose has insisted on all of us wearing the same shade gloss. She says it makes our lips poutier and sexily alluring to all the boys that are coming.'

'Argh!' Leah throws her hands in the air.

'I know my sentiments exactly. This is utterly dumb, but if I have to do it so will you, my dear friend.'

Leah grabs the tube and goes back to the mirror. She leans towards it to get a more in depth look at what she's doing.

Unbeknownst to both girls Jasper's horny side likes to rear-up his ugly face and go randy over body parts from time to time. This side of him is currently checking out the roundness and flawless shape of Leah's derrière. Hmm! Angie's rear is smack worthy too. Jasper is having real hard time resisting the relentless urge to go over there and either smack them, pinch them, grab and squeeze them hard… Leah, I want nothing more than to take you over my knee and spank soft flesh of those firm buttocks.

What can we say people… In the end, boys will be boys.

'Ok, that's done. Rosalie will be happy now that we're all wearing the same shade.' Leah comments rolling her eyes.

'What do you think Jazz? Am I hot and alluring now?' Leah puckers her lips at him.

Jasper never got to answer, though.

'Let's go, the party will be starting soon.' Angela said grabbing Leah's hand.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''


For the most part the party was the best one Leah and Angela had attended in their entire lives. Come to think of it, this party was the first party they had ever been invited to and actually been expected to show.

The only bad part to the social gathering was when James and his crew of nitwits showed-up unannounced and uninvited. Worst of all, they all looked as if their celebration started in advance… Much, much earlier to all everyone's dismay.

Most horrible yet, was for Leah. Once James saw in her swimsuit he would not stop harassing her and following her around the party asking her for dances, private dips in the grotto's hubtub, having his buddies give her sexually perverted innuendo filled messages when her brothers or parents weren't around to hear…

That was until he made the ultimate mistake. Sad for James two out of three of Leah's brothers saw what he did.

Leah was having some small talk with Bella and Rose while waiting for Jake to return with her plate of food. James saw her with the girls and made a beeline to grab Leah's behind.

'Hey, sexy hot stuff! You wearing that sexy numba fo me to day.' James slurred.

Leah and the others rolled their eyes. She turns to face James with determination and shoves him away from her. Sadly, the guy is a solid brick wall and did not budge.

Leah is so annoyed and riled at this point, that she takes two deep breaths before telling him.

'James why don't you and your friends do us all two big, no HUGE favors? #1. Get a life. And #2. LEAVE, no one invited any of you.'

Several eyes turn to see what had riled-up Leah to the point of almost yelling.

James smiles like a cheshire cat and pulls Leah against his body.

'Why Leah, I had no idea you had a thing for me.' His smile widens, his hands travel from her back to her rear and squeezed very hard.

Leah pushed herself away from James's grimy grungy grubby grasp.

'Hey! Why you ass-' Leah never got to finish her insult for James was unexpectedly pulled away from her body.

Unfortunate for James Leah's brother Paul was witnessing the whole exchange and saw the unwelcomed gesture of this drunken dumbass. James had the audacity to touch his baby sisters body in an unsolicited manner. Paul tapped Jacob's shoulder and signaled to what was being done to the only female offspring in the Clearwater clan.

Jacob nods in acceptance to the untold action suggested by his twin. They walked together to where their baby sister was being harassed by the bastard and teach the bully a much needed lesson on how to properly address a lady; especially when that lady's last name is Clearwater.

'Hey, that young woman there you respect her and never lay a finger on her again.' Paul said pointing to Leah.

'Oh, really! And why is that? Just look at her she is nothing, but a two bit virgin wannabe slu- URGH!'

James never got to finish his statement for Jakes fist connected with his gut, leaving him on the ground withering in pain.

He may not know much about human anatomy, but he knew where to pinch a nerve in order to cause immense pain. Thanks to his good friend Collin who is studying to be a paramedic. Paul squats in front of a withering James.

'Now, apologize to my sister.' He commands James.

'No.' Grunges James.

Paul places his hand strategically on an area between James's neck and shoulder. Using his middle finger, forefinger and thumb, he pinches a specific section.

'AUGH!' James's screams of pain certainly put a stop to the festivities.

Releasing his fingers, Paul says. 'I'm sorry, what that you said? I didn't quite hear you and of course if I'm just a few inches away and could not hear; I'm very sure my baby sister, Lee could not either.'

'I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I promise to never touch you again. Just make it stop, make it stop. PLEASE! Stop it.' James yells.

Paul looks back at Leah.

'Did hear him this time sis?'

She nods.

'Do you accept his apology?'

She nods again.

'Well, my baby sis has decided to accept your sorry ass excuse of an apology. Now, I myself wouldn't have. What do you think we should do Jake? Teach him another lesson, ensure that he learned this and it stuck or let him be… for now at least.' Paul gives James a skeptical look.

'Boys that is enough for today. I am sure this young man will from now on respect and approach women with dignity and civility.' Harry says to his sons.

Everyone had stopped what they were doing, even the music was paused. A small crowd of onlookers was intently watching the scene before them.

By now all four of the Cullen boys were ahead of the crowd ready to tag-team Jake and Paul if it were needed.

'But dad! Did you see what he did to Lee?' Jacob asks astonished.

'I sure did son, but you beat me to the punch. Literally beat me to the punch. Now I'm sure that his companions will escort him out and take a leave themselves before I personally can the police.' Harry placed his hand on his Jake's shoulder and signaled his sons to stop.

'You've been touched by the angel that our father, bastard. If you ever so much as remove a stray strand of hair from my sister's body. Well, what happened here today will look like a walk in the park compared to what we will do to you.' Jake says with a stern serious tone.

'And that my friend is not a threat is a promise.' Paul seconds standing.

Tyler and Pete rush through the crowd to aide their cohort, helping him stand on wobbly legs.

James and his henchmen make their way to the front of the house escorted by some very angry looking Cullen brothers.

As they're about to get in Pete's SUV, Emmett calls out.

'Consider yourselves blessed and lucky for Leah's dad, Mr. Clearwater. My brothers and I were more than ready to assist in your beat down, James.'

Holding his stomach and shoulder James looks frightened at the four males at the front door. All unwelcomed partygoers pile into the vehicle and leave with their tails between their legs.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''


At the moment Leah was holding onto the ledge of the pool at the center where the water was not too deep for her short legs to reach the bottom, even on the tips of her toes, or to shallow either. Her mind kept wondering aimlessly over the time that has passed since school started. This distressed her to no end, because all her thoughts always end the same…

'Hey, Lee!' He said as he swam up to her and stood next to her. Because of his height, he had no trouble standing perfectly on flat feet. He leans against the pool's wall.

'I want to apologize for earlier. We should have kicked James and his band of merry jerks out as soon as they arrived.' His voice full of sincerity and concern for his newest and certainly one of the warmest, kindest friends his ever had.

'It's not your fault, for one. Second, no one could've predicted the inebriated state he came in. And third him and his friends are just being themselves in the end.' She smiled and he chuckled.

'You're good, you know that.' It was a statement, rather than a question.

'I do have my moments.' She grins.

'Anyways… Why are you here all by yourself? If you haven't noticed there is party going on… Well it's dying down now, but...' He gives Leah a crooked mischievous smile and continues. 'Also if your interested we're going to play a rousing game of either pool basketball or volleyball, want to join my team?'

He always has such an adorable, tender, warm smile to him. Leah thinks. Rosalie is one lucky girl, I hope she knows that.

'Yes, Emmet I have noticed the party that is slowly dying down... By the way where exactly in the pool will the games take place?'

Emmett detects a bit of hesitancy in her voice. He points towards an area farther into the pool, but not the deep end. However, Leah is fearful still of anywhere where her toes can't quiet reach.

'Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass.'

'You sure? It'll be a fun game. We're playing it guys versus girls.' Emmett smirks.

'Yes, I'm certain, Em. Thanks, though. Perhaps on another time.' She smiles.

When I'm not scared shitless of the deep end of any body of water. Leah thought to herself.


Emmett swam away from Leah to find others that wanted to play.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

On the girls team was Angela, Bella, Rosalie and Alice. The boys' team was made up by Seth, Edward, Emmett and Garret.

'Woo! Go girls team! Wipe the pool with those boys' sorry butts!' Leah clapped and cheered from where she sat on the pools edge with her legs dangling in the water.

Leah was so entertained by the game that she didn't notice the person that swam towards her. He placed his arms on the ledge and gazed at her for a moment. The tankini she wore was perfect, never in his life had he ever imagine that a one piece, or in this case a two piece that provides full coverage could ever look this sensual. Conservative is definitely an extremely sexy thing.

Because she was still very damp from being in the water earlier the suit was clinging to her shapely form like second skin. That went without mentioning how her nipples were erect from the cool one feels after getting out of the water. Even the goosebumps looked utterly appealing on Leah.

'Hey, Genesis!'

Leah jumped and looked down to her right where the figure was lazily staring up at her.

'Hey, Jazz!'

Jasper got out of the water and sat beside her.

'Why aren't you playing? You are rather competitive that way.'

'I was going to ask you the same thing.' He smirks. 'However, this time I just didn't feel like playing. Besides I have an image to protect last time the girls whipped our asses to next week. Unlike mine and your brother, my ego is fragile.'



'Well, what?'

'Why didn't you join?'

'Oh that. Umm! Well… Umm! It's kind of… kind of…'

'Kind of, what exactly?' Now Jasper is intrigued.

'Ok, it's embarrassing. Please, don't make me say it.'

'Oh, really. Well now I must know.'

'It's a long boring story.'

'I'll take the cliffnotes version, thank you.'

'Oh, what the hell.' Leah sighs. 'Might as well tell you and get it over with.'

'My sentiments, exactly.'


'I know. Now you were saying.'

'I almost drowned when I was little.'

'But you've been swimming all day, so I know it's not hydrophobia.'

'It's not. I'm afraid of the deep end and have been ever since.'

'So… Wait a minute, what's the full story? I have to know now.'

'Gee!... Ok, when I was about 5 maybe 6 we went to a pool party at the condo of a friend of the family. The complex had two pools, the smaller shallower one for the little ones and well the other for adults. I was the only kid at the party to little for the big pool, so I was mostly by myself playing and it was pretty boring. All the other kids were playing in the big pool and they seemed to be having so much fun that I thought it must be just like the small pool, but just bigger. Now this part I just don't remember at all. It could've been that I took the steps one at a time and someone accidentally pushed me or I might've gone in on my own or jumped in... But out nowhere I'm at the bottom of the pool. Turns out they don't call them adult pools for nothing.'

Leah chuckled.

'Mom says that she lost all ability to speak when she saw what was happening to me and dad was not three feet away having conversation with someone and his back towards the water and what was happening. When she got her voice back mom says she started yelling at dad what happening, but in Spanish. Of course my father knows the language and well you can imagine what it must've looked like to him. To all of this I'm drowning and everyone is looking at my mother like she's grown seven heads. From what I've been told, Paul calls to dad saying that I'm in the bottom of the pool. That finally made him comprehend what mom was yelling about.'

'I can imagine the dumbfounded look your dad must've had and everyone else for that matter that was there. Here's your mom a full proof Latina and she's yelling at your dad over something in her native tongue and no one other than your brothers, who were too busy being boys, rough-housing and playing at the moment, to understand what the screams were for.' Jasper has an amused smile.

'You got it. To all of this I'm underwater therefore unaware of what was going on above water, this is second hand information I've been given. To finish the tale, I look up and see the obscure hazy figure of my father jump in the water and get me out. The funny part to this story, besides moms rants in Spanish, dad jumped in wearing his dress shirt, pants, socks, shoes, wallet; he looked like a drown rat when we got out.'

'Well, Lee give the guy a break and a LOT of credit. If had been my kid I don't care if I'm in a black $40,000 dollar Armani tux with solid gold piping, I'm saving my kid's life one way or another.'

'I know that, dummy.' She pushed his shoulder. 'But just picture what you'd look like when you got out and you'll see why I find it funny.'

Jasper thought about some more and had to smile at the picture in his head.

'In conclusion, you didn't join the game, because to this day you're scared of the deep end of the pool.' Jasper smirks more.

'Yes, Sherlock.'

The sarcasm was not amiss on Jasper, because his smirk grew even more.

'Anyway, I never really got over what happened in the deeper end of the pool, which is why I generally stay towards the center or the shallow end or do not let go of the ledge.'

Jaspers giggles some, but tries as best he can to keep a straight face.

'Don't laugh at me. It is a genuine thing.' Leah bumps him on the shoulder.

Jasper chuckles more.

'Ok, so it's silly, but I don't know… Guess I should get over it, huh? It's not like I can't swim, it's just…'

'That's ok, Genesis. Everyone is entitled to have one thing that makes them uncomfortable.'

'YEAH! WOO-HOO! WE WIN!... AGAIN!' The girls' team sings, high-fivig one another and shouting in celebration after yet another humiliating loss for the boys' team.

'What was that Emmett? 30 to 11 this time around? Tsk, tsk.' Rosalie says wrapping her arms around his neck.

Emmett mumbles something incoherent and swims them both away to the pools grotto where the hub-tub is under the huge and loud waterfall.

'See what I mean. That could've been me right now.' Jasper smiles and takes her left hand inspecting it closely, something was absent.

Not too soon after Rosalie and Emmett disappear under the waterfall Demetri swims Angela to the very same location as well.

I guess Demetri is bringing Angela into the fold, good we were in need of fresh meat. Jasper half smirks to himself. He looks down at the proximity between his and Leah's hand and is surprise by what he sees or does not see there.

'Genesis, where's your ring? Did you loose it?'

'No, I took it off earlier after I showed it to the others and before I got into the water. Don't want to loose it, especially after all the trouble my family went through to get back.'

* SLUSH* Leah follows where the sound came from.

'Come, join me in the water. Get in.'

Jasper gently grasps her and pulls her towards him.

'Nah, I'm good for now maybe later.'

Leah's parents walk over to where she is.

'Lee, sweetie we're heading home have fun on your girls only weekend.' Sue bends to give her daughter a hug and kiss her cheek, as does Harry.

'You're leaving, but the party is not over yet.' Leah complains. 'You've barely spend any time with The Cullens, The Swans, The Brandons… too bad Rosalie's parents aren't here and you-'

'Honey, we spend enough time with your friends family's for one day. It was enjoyable. They are all very nice, polite people. Well, most of them at least.' Leah noted the apprehension in her mom's voice.

'Mrs. Swan was a too snobbish stuck-up with a stick firmly wedged up her-'

'Don't you dare finish that statement young lady.' Sue gives her daughter a severely unyielding look. 'Your father and I have taught you better.' Sue's strictness made Leah flinch and bow her head in reproach.

'Forgive me mom,' Looking back at Sue. 'I forget myself sometimes. Anyway, I take that Mrs. Swan was…' Leah racked her brain for an appropriate description of the stuck-up bitch for a mom that Bella had, '…a "special" person to meet and interact with.'

'Much better. And yes the exchange with her was "special". Not one that I want to repeat anytime soon, but….'

'I know the feeling from when I first met the woman. The funny thing is, neither Bella nor Mr. Swan are like that. What can you do? I guess…'

'Certainly. By the way Jasper your mother is looking exquisitely flawless in her pregnancy; I hope everything continues to go well for your parents with the babies. I remember my pregnancies… Wish I looked as superb as your mom does.'

'But Mrs. Clearwater… Hasn't anyone told you how flawlessly exquisite you are as well?' Sue blushes.

'Oh, please! Stop it.' She raises her hand and looks away.

'No, sincerely... Please take no offense by this, but I have a hard time believing that you are as old as you are and a mother of four.'

Sue flushes an even deeper shade of rouge.

'Oh my! Young man, Mr. Cullen you are quite the charmer and ladies man, aren't you?'

'I do try best, ma'am.' He drawls in his southern style.

'A southern gentleman, too? I think my daughter is in trouble. You're lucky I'm married and not daughters age or else I would've jumped your bones. Is that how you young kids say it these days?' Sue smirks.

'Mother!' Leah is mortified and covers her face.

Jasper; on the other hand wiggles his eyebrows and gives Sue a cheeky grin.

'Alright, enough before my baby says she's going to die of embarrassment. Have fun in what is left of this party. By the way, us adults took care of most of the clean-up so you girls won't have to do that much later. I love you, Lee. Enjoy your time with your friends. Drive home safe boys, I know how tempting the gas pedal is, but which do you value more a speedometer or your life?'

Sue gives Leah a tight hug.

'Bye mom I love you, too. Thanks for the ring I love it. Adiós papi, te quiero mucho. Adiós, Paul, Seth y Jacob. Take care bros. Drive home safe everyone.'

Harry hated when his kids used Spanish it made him feel out of the loop. However, after the many years together with his beloved Sue, Harry has learned a few things. He gave his baby girl a big smile and hug.

'Ta que-ró tanben, Leah.' Leah simply smiled at her dad best efforts to speak her mom's language.

Leah's family bid everyone a heartfelt friendly farewell.

'Tu familia es tremenda. De verdad me gustó mucho compartir con ellos. Especialmente con tus hermanos, son muy graciosos, placenteros, carismáticos y caritativos.'

'Thanks, I like my family, too. And yes, my brothers are definitely generous, fun loving, funny guys.'

Leah and Jasper continue with their friendly banter and humor filled conversation. Several eyes were on them, all owners having the same thought. Why can't they see what everyone else sees? Fire, passion, friendship, lust, adoration, desire, admiration, infatuation, love.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Little by little more and more partygoers gave their farewells and gratitude for the perfect end of summer start of fall party.

All the parents have parted by now, Carlisle and Esme were the last to leave.

'Well, it's time we say "good-bye" too, all the other guests are gone and we need to head home you're mom is really out of it. We will return tomorrow sometime little before lunch. I was thinking some bar-b-queue. Steaks, dogs, burgers sound good?'

'Don't say that too loud or else you'll have the men in my family back here faster than you can say please.' Leah gave a lopsided smirk.

Carlisle stayed thoughtful for a moment. 'Anyway, have fun and enjoy yourself.' He smiles at Leah. 'And you' He turns his attention to Jasper. 'tell your brothers, cousin and the girls to behave themselves around Leah and get some sleep.' Although he had a stern look, Carlisle's eyes betrayed him every time and the smile that fought to break through, broke.

Carlisle stood and rejoined his wife; together they went to say their good-byes to the others and officially took their leave.

Jasper notices that Leah is distracted by what his parents are doing so he grasps both of her hands once more. Notwithstanding the temptation any longer, this time he pulls harder, forcing Leah's body to fall in.

Leah ascends from the water; wiping off the salty liquid off her face and pushing her hair back.

'Hey, Jas, what gives?' She was not very entertained by his actions. Leah was downright annoyed.

'Mil disculpas, Srta. Clearwater. I was just having some fun.' Jasper placed a hand over his heart in mock naiveté and gave her the innocent puppy eyes.

He knew she could never turn down the puppy eyes smoldering look. He had single handedly perfect such action, no female could ever resist it.

'Ok. I guess, I accept your FAKE remorse and apology. I reckon there are worse things you could've done.' She huffed.

Jasper swam around Leah and comes to stop right behind her.

He places his chin on her shoulder and wraps his arms around her waist pulling her close to his body. Leah tenses somewhat, but relaxes just as sudden. This was the was not the first time Jasper held her close, although this was the first time he embraced her with this much proximity while either one is wearing very little clothing.

Placing his chin on her shoulder, something that Leah had grown accustomed too for he had done it many times before. Though this time Jasper isn't very pleased with what bids his sense of smell. As he inhales her scent, he so used to either the flowery scent of her favorite body wash and spray or the fruit aroma in her hair or the alluring scent of her favorite perfume 360 by Perry Ellis. Right now all his nose receives is the salty chlorine from the pool's water not something he is enjoying as much.

'What are you up to?' Leah smiles.

'What makes you think that?'

'Jasper, since school started we've been lab and project partners, assignment cohorts, study buddies… now we're friends and have a very close friendship, too close at times. We've shared a lot of ourselves with each other; we've spent a lot of time together… Trust me when I say that I know enough about you, to know when you're up to something and when your actions are true.'

Jasper scoffs at Leah's notions of him.

Leah turns in his embrace wrapping her arms around his neck in a friendly gesture smirking. 'Again I ask, what are you up to?'

'Ok, you're right. I am up to something.'

Leah gives him a look that is almost of disapproval.

'Wait! Before you say anything else, it is a good thing.'

'Oh. Do tell then.'

Leah did not realize that he had been moving them both until she goes to stand on her own two feet only gasp at the fact that there was no floor where she was.

Quickly tightens her arms around, she even wrapped her legs around Jasper's waist Jasper's neck fear and uncertainty engulfing her being.

Leah did not realized what she was doing until Jasper spoke.

'Leah, easy I do need to breathe in order to get us across the pool.'

'Jazz…' Her voice teeming rattled with distress and anxiety. '…please take me back to the shallow end. Please.'

'Lee, this is for your own good. I know what happened when you were a kid was stressful and scary, but you must overcome your fear of deeper water. How can you go on with this fright telling where you can and can't go. What will you do the day that in order to save yourself you must jump into the deep?'

'I'll pray that it is not deep and there is a bottom.' Leah's tone was frantic as Jasper moved farther away from the ledge and deeper.

Leah wrapped her legs around Jasper's waist steadying herself tightly. The literally hard part of the position she was in at the moment, her lower half was pressing more and more against Jasper's driving him to the brick of insanity.

Whoa down boy! Easy there big fella'. Jasper told himself, but with all of Leah's squirming… Oh Lee, stop moving baby. Babe if you continue there will be a reaction that you've never felt before and I'm afraid you'll have to aid in handling down in order to get it back to normal.

All of her wiggling and shifting motions were two actions not helping him at all to the point where…

Suddenly Leah felt something that took her mind off completely of what area in the pool she is at.

'Jasper what is that?' She asked uneasily.

Jasper has yet to be bashful a day in his life and today would be no different.

'What is what, darling?'

'You know what I mean… What is THAT I'm feeling?' Leah is both confused and with an euphoric feeling at Jasper's hardened piece.

Jasper stops altogether.

'Leah Genesis Clearwater, I know that sexuality and relationships with the opposite sex are foreign to you. Nonetheless, you know very well what is THAT that you're feeling at this very moment. I like to think that our conversation on sex have been more instructive.'

Leah was turning seven shades of crimson all at one time. She looks down in shame and disappointment.

'I do believe that ALL of our sex related tête-à-tête on the scenes of currently favorite book should let you know by now what is the common male reaction to physical stimulants. Especially those initiated by female motions.' Jasper says.

An even deeper rouge now. However, Leah had yet to make a single gesture to remove herself from Jasper's stiffness. She couldn't understand if it was from the embarrassment or the stimulation it was causing on her nether regions too, but she was liking the feeling more than she cared to admit.

Jasper placed a hand under Leah's jaw and lifted her face. He could see as clear as day all the insecurity, uneasiness and shyness hidden behind Leah's chocolate orbs.

Both heard small bouts of jovial laughter and saw the fore mentioned couples swim out of the grotto area. Jasper almost busted into fists of laughter himself at Angela's sexually satisfied face of afterglow. He saw how it soon turned into self-consciousness when both Emmett and Rosalie lick their lips at her in a very sexual manner.

Oh yeah! She's officially been indicted into our coupling fold. Good-bye miss goodie-to-shoes not too unblemished angle. Hello, miss sex-corrupted! Hope to bang the shit out-of-that body soon. If I'm permitted to do so, that is.

Jasper was brought back from pervert land by Leah's question.

'Why does Angela have a look of awkward sheepishness? When a moment ago she looked thoroughly pleased and fulfilled?' Leah's face was scrunched-up in confusion.

Jasper could not contain himself any longer and bursts.

'Hey! Don't laugh at me. It's a legitimate question.' She gave him a dirty look.

Jasper stops, but continues to give her an amused smile.

Then he does something completely unexpected, shocking Leah in the process.

Out-of-the-blue, Jasper captures Leah's mouth in a kiss, though innocent and sweet like the owner's lips, was also intense and exhilarating for the receiver.

The gentle caress of the kiss lasted.

Better than that juvenile game of seven minutes in heaven. Jasper thought. 'Sorry, Lee.' Nonetheless, he went back for seconds. For some perplexing reason he couldn't get enough of the taste of Leah's lips.

She, on the other hand, was in a complete daze lost in Jasper's blissful heavenly actions.

They both knew that this second kiss was different from their first. It was deeper, almost lustful. Jasper hugged Leah closer, pushing her more against his body, making her more aware of his hardness.

Maybe, giving IT up to Jasper is not a bad thing. Leah thought at the sensations she felt on her lower body. These feelings were rousing too many inner emotions for her to grasp onto the consequences of her actions.

Jasper's hands trail her back up and down. He was careful to not bite the hand that is currently feeding him, by taking great pains (literally great pains) to not grab her derrière and give a firm tight squeeze.




'DON'T WORRY BOTH OF YOU! Air and breathing are two overrated human necessities!'

All these hoots, cheers and hollers from their friends made Leah and Jasper breathlessly separate. Both had very swollen lips and were breathing shaky heavy breaths. Looking first at their friends and then at each other.

You couldn't tell if it was from the pressure of Jasper's lips, the lack of oxygen, sheer passion, intensity, force and sensuality of the kiss, but Leah's face was as red as the puffed-up fleshy folds around her mouth.

Delectable strawberry caramel pouty folds. Jasper thinks of Leah's lips. I can't wait to taste that sweet mouth again.

Leah lightly touched her lips; she had never been kissed like that in her life. She felt dazed and awestruck at Jasper's lip experience.

That was until…

'Sorry, Lee! I'm really sorry.' Were the only words that Jasper could voice out looking down while taking slow breaths to steady his breathing pattern.

Leah was crushed upon hearing his apology. Oh, no! I did wrong. I'm a real bad kisser. He hated it. I should have stopped it when I had the chance. I should've known better… Jasper doesn't want me, Sam didn't want me, and James wanted to fuck me for the sake of getting his rocks off… No man will ever love me for me. I'm an ugly no good for nothing nerd.

Jasper loosened his arms from Leah's body providing some much needed space between them.

Leah looked down in disgrace. How can you be so stupid Clearwater? Oh, that's right guys don't like inexperienced girls. She berated herself.

Pushing herself away from Jasper's grasp, she swam away from him getting out of the water as quickly as possible.

The others thought it was a gesture of plain simple embarrassment.

Emmet walked over wrapping a towel around her petite frame and hugging her from behind. Gosh, this guy's arms are so beefy. No wonder… Rose likes big teddy bears. She thought feeling engulfed and drowned in his friendly embrace.

'Gee, Clearwater, I had no idea you were the type to get down to business early and straight away.' Emmett said in mischief.

Because her head was down Emmet and the others missed the disgrace that her face and especially her eyes were showing. He let go turning to the others who were giving Leah humor filled sexually laced calls and whistles. Leah walked out off the pool area trying to get to the changing room she was in earlier today.

However, because she's known Leah as long as she has, she knows better.

Whenever Leah was in a moment of dread, fear, panic, disgrace or something to that extent; she ran as fast as she could. Hiding herself and her feelings from the world that was either humiliating or discomforting her.

Unnoticed by the others Angela went after Leah.

'Leah! Wait up!' Angela calls when she's out earshot.

Leah does not listen. Angela sees her go into the room they were at earlier.

Angela knocks at the door of said room.

'Leah! Sweetie, please open the door. We need to talk.' She knocks once more.

'Go away, Angie!'

'No, Lee! Listen I don't know what the exchange between you and Jazz was, but that kiss was nothing to be ashamed of. Honest! If you're worried that someone else is here with me than don't. I'm by myself.'

'No, Angie, you don't know, because you were not there to hear what he said.'

There was so much anguish in her voice that it made Angela flinch.

'Please, Lee let me in. I don't want to do this with a door between us.'


'Leah? Lee?'


Just as she was about to knock and yell out for Leah a voice from the other side said.

'You can come in. It's not locked.'

Grasping and turning the knob, Angela walks in and finds Leah laying on her side facing the window on top of the lounge, her back toward who ever walked in.

Angela walked over to her friend. 'Lee, talk to me.'

Leah faced her dearest friend with a sad apprehensive look and eyes.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

'Whoa man! What was that about?' Emmet boasts to Jasper while high fiving Demetri.

All the boys were still hailing Jasper for the very intimate kiss he gave Leah.

However, Jasper was quiet, lost in his own thoughts. Confusion, uncertainty, abashment, anticipation, hope and something else... Could it be l-? No. I refuse to even think it, that's impossible. Especially not with the beautiful, kind, generous, funny, jovial Leah. Jasper unconsciously touched his lips.

Leah is clean, untainted, inexperienced, innocent, pure, good; everything I'm not. I've been with some many women since Al and I broke-up that I can't even keep count any more. I'm dirty, soiled, everything to be ashamed of. Leah, should never be with a man like me. But I want to be the one to teach her what is l-, no teach her what is it to feel, experience the joy and beauty of not some meaningless fuck-your-brains-out sex, but making love. Wait a minute! What is making love? Do I know?... …. ….. A disarray of emotions and thoughts ran through Jasper's mind a mile a minute.

'Earth to Jasper come in, over. Grsss, grsss, grsss' Edward hand his hand close to his face pretending to hold and use a walkie-talkie. When Jasper still said nothing, 'Houston, we've lost contact.'

'Yo, Jazz! What's up man! You've been silent ever since you stepped out of the pool.' Garret remarked, throwing a grape aimed to his brother's head to get his attention.

'Huh!' A bewildered response was all Jasper gave. Looking to those around him, he saw the looks of pensiveness, puzzlement and perplexity.

'I'm sorry, guys.' Jasper stood. 'Umm, I'm going over to the sauna for a while. I need to some time on my own to think. This is just too confusing.' He started walking.

'Jasper, wait! Confusing. What's so confusing?' Bella asked.

'I don't know. I just can't explain it, Bells. Something is too confusing for words.'

'Is it about the kiss you just had with Lee?' Rosalie asked.

'I don't know that either.' Jasper covers his face and sighed.

'I just need to sort something out in my head.' Unnoticed to him, but not to those in front of him, Jasper was still touching the area where Leah's soft pouty folds made contact with his.

'Oook! Umm, well take as much time as you need, Jazz.' Alice said, just as perplexed as the others are.

'I'll see you later.' Jasper left his friends.

'What's up with him today?' Garret asks to no one in particular.

'I can't say for sure, but all of you know that my gut has yet to be wrong on anything. I honestly think Jasper has finally found love. And no I'm not talking about any crushes or puppy love, but the real thing. What we all have, what we've all have wanted for him to have since him and I parted ways.' The conviction in Alice's voice was not missed by anyone.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Her eyes followed Jasper from her hiding spot. She was not invited much like James or his friends to this party. Nevertheless she hoped that when she arrived everyone would be too drunk to notice or care that she crashed their celebration. She made a master plan, alcohol plus some ecstasy and Jasper would be putty in her hands. Fuck Leah Clearwater and friends, she unlike them or the pathetic scanty pauper, needs this man. Her family needs him; her mother has said so and she will conquer in the end.

She has spent all day hidden in one of the four rooms that look out into the indoor pool area. But like the other three rooms that are in the vicinity the windows having tainted like those of a limousine, so no one on the outside can look in offering complete privacy and at the same time allowing the sunlight to filter in from the pools glass ceiling. The other good thing was that these four rooms have locks, which can only be unlocked with a key. Thanks to her craftiness and Rosalie's idiocy she obtained said item and locked herself in this room. Because everyone was much too concerned with the gathering to care about one stupid locked room and to that effect one missing key, she clearly heard when Ms. Hale said 'Oh, forget we have three other rooms and I know where to find the keys to those. To avoid questions and confusion, I'll make a sign that it'll say something like a pipe burst in that room and flooded it, leaving it out of commission. That'll be a good excuse.' Thus providing her with ample opportunity to come and go as she pleased unnoticed by anyone.

Her blood went from simmering to boiling when she saw the kiss that took place between Leah and Jasper. 'FUCK!' She almost screamed.

She was forced to make a new plan, she'll have to take a more devious course of action. No one was drunk, she was still hiding and to make matters worse Jasper was almost fucking queen Elizabeth-I in the middle of the pool?

She had to act now and act quickly.

However, she wouldn't have to wait too long. From her place she saw the commotion, saw Leah's frantic escape, saw the other supposed praise for their friends…

But above all she saw Jasper's almost distraught and completely confused state.

'Perfect. He went into the steam room. Now my changed plan won't be as much fun, but I will get what I want in the end.'

Victoria walked over to her bag and pulled out a wig that was styled to look much like Leah's hair. Standing in front a large mirror she pulled all her own hair back and somehow managed to stuff her main inside it.

'I'll give you about 10 minutes mister Cullen.'

She will let him relax a bit, before turning up the steam, to create an almost fog like atmosphere where he would not be able to tell clearly who was giving him fellatio. She also pulled out a small bottle to deposit Jasper's semen in for later use.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Jasper laid down on the bench inside the sauna room trying to clear his racked brain of all the confusion and turmoil running ramped through his mind. Looking around the room, he remembers all the rendezvous that have taken place within these very walls over the years since discovering and engaging in the world of sex, as well as those his been a willing witness to.

However, that lasted all two minutes when his mind returned to the very route of all this inner unrest; Leah. So pure, so unblemished, so innocent, so...

Jasper intertwined his fingers behind his head thinking… Asshole, why are you trying to taint her? She deserves someone worthy, and my friend you are not him. Jasper's conscience argued. Then his other side rebutted. BUT that kiss… That kiss was perfect. Beyond any other you've ever had with the opposite sex.

Ever since Leah opened up to Jasper their friendship had flourished. Jasper knew everything there was to know about Leah's history with what he called the immature bastard. He knew he should've been more tender, more gentle, less forceful, less brash with his actions.

Jasper's brain went back to a conversation he had with his father not too long ago, when his bewilderment with the changing emotions toward Leah began.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Carlisle sat in his office/study going over some notes in recent results obtained from test on the trial patients, when some soft knocks interrupted his doings

*knock* *knock*

'Come on in, it's open.' Carlisle called to whomever was at the door.

'Hi, dad! How are you?'

'Why good morning Jasper. Pardon my surprise, but it's unusual to see any of you boys up this early on the weekend.' He smiled at his second to youngest son.

Amazing, after all these years I can never imagine our lives without our children in it, who cares whether they are ours or not. Carlisle beamed with prideful thoughts.

Jasper walked to and sat crossed armed on the window sit in Carlisle's study/office. He looked down and saw something that gave him half a smirk to almost spread. An encounter with Alice when they were still together was a rather "strong willed" one to put it mildly. It went from a good casual pace to a very forceful when someone tried to pry open the locked door. He was about to pull out and redress himself when Alice's slim short legs somehow became as strong as a gorilla like grip. 'Oh, no you don't buddy. You bang me til I'm done, got it?' she whispered loudly with a commanding tone. Jasper had no choice but to obliged and yield to his girlfriend's orders. He banged her so hard that she not only screamed out her orgasm, but it got to the point that his grip on the wood was so much so, that somehow it made a small crack in the sit. Of course thanks to the hidden door in the office they were able to escape before anyone was able to unlock the door. To this day no one still knows who the culprit behind the deed was.

Jasper addressed his father's question with a frown. 'Don't remind me. I'm up at 8:30 on a Saturday… Who does that?'

'Well, I do son. Your mother does, as well.'

'Yeah, but dad you're old and you're parents that's what you're supposed to do.'

'Gee, I don't know if that was a compliment or an insult.' Carlisle retorts with mock indignation

'Sorry, dad.' Jasper smirks and says nothing more. The smirk fades as he looks out the window. The house sat at the center of four acre lot, surrounded by the greenery and quietness of the forest that sat just beyond the edge community of the wealthy side of Sunny Falls.

They had room to grow in the lot.

Off to the side Esme had a small garden and behind it an equally small greenhouse. Their mother has quite the green-thumb. She grows not just her favorite plants and flowers, but also some fruits, veggies and spices like thyme, oregano and cilantro. And the woman does get down and dirty; they had some to come in and take care of the grass cutting and such, but she takes meticulous care of anything plant and flower related. All decisions in regards to those are hers to make.

For the boys enjoyment they had basketball court which had tripled as a tennis and volleyball court, as well, surrounded by the proper fencing for protection of those outside.

They also had an outdoor entertainment area with plenty of seating, lounging, two fire pis and of course their dad bar and grill.

Second to last, for the entire family's delight, a large pool with an attached hot-tub centered the backyard. And finally a one bedroom, one bath-suite pool house; in case the other three large remaining guest bedrooms in the house aren't enough or offer as much privacy for overnight guests to stay at.

Jasper rubbed his thighs, Carlisle noticed.

'Son is something the matter? Is there anything you want to talk about?' He enquired.

'You know dad, that's ok. I'll go help mom out with breakfast.' Jasper started to get up.

'No, wait right there son. Jasper, you and your brother have been living with us since you were nine years old. To this day my one forever regret is to not have gone to that orphanage sooner. All the time we've missed, we will nave be able to make up for…'

'No, dad stop it right there. Dad, don't say that; Em, Ed, Garret and I could not have asked for better people to our parents. I think that when you two showed up it was, because that was the time it had to happen at, if it had been sooner I don't think it would have been like this in the end.'

'Thanks, son. You don't and will never know how much… No how grateful, blessed and fortunate Esme and I are to have you boys in our lives. Half of the grey hairs we proudly wear are thanks to the four of you.' He gave his son a warm smile before continuing. 'That being said, I can tell when something is in a state of unrest with you boys and today it is you. Is there anything you want to talk about, Jasper?'

'Dad I'm utterly confused by someone and something…'

'Care to elaborate?'

Jasper for the first time in his life blushed like a school girl with embarrassment. He looked away from his father.

As soon as his son's face turned back to look out the window, Carlisle knew at least the WHO part of this conversation was gear too. He was about to say something when Jasper interrupted him.

'Dad, you and mom have been throughout all of our lives very forthcoming with providing us with everything we could ever know or would want to know about sex. In fact at times we felt it was too much information. You both are certainly open about the subject; you're not shy nor misleading nor have ever tried to jam down our throats 100% abstinence, although some may argue that you should have. And before you say anything, what I mean is that unlike most parents that would have thrown a fit or sent us to an all boy boarding school, you have always been receptive and open. I know that whenever you caught us having it, you don't go around jumping for joy or praise our actions in any way, but you haven't condemned us for our behavior or put your noses up in the air about it, either. That really helps with what I want to talk about with you.'

'Well, thank you Jasper. Your mother and I had always known that the day would arrive when sex would be part of your life, granted we were hopeful and did our best to teach you boys in waiting longer, but we also knew in the end the decision is yours and yours alone to make.'

Jasper nodded.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before asking the question that his been harboring for a while. Opening his eyes he faces his father once more.

'Carlisle what's the difference between making love, having sex and just plain old fucking your brains out with someone.'

It never seizes to take Carlisle by surprise the use of such brashness in his house. This time though, he'll let it slide, because the concern is more important than the actual language used.

'Well, son I do believe that you do know what sex is by now, I don't have to explain that part to you. I will address the other two issues as best I can from my own experiences in those areas…' Carlisle sighs. 'On the other hand, in my opinion fucking your brains out with someone, as you so eloquently put it, is more of a moment of fornication to the point self satisfaction and gratification. Imagine going to a nightclub, meeting a female at a bar, after a while of talking and some dancing perhaps, you both start to kiss and grope one another, you move to a more private location, perhaps the restroom or the alley next to the building. After that everything intensifies and you fornicate just like that. No real emotion is involved in the act, just an in and out moment if you must. You the person farewell and move on as if nothing took place between the both of you.'

'Makes since.' Jasper agrees, 'But what about making love? What makes that different? What's so important about it? Why was it so important to wait for the one come along that you'll want to share your body with?'

Upon hearing his son's statement Carlisle confirmed the identity of the person this conversation was geared towards.

'I'm getting there, son.' Carlisle inhales and exhales once more.

'Jasper, I know you may not want to hear this, but I've done all three of those with your mother. We've been married now for almost ten years and to this day, there are times when all I want is to just shove my dick so far into her pussy or up her ass that she can't walk for a week; you see fucking brains out. Then there are times when we just want to get loose ourselves and we don't care where we are or who we're with, we just need each other for a moment; you see sex. Then there is my favorite, making love, at that time with the touch, the need, the urge to make sure that our bodies do all the talking that words can't express. When I just want to explode within her depths and for that moment there is nothing, no work, no responsibility, no children, no appointments, no concerns; just us and nothing and no one else.'

Carlisle got up and sat opposite next to Jasper; he placed a hand on his son's shoulder.

'Son in that moment, it's just you and her finding the true meaning of love, reaching the highest peaks of heaven, leaving your bodies your souls going higher and higher. And then when you least expect it, you're back on earth. I don't know about you, but for me I know that I am with who I need to be when our eyes open and our souls find each other in the others form. That is what I believe the act of making love is and to prove and by consequence finalize the union of our bodies we have now two pieces of ourselves coming to this world.'

Jasper was speechless he had no idea that what fucking, sex and love making; he just never stope to think about it.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Why? Why? WHY? His mind kept ranting and questioning.

Jasper was so focused on his thoughts that he did not hear when the door opened or the footsteps that padded in. Nor did he become aware of the rising steam building-up inside the small room. Until…

A pair of soft delicate hands pulled at the waistband of the trunks he wore.

'What the fuck?' Jasper almost shrilled.

'Shh, shh!'

He looked down, but because of the steam he couldn't see clearly who was with him. Nevertheless, he relaxed when he saw dark hair at his waist.

'Leah is that you?'

'Uh-hmm.' Victoria knew her goose would be cooked if she spoke. She worked faster. She had to distract Jasper NOW.

She pulled down the trunks, but it was proving to be a little difficult until Jasper out of his own natural reaction lifted his lower body slightly allowing his bottoms to be removed.

With haste she pulled and immediately…

'What are you do- ing…?' Jasper eyes rolled-up to the back of lids and so did his head falling at the sensation he was feeling.

That's right baby, let mommy do her job and this matter will be finished momentarily. Victoria thought.

She kept an eye on Jasper, slapping his hands away every time they came close to her head. But that would not last long, at some point he will discover the identity of WHO is pleasuring him.

'Leah I thought that you've never… Oh… Ah, baby! Yes, right ther-… Just like THAT!' His eyes popped open and his head went straight up. His left hand pushed the head down, forcing the person to take in his entire cock.

Now Jasper had both hands controlling the actions, he was almost about to explode and that's when it happened…

He pulled and pushed so hard on the person's head, that their hair came off in his hands.

'What the fuc-? UH!' He threw his head back and the wig fell from his hands as more pleasure coursed through his body.

He looked down again, and saw… He knew that the person was too good to be Leah. His Leah had never done anything like that in her life. He should've been more cautious, more aware when the actions began.

'Uh…Oh..Ahh!' He came; shutting his load into Victoria's mouth.

Victoria saw him close those gorgeous blue-grey orbs and quickly made motions to dispose of Jasper's semen inside the vile she brought with her.

Coming down from the climax he just had. Jasper only had a few words to say to Victoria.

'Get out… Now! We broke-up months ago and have never spoken since. In fact I thought you were too busy fucking with every other guy in school to really care of what has been going on with me.'

'Don't worry, Jazz. This will be our little secret. I just want one last adventure with you. I'll take my leave now; I know where I'm not wanted.'

Jasper saw her stand and leave the room with an air as if nothing had gone on just a moment ago between them.

'What the fuck just happened?' He question out loud confused and amazed-in a very bad way-by what just happened.

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