Monkey: Ok, so this scene in my mind takes place after the potatohead incident and before Toshio started caressing Rose's hair and scaring her senseless. n.n;

Am I really the only one who thought that scene was cute? I mean, he wasn't hurting her or anything... x3

But of course, I don't see these two as a pairing xD

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Rose piled up as many freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as she could on the glass plate in front of her.

She smiled when she saw her stack stayed up very nicely, not one seeming out of place in her cookie pyramid. She walked quietly around her apartment to make sure no one else was around. Max was off working and Lisa was sleeping soundly in her room.

Noiselessly, she walked back into the kitchen and picked up the plate.

She was lucky Lisa was napping, otherwise she might get in trouble. First Mr. PotatoHead and now a bunch of cookies.

But she was being nice to that new boy.

Besides, he had returned her toy unharmed.

In her eyes, the boy was just a new friend.

The little redhead opened the door and she looked up and down the hallway, finding it empty. "I hope you like the cookies! I helped my sister make them." Rose set the plate down on the left of the door and with another smile, she went back into her apartment.

And hour later, when she heard Lisa begin to wake up, Rose quickly rushed to the door and opened it. At least if she got caught, it wouldn't be Max, he wouldn't be too happy with her.

All of the cookies except one were gone.

Rose picked up the plate and looked around the hallway.


She took the last cookie, figuring the boy had left it for her and she ate it with a grin. She went back inside with the plate, all the while wondering who they mysterious boy was.

Toshio sat at the end of the hallway with his knees pulled up to his chest, an arm around them. His cat sat next to him, it's black tail swinging from side to side elegantly.

His black, unblinking eyes had watched Rose's every more.

And in his other hand, he held a single, uneaten cookie.

Monkey: Hoped you liked it!