Author's Note: Hey guys! This is a nice request that I recieved from Carlo (who really doesn't believe I'm thirteen. ;D) and it's really complex and conveluted. How I know? I've read the prompt, and all you get is this little beginning to the main idea. Hopefully the rest of the story won't be so gory (this isn't gory, now is it?), and more... no gory.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy this really short chapter, because I didn't feel the need to make it so long. Enjoy this story~!

A blood-curdling scream bolted out of the young man's throat as he felt pain shoot through his whole body. This had been going on for hours, the pain growing worse and worse by each passing minute.

Jim let out a lung full of gasps and coughs as he recoiled from blast he just received. Blood dripped out of his mouth, dripping onto the cold concrete flooring. His eyes wanted to roll back in his head, but another hard whip clashing against his back prevented them from doing so.

"You shalt not sleep."

"Fuck off."

Another hard whip to the back. The crackling noise filled the small well-lit room, showing all the red blood dripping from his back onto the floor. Jim let out another strangled gasp, as he couldn't breath, blood was filling his lungs.

"I will never forgive you for what you have done to me James T. Kirk." The alien began, circling Jim who was shackled to the ceiling and floor. Long heavy chains that were connected to the ceiling overhead held his arms up, while his feet were shackled to the floor. Blood was dripping from his back onto the floor from the chain whipping at his back, while blood was falling from his mouth onto his feet or his chest. "You have let my children perish, and have murdered my beloved wife."

"I didn't do of those fucking lies! Let me go you piece of shit!" Jim screamed, pulling and tugging at the chains with all his might to just grab the retarded alien and strangle him.

The alien's mouth – which was vertical instead of horizontal like every other mouth he'd ever seen – twisted itself into a grin. "Ah ah ah, you shalt be doing nothing. We have captured you, and we have told your vessel if it were to try and save you, we would blow it up, and kill you. It's a loose-loose Captain. What is there to do?"

"Do fucking die in a hole." Jim hissed with a scowl as he felt the chain whipping at his back again. He let out a screech, cursing in pain for the umpteenth time in the last few hours. His body slumped, and he let his head roll limp in its socket. He felt the freezing cold alien fingers wrapping around his jaw though. His head was pulling up, and his eyes rolled up to meet with the alien's. "You really do not wish to make me mad Captain James T. Kirk. You would not prefer the consequences."

"Fuck off." Jim growled, spitting in the alien's face with a small cocky smirk growing on his face, as the leader alien wiped off his spit with his sleeve in utter annoyance. "I am warning you. You may silence now, and die quietly, or I will make you suffer for the rest of your meaningless life." The alien growled, getting up close and personal with Jim's face again.

Jim spat.

Alien growled.

Jim chuckled.

The alien grabbed Jim's jaw, pulling his head up, and then pushing their foreheads together. "I have warned you."

Their foreheads were pushed together harder, making Jim wince slightly. The alien's bright yellow sharp eyes met with Jim's, locking on and making Jim not able to look away. The alien removed his fingers, and as much as Jim's brain told him to spit or move his head again, his head wouldn't move. The alien brought his hands up to Jim's ears, hooking his pinkies on both of them, before digging his two other fingers in the skin beneath Jim's jaw. His pointer finger came, and grabbed the ends of his mouth, hooking into it and staying there as his thumbs pressed together on his chin. Jim was frozen throughout the whole movement. He couldn't move, and was only breathing.

"Bonding through pain and though misery." The alien growled, and without a pause, Jim replied with the same words without thinking.

"Death and Life join hand in hand, as I approach your mind with my own choices and thoughts."

Jim said the same thing a second after the alien, cursing inwardly at how he was helpless against whatever this dude was doing to him.

"The sun rises, the moon sets, the stars shine brightly in the midnight sky, and all I can do, is bond with you." The alien finished with a huge grin as he dug his fingers into the soft skin underneath Jim's jaw, making him shout the last line.

The alien's head and hands vanished. All Jim heard was screaming and shouting, mostly in the alien's native tongue. He tried to keep his eyes open, tried to see what they were making so much noise about…

He caught the glimpse of a pointy ear and a black blob of hair. Along with: 'Are you injured Jim?' before he blacked out.