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Background- Peter and Bella are both single. Bella is living full time with the Cullen's minus Edward(which is hiding away in Alaska-where else is there in Twilight!) All other couples are normal pairings. Carlisle and Esme are serving as Bella's parents. Her father has been killed and her mother still lives in Florida. Bella is a senior and is close to graduation at the beginning of this story.

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While I was out on my hunt I had this feeling that I find my mate soon. I had gotten this image in my head of what she looked liked and where she would be. It seemed that by the position of the moon I had a few days to make my way to Austin, Texas, which wouldn't be hard since I only lived a few hours away. It seemed that she was only visiting the area and did not live anywhere near here. I didn't have much to go on but it seemed that I would know her when I saw her and I hope that she would feel the same when she saw me. The only problem could be was the fact that she is a human. I am not really worried about hurting her in any way but it still is a bit of a hurdle that must be overcome in time.

I decided that I needed some help on figuring out how to go about confronting her as a human and who better to call than my brother Jasper. He has figured out a way to go to school with them so he would be the one that could help me out with my little problem. I knew he would give me shit about mating with a human but you can't stop fate. I figured in the end the teasing would be worth it if I could find her. I have been waiting a long time to find my true mate. I mean sure I had been with Char for a long time but I haven't seen her since she ran off with that guy Matt she met when we were in New Mexico. I knew she was going to leave me before she did. Anyway, it's been decades since I was with Char. I have had my share of flings here and there but those were only for shits and giggles. I dugged out my phone and called my good for nothing brother.

"Hey fucker"-Peter

"Hey yourself, long time no hear. So how's it going down in Texas?"-Jasper

"It's going fucking great. Hot as Hell here though. Thinking about moving to a cooler climate sometime soon though."-Peter

"That's cool man, just let me know so I can keep up with you. So what's going on?"-Jasper

"Damn man, do I need a reason to call my long lost veggie brother?"-Peter

"just get on with it, You know I know you need my expert help if you calling me for help?-jasper

"You caught me. I do need some advice. You think you could tell me how to approach a human woman? I mean like in a romantically sort of way?"- Peter

"No..Fucking way man… couldn't handle a human girl. You would want to eat her?"-Jasper

"dude…I couldn't eat my mate…which so happens to be human right now. SO can you help me or you just gonna tease me about it?"-Peter

"I guess….hold on…did you say Mate?"-Jasper

"Yeah, she is my mate or will be once I meet her."-Peter

"Let me see what Alice suggest, hold on a minute."-Jasper


That brother of his only calls when he needs something. I guess it's the same for Jasper too. And now it seems that he has mated with a human, what is this dud thinking. He is gonna eat her for sure.

"Alice baby, would you please check on Peter and tell us what will charm her into talking to him."-jasper

"He is just going to eat her but sure….." I zone out to see if I can see anything dealing with Peter and a human. The only thing I see is him meeting up with Bella on her trip to Austin in a couple days. "Fuck its Bella"….. I see her touring some places downtown near the college and she bumps into him and she drops her lunch. He bends over to help her pick it up and their eyes meet and I can see the mating bond from here….(damn…shit…fuck…this is bad in so many ways…) He helps gather up her lunch and they stand up and he reaches for her hand and they walk to some tables nearby where they begin to talk. She tells him that she can see the red of his eyes around his contacts and she knows what he is.

"Jasper, his mate is Bella. It is a very strong mating bond and she will feel it when their eyes meet. They hit it off instantly."- Alice

"Baby, are you sure. Is this something that can change?"-Jasper

"No, if he already saw her as his mate in his way and I see her in mine as his, then it is a sure thing. I mean this could go badly if Edward doesn't approve."-Alice

"I know. I guess it's good that Edward decided to breakup with her last year. But he still cares very deeply for her. She won't be able to deny the mating bond though even as a human she will feel it. What should I tell him?"-Jasper

"God, I don't know. I guess tell him that he just needs to help her pick up her lunch when she bumps into him near the campus. When she looks into his eyes it will be an instant bond for her. You talk with him and I am going to help her pack."Alice

"Ok…see you later."Jasper


I heard the whole conversation between Jasper and Alice. It seems like they know my mate very well. I am going to have to figure out more about her then from him.

"Hey man, I am sure you hear all of that. Alice said Bella, you mate, will feel the bond instantly when she looks into your eyes. She said it was a very strong bond, be careful man she is important to us too. She is my little sister and member of our family. We took her in after father was killed about 6 months ago. Her mom lives in Florida but Bella didn't want to move there so Carlisle offered her a place with us. Our history with her is deep, so long story short…she dated Edward for about a year but he thought she was not safe with him so he broke up with her. He moved to Alaska till she moved away to go to college. She wanted to be turned but he refused to 'damn her soul' and after my attempted attack on her, he felt it best they break up. He wanted all of us to live Forks but Carlisle said that he couldn't do that to his daughter who at the time still lived with her father but all the same he couldn't take away the only real family she knew just because he didn't want us to be around her any more.

After he had been gone about 2 months her father was shot serving a warrant. Carlisle couldn't save him in time and he died. She was heartbroken twice in such a short amount of time that I could barely stand to be around her but we both got through it. I think we were both strong for each other. My understanding was that she would break down every time I left the house to hunt so that I would feel okay. She is a saint of a girl, she always puts others thoughts and well being ahead of her own. Just in the last couple of months have we been able to get her to think about going to college. The only thing is that she doesn't want to be alone so she is putting it off. I think you would be good for her but the only thing that bothers us is Edward. We all know that he still loves her but he hasn't seen her or even attempted to see or talk to her since he broke up with her almost a year ago. They are not mates and if what Alice and you both see or know, Bella is your mate without a doubt."-Jasper

"She has had such a hard time lately. I can't wait to meet her. What else can you tell me about her?"-Peter

"I think you know enough to get you in trouble already….the rest is up to you. She of course knows what we are and she has been bitten before but Edward sucked out the venom. Make sure you wear your contacts but I bet she will be able to tell. And when you return with her, we have an extra room and Carlisle will want you to hunt animals while you are here. Hunting humans goes against the treaty we have in place. You will get more details when you arrive which I know you will. She still has school to finish and I know the pull of the mating bond, you will not be able to stay away. So are you ready to change your diet for her? She agrees with us on ours you know."-Jasper

The fucker is messing with me. He knows I don't want to change my diet and that rule of theirs is what has kept me from visiting all these years. The only reason I would change would be for her.

"I am well aware of Carlisle rules on hunting but it seems now I have a reason to change to a veggie diet. I know she will be worth it in the end. Let me ask you this…did the fucker that bit my mate dead?"-Peter

"YES….me and Emmett took finished him off so Edward could tend to Bella. She was hurt badly from the fight and subsequent bite. I will tell you the whole story if she doesn't alright."-Jasper

"Hey, is she traveling alone to Texas?"-Peter

"That is her plan but Emmett plans on following her just in case. He is leaving on the flight before her so he will be there waiting for her then he plans to follow her around best he can. He has plans to leave the flight after hers as well; both her flights are nonstop, the only way Carlisle would book flights for her. Like I said she is important to us."-Jasper

"You said your dickhead brother- Edward said he refused to change her does she still want to be changed?"- Peter

"Yes, she still wants to be changed. The plan is to move away to college and have us do it then."Jasper

"I better get going. Thanks for your help big brother. I bet I will be flying back with Bella and please tell your family about me and make the fuck sure that Emmett is aware that I will be looking for her. I don't want him to kill me because I am hanging around."-Peter

"Will do. I will inform everyone of the upcoming changes. Take care of her for us. See you in a few days. Good luck brother."-Jasper

"Later bro"-Peter


I am so looking forward to this little trip to Texas. I need a couple days away from my vampires. I love them to pieces but they all are coupled up and lovey dovey and it makes me sad a lot. I miss having Edward around but I am glad he is gone too. He was too much for me to handle, always controlling me and not letting me know about safety issues that involved me. This past year has been a real shit but thankfully I have made it through and I am finally living again. First, Edward decided that he wanted to break up with me then he left me in the woods for Jasper to find. Jasper took me to see Carlisle since I was covered in blood then Carlisle took me back to my father's place after patching me up.

Life was tough those first couple of weeks after he left. I didn't go over to the Cullens place and Edward had said everyone was leaving but that wasn't true. They stayed and even though I never went to their house, they visited me very often. Charlie found that he really liked them even more and began to hang out with Carlisle some. They watch ball games and went fishing a couple times together. Now I am glad that they did those things because if not Charlie would not have changed his will to include the Cullens as my new guardians in case something happened to him before I finished high school. I am glad now that he made those changes because of the never forgettable day when he was shot.

He was serving a warrant and the fucker shot him. A neighbor called 911 but by the time they arrived he had lost so much blood there was very little they could do. They went ahead and took him to the hospital; Carlisle was on shift and had to make the decision to call his time of death after being unsuccessful to stop the bleeding in time. By the time I arrived at the hospital, he had already died. Carlisle allowed me to sit in his room and talk to him for a couple of hours. Esme came in with Carlisle and they pulled me from the room and took me to their house. I was a complete mess for days. The Cullens handled the funeral details for me and somehow I made it through.

Carlisle spoke with my mother about me moving back with her but she and I agreed since they were offering and Charlie had made arrangements for this sort of thing, I would move in with the Cullens. Mom signed over her rights to them and they adopted me officially. Things really didn't change much, I still went to school most days but many days I couldn't get out of bed at the beginning. I miss my dad terribly and wish that fucker hadn't shot him.

I have been going out on a few dates here and there to help myself get back into a routine of some sort. Emmett has been teasing me relentlessly about dating again and keeps trying to get me to go out with Mike Newton. I tell him that is never going to happen. I mainly have been on first dates but nothing goes further and Emmett loves that I am playing the field. I tell him that I still haven't passed first base and to leave me alone. Esme and Carlisle have my back and told him to shut it or they will take away his jeep for a few weeks and that shut him up right quick.

Now that school is just about over, I have begun making college trips. They are mostly for show to the school and the town. Everyone knows that when I move away for college the Cullens will be moving with me that way no one thinks anything when we all disappear into nothing. This upcoming trip to Texas is my last and I am really looking forward to it. I have been having these dreams that I will meet this guy there that will become my reason for living. I have been dreaming of this man for weeks now and I think I could pick him out in a crowd. This guy is all man unlike Edward who is still very much the 17 year old boy he is, but this guy is for sure a man. He has the most beautiful dirty blonde hair I have ever seen. He is tall, lean but very muscled up too; sexy as hell. He looks a lot like Jasper in so many ways, almost like his brother. I have tried to sketch his face in my doodle book and I think I have it just about perfect now. His eyes in the dream have always been a bit hidden and I haven't gotten a good look at them. I think I am ready to show the sketch to Alice and see what she makes of him plus I need her help packing for my trip.

"Speak of the devil…..hey Alice, wanta help me pack?"- Bella

"That's why I am here sister dear. Let's gets started. Which bags are you planning on taking with you?"-Alice

"I am just taking the green duffle and my backpack. I want to show you something first then we can pack."….. I grab my doodle book and turn over to his picture and hand her the book…. "I have been dreaming of this guy ever since I decided to go on this trip. Do you think he means something to me? I keep thinking he is going to mean something special to me. What do you think?"-Bella

"Well, he is very sexy. Almost looks likes Jasper. Where are his eyes, you haven't drawn them in yet, just the shadows around them?"- Alice

"I thought he looked like Jasper's brother if he had one. His eyes have been hidden in my dreams so I haven't been able to get a good look at them but I think they are this weird color, like your eyes but not. So do you think my dreams could mean anything, do you think this guy could be….you know…the one?"- Bella

"You never know, he might be just a guy in your dreams but he might be the one just for you. Sorta like your soul mate. They say you know him when you see him. I hope that he does exist and you meet him soon. I figured you would fall in love with a vampire and not just a normal human. I guess if he is the one for you it doesn't matter what he is. I want you to be happy no matter what, we all do."Alice

"I figured I would be mated to a vampire as well. These boys from school are just that, they are just boys. I want a real man that will treat me right and that will love me for me and someone that can not stand to be a part from me. Is that too much to ask for? I guess its just a fairy tale relationship, those don't exist in the real world."-Bella

"Bella, in case you forgot, you don't really live in the real world anymore. You are a part of the supernatural and the relationship you described is what Carlisle and Esme and all of us have with our mates, our soul mates. When you meet your mate you know it by this feeling you get when you look into their eyes. Something inside of you feels different and you are drawn towards each other and it hurts to be a part. This guy could be that someone for you but maybe not. Don't get your hopes up in case you don't meet him when you think you will. If he is your true soul mate and he happens to be a vampire, he will feel the pull towards you before you see him. He will be able to find you in a crowd no questions asked."- Alice

"Enough with the Heavy, let's get packing okay Alice…I need to leave in the morning and someone in this room needs to get some sleep."


Oh my goodness….this mating is destined if Bella is dreaming of Peter as a human. The sketched she showed me is dead on, there is no doubt that she will be floored when she sees him in real life. We need to have a family meeting minus Bella soon and before Emmett leaves. I think I will have Carlisle call one after she falls asleep, I am sure that he will be coming back with her Sunday and we need to get things ready and everyone prepared-including Edward- well maybe he can wait till after he arrives here.

I find my way back to my room after getting Bella packed while she decided to grab a snack before going to bed. I texted Carlisle informing him we needed a meeting after Bella was soundly asleep. I talked to Jasper awhile and told him of the things she and I talked about and her sketch. Once Bella went on to bed and had been sleeping soundly for about an hour I heard Carlisle call the family down for the meeting. I decided that Jasper and I would speak since we knew what was going on.

"Firstly, I need to inform everyone that things are about to change around here. Jasper received a call from his brother Peter earlier this afternoon. Jasper, you should tell them."-Alice

"Sure, like she said Peter called and needed some advice on how to approach a human female. He said he had this vision of sorts that he would find his mate in a human and he needed help in figuring out how to talk to one. Since I am a "veggie man" he thought I would know. He told me that she would be in Austin in a couple days and that he would meet her there. After asking Alice to see what would work better for him, she told me that his mate would be in fact our Bella. She meets his description of what his mate looked like and Alice only confirmed it. When Alice was helping her pack she showed her a sketch of a man she has been dreaming about ever since she decided to go to Austin." Jasper

"The man looks like this,"….and I give Carlisle the book I stole from her room… "and this is Peter, Jasper's brother of sorts. She drew him from her dreams but she hasn't seen his eyes but she says they are a weird color. I am guessing a redish color but I feel that they will be a weird color when she sees him since he has agreed to change his diet according to Jasper."-Alice

"Jasper, is this true? Is he currently a human drinker?"Carlisle

"Yes, but he said that since she agrees with our 'veggie ways' he planned on changing so that could be with her and keep her happy. I figure he would have gone hunting a few times before meeting up with her on animals so that his eyes would begin to lose their normal bright red color. He doesn't wish to scare her."-Jasper

"Well, does he wish for her to remain human like Edward or is he planning on changing her?"Carlisle

"He very much hopes for her change to happen soon. I told him that she needs to finish high school but then the timing is up in the air. I told him you wanted her to go on to college but she wishes it to happen sooner."-Jasper

"Well, if they do end up being mates, which seems very likely at this point, that decision will pretty much be his to make. It will only be a matter of time. Does it seem that he plans to remain with us or he plan on taking her back to his place?"- Carlisle

"I think her change is not too far from now but as to when, he didn't mention it. He is planning on returning with her Sunday and remaining with us. He told me as he was getting off that he had things to do- which usually for him means to tie up loose ends and get his stuff packed and shipped. I reckon he will be staying with us for the foreseeable future."Jasper

"Well, Emmett when you are following her around just beware that Peter will be lurking around at some point and they will meet. Alice, can you tell us anything we haven't brought up?"- Carlisle

"They will meet Saturday at lunch time in a park like area. She will drop her lunch when she bumps into him- literally. He bends down to help her collect her lunch and their eyes meet and then they are together the rest of her trip."- Alice

"Awww….that's sounds so sweet and romantic. I am happy that she finds her mate. Jasper, you would tell us if he wasn't good enough for her wouldn't you? I mean a mate pull and all but still I am her mother and if that boy isn't good enough for my daughter then I just might have to not let her go. I would make him work to meet her not have her pretty much dropped in his lap. I mean her trip is what only maybe 2 hrs from his house. He is good for her, right? He will treat her good?"- Esme

"Mom, he is a gentleman though and though, like me. He will cherish her and he will treat her right. I have already threatened to kill him if he hurt her and I told him our whole family would be there to help. He will love her deeply and he already refers to her as his mate. He even asked if James was dead. I think if we had not killed him then he was planning on searching for him and doing it himself. He is already so protective of her and he hasn't met her yet."-Jasper

"Jasper, will we have problems with him? Will us men still be able to spend time with her and joke, hug and do the things we already with her?"- Carlisle

"I figure at first he might be a bit of a jealous mate but I think once he sees we are not a threat he will back off. I believe he will have given her a mark of his own before she gets home but then again I may be wrong. He may try and talk to Carlisle as her dad and get permission first."-Jasper

"Well, let's get some things prepared for his arrival then. I want a couple of you guys to go hunting and collect the blood so we have enough on hand in case he needs it and can't get away quick enough. Esme I feel that we should at least ready one of the guest rooms for him in the event he wants to use it. Let's make sure we are all well- feed before she arrives home so that we don't lose our temper with him. Once he is here and we see his control around her we can decide our hunting routine. Right now I don't wish her to be left alone with him but I also don't want her to think we are babysitting them either- that will only piss her off, which will bring out the vampire side in Peter."- Carlisle

"Emmett, make sure and give them some space but make sure he knows you are there. He knows you will be tailing her this weekend but keep her safe at all costs. I know his control around humans is good but as he adjusts to the new diet I am not sure how he will react. Keep your eyes and ears open."-Jasper

"Emmett, dear, please don't let her see you. I don't want her to think that we don't trust her to be on her own but I want her to be safe. You have done well on her previous trips but this one will be different, try and not get jealous of him touching her. You know how newly mated couples are."-Esme

"Ok, mom, Jasper…I get the point. Stay hidden but not far away. Stay calm and not get jealous. I think I got it…can I go get pack now? My flight leaves in a few hours. I got the early flight out."- Emmett

"Of course, remember the cover story for you two…. Your going on a long weekend hunt together. Rose will drive you to the airport and pick you up. Rose remember to wait in Seattle till close to her flight time, I don't want you passing us on the road."-Carlisle

"Alright, if that's everything then this meeting is over."-Carlisle


I can't believe that Bella will be meeting her mate this weekend. I always had hoped that Edward would be it but since he has been able to stay away from her and he seems to be doing alright the last time I spoke to him it proves that he is certainly not her mate. I know they do love each other but I feel that it is only a brotherly love. I hope one day he will be able to return to us. I miss him dearly and I know he misses the family. We all have kept in touch with him and on our long hunting trips we meet up with him and catch up. He is no longer upset that we chose to remain in Forks after his break up with Bella and he agrees that it was our place to take her in after the death of her father. He understands that she will be a member of our family till she chooses otherwise and that may never happen. I do hope that Peter will agree to remain with us so that we can keep Bella in our daily lives. We all would miss her terribly if she was to leave us but we would also understand she needs to be where her mate wants to be.

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