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Chapter 11


I can't believe graduation is already here and it's time to find our places in line. I am happy to have my family here but I am sad that my real father could not be here. My mother had sent back the invitation saying she couldn't attend, so I guess she is out of my life from now on, not that she was in it much since I moved away from her last year. I am very glad that my adoptive family is here though, plus Peter and my friends from the rez as well.

Tomorrow we will be leaving for the island for a much needed vacation. My family and I will be stopping along the way for a long hunting trip and some sight-seeing then we will retire to the island to prepare for mine and Peter's wedding. Yes we finally decided that we wanted to wed there on the island. Our family will return to the mainland for a week of hunting and fun while Peter and I remain on the island and do honeymoon stuff.

The graduation ceremony begins and we enter as a group and sit down. They have a few speakers but I am not listening but instead I am planning my honeymoon and what I would like to do on it. Peter has purchased a few new toys to break in and I can't wait to be tied to his bed and see what they do. He has a creative imagination and I am willing to let him try anything he believes we will both enjoy. When Jessica stands, she brings me back to reality and I stand and follow her and the rest of the remaining students up to the stage to receive our diplomas. The whole event didn't last but an hour and a half and I do not remember anything except me walking across the stage, oh well. It's over now and I can now legally get married the one I love in a few weeks.

Once many pictures were taken and hugs were given all around to my fellow classmates, my family and I headed off back to home to finish our preparations to go on vacation but mostly making sure everything is crated to be moved to our next home. Peter and Carlisle have been in talks about my upcoming change and they have decided that by the end of the year it will take place. We will be staying 3-4 months on the island then we will travel to England for a month, then to Paris then to Peter's spare cottage in Montana by the end of the year. The entire Cullen clan will be joining us for the time I must stay away from all the good and tasty smelling humans.

Once all the carryon bags and suitcases were packed into the rental truck and I had a good night's rest, we set off to the airport to board our newly purchased private jet. Carlisle decided that will all the flying the family would be doing in the next few months it would be easier for us just to get our own. The fact that Emmett and Jasper both were talking about it non-stop and bothering Carlisle about it I think helped him make up his mind just to shut them up. Now they just go on and on about who was gonna get to pilot the plane. Esme decided it should be fair that Carlisle get to do it first since he had to listen to them for weeks, night and day, to buy it to begin with. I could barely hold my laughter in for the looks on their faces when Mom put them in their places.

Peter grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom for a quick change of clothes. He had decided at some point that I needed to wear less clothes and had bought a stores worth of string-bikinis swimsuits and had brought several on board with us. He said that my body was too hot to not so off. He didn't like the looks that Emmett, Jasper and for that matter Carlisle were giving me so he tossed his shirt off and settled it on me over my head. Now the only thing was when I bent over to pick up something, it showed most all my ass. So in the end I just got to wear my clothes over it and a blanket just in case the guys managed to sneak a peek somehow.

The island turned out to be so incredibly beautiful. The view flying over was amazing and the water was so clear you could see the large sea turtles swimming near the shore. I couldn't wait to go swimming to see how warm it was. I was told that the water was quiet warm and I would be pleased. I didn't care if it was freezing, I just wanted to be able to see all the cool fish and such. We landed and found our way to the main house, where the guys dropped off the food and other supplies, then Carlisle led us to our individual cabins, all the couples shared of course and Carlisle, Esme and Edward stayed in the main house. I would be staying there as well as Alice when the time came for me to get ready to be married but in the mean time I would share with Peter. Emmett helped carried our bags to our cabin and let one down with a loud thuk. He asked what was in the bag and Peter just wagged his eye bows and Emmett took off towards the house saying he was telling mom.

The first week flew by and we were having lots of fun reconnecting as a family. Soon it was time to begin to prepare for the wedding so the girls and I all worked together to get things ready. The boys did their part in getting the outside ready and soon it time for me to begin getting dressed. My dress was one that we had purchased months ago on a trip to Seattle and the other dresses as well, so it was rather fun to sit back and enjoy each other as we got dressed. My make up was finished and my hair was done and finally the time I had been waiting for and preparing for had finally arrived. Peter and I had been using that blasted paddle ever since we were given it and turns out that I didn't have to work to hard at earning it. I always needed something at the end of the day. Some days it was because I had not eaten enough or I argued with him about something trivial about my safety. He never had to go looking for a reason and I never had to make one up, something was always there to be corrected for. It was one of the longest months of my life but it did bring us closer together in ways I couldn't imagine before.

The music began and Carlisle walked me towards Peter. We had flown in the Denali's and The Brothers for the wedding so Marcus was performing our ceremony for us, which was a great honor. We did a hand fasting using our own vows and it was very nicely done. I couldn't believe it was so perfect but it was. The day ended up wonderfully and we all danced till late into the night. Finally Peter stood up and confronted everyone stating that if they didn't want a free porn-o show to get off the island. Emmett and Jasper both sat down and settled in for the show but their women were smart and pulled them away and towards the planes.

We were finally left all alone and we began our honeymoon. All the new toys were used and not for their intended purpose but they were all great additions to our collections. We also managed somehow to see most of the island too. Finally the family arrived back to the island 2 weeks later than they were supposed to be due back but thanks to Alice, she knew that we needed a bit more time than we had originally intended. Come to find out, they had flown back to the states and had some fun in Vegas and Edward had met his mate and had returned to the island with him. I was told his name was William but all I ever heard Edward call him was Sir so I am not so sure. I think I always knew he was gay but when I saw him standing slightly behind William, he looked happy to be following him around. The nice thick locked chain around his neck was also a obvious sign and then there was his new clothes that he always wore. I had never ever seen Edward in black leather boots but damn did they look good on him. He usually wore dark colored jeans and white or black t-shirts. Once and a while I noticed him wearing some shorts or something but whatever…I decide to look this shit up and find out what the hell he was into…In my researching, Emmett sat down besides me and said to put in Leather boy and see what pops out. Well, I was mildly surprised but not at what came back in our search query.

Life seemed to move forward and soon it was time for us to move on to Europe to spend out the last few months of my human life play tourist and watching Edward cook human food for William. Yup, human mate! We are going to be turned at the same time too. Jasper is setting up newborn boot camp now and getting handbooks and everything together. I am so not looking forward to it at all. It sounds a lot like school to me. But whatever, Peter will help me survive his brother or they both will be dead. I am sure that my life in the future will be amazing and I know it will be full of love, both for my family and my mate. I never once thought that I would meet my mate in Texas visiting a college. I dreamed of it, yes but I never really thought that dream would come true. I really did get a new chance at love just like Edward.

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