Hello my lovely readers!

No, unfortunately, this is not an extra chapter for LU BUUUUUT it is me telling you that I am writing a super awesome outtake for the Fandom for Texas Wildfire relief.

For those of you who don't know, and if you live anywhere in North America you probably already do know, Texas has been on fire for weeks. Wildfires are hard to put out at the best of times but in such a dry climate the firefighters are practically fighting a losing battle. Many have lost their homes and their livelihoods and I know that if it were my country I would be hoping for help from others around the world. I'm donating money as well as my time and I ask that you take the initiative to do the same. If you donate $5 or more you'll be given access to over 140 authors' works, mine included.

Anyway, back to the outtake. It's going to be set post-Danny's change (which is the last outtake that I have written for LU—Check out "The Hardest Lessons" if you have no idea what I'm talking about) and it's going to cover the repercussions of his change, how his addition will affect the family. Originally I was hesitant to write an original character in this fandom because I usually hate it when other people do that but I had plenty of requests for it and when I was sent a message asking to donate my time and my writing I figured that this would be a popular offering. At least, I hope it will be?

Again, please consider donating. 5 bucks isn't a lot, but I had over 300 hits daily to Lessons Unexpected when it was updating and if each of you donated 5 dollars that's $1,500 which can help buy provisions for families who have nothing left.

To be extremely cheesy and cliché I'm gonna quote a song: "Take a look around you, what if it happened there?"

To donate/sign up/see the contributing authors, please visit: texasfires[.]ysar[.]info (remove the square brackets).