The Ladder

This story is are a few glimpses of Bonnie and Damon's relationship. It's set to the song The Ladder, by Andrew Belle. Each chapter will have one line or verse from the song and it will somehow relate to Bonnie and Damon's relationship. This is my first time ever posting a story, but I greatly appreciate constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries (books or series), or the characters in them.

I don't own Andrew Belle or his music, although I wish I did.

'Woe is me, faithless you and selfish me.'

Bonnie had always looked at Damon Salvatore as the 'smug bastard' of Mystic Falls. Even after he began showing his caring side to her. They were casual 'bed buddies' when she realized he was becoming increasingly kind. But she offered him nothing more than sex. To most, including Damon, she saw him as... Faithless.

Damon soon began to grow possessive of the young witch, although he would never tell her that. His temper flared at the sight of her with someone else. But the most reoccurring 'someone' was Tyler Lockwood. A mutt, in Damon's opinion, with an attitude. He often called when himself and Bonnie were together. He couldn't remember the night he chucked Bonnie's phone when the dog called. All he knew was when it came to Ms. Bennett he was very, very selfish.

'I will leave a key, for you, outside my doorway.'

Damon had come to the conclusion that he was making remarkable progress with the witch. He felt like the step he took with her was the biggest he's made since Katherine. They began to actually spend time with each other, without engaging in bedroom activities. Over the time span of a month and 3 days (not that he was counting), Bonnie frequented the Boarding House so often, that Damon left a key for her, under the welcome mat, outside his doorway. What he didn't realize was that the key wasn't just to this house, but to his heart as well.

'Woe is me, one if by land or two by sea. So won't leave, for me, a light outside your doorway?'

Damon viewed the town of Mystic Falls as a place for the supernatural to wreak havoc, as he once did. He hasn't forgotten the night Katherine returned. She had made a call to Bonnie, who in turn, lit one of the two candles that lay near her window sill. Damon picked up the scent (it was a special candle he had made for a specific reason), and saw, as well as smelled, the single lit candle and that meant danger on land. He gave her the candle as a way for her to signal danger. He then met up with a fuming Katherine. But he had felt as though he had his own version of a midnight ride. But he remembered what he told her when he gave her the candles. "One if by land, or two by sea."

A/N: "One if by the land, two by sea," relates to Paul Reveres' ride. He would have the church light one candle if the British were coming by land, or two if they were coming by sea. He was also riding in the midnight to alert them, on horseback. Just a quick history lesson for those of you who didn't understand that last part :) I may have some parts of that wrong, but thats why there's google :)

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