Revelations pt. 2


December 2, Wednesday

Iwatodai Dorm

"This is bizarre-o..." Junpei lowered his head.

"Makes me feel like I want to go sleep it off..." Akihiko said with a low tone.

"More like 'let's all be ignorant'..." Junpei said.

"Everyone..." Minako looked at them with sorrowful eyes.

"I know this is all so sudden but..." said Ryoji.

"But what?" Junpei shouted at him, "This is all so freakin' bad! This is just like before! Why do we get to see it all over again…?" Chidori embraces Junpei to keep him calm. "Excuse me, but what's happening?" she asked.

"You are excused from this scenario," said Mitsuru, "You've had enough problems before, and we don't want you to get involved in this one."

"But why did we included her here in the room?" asked Ken while petting Koromaru. "Won't this get her back to her old self?"

"I believe that Chidori-san will not be able to return to her former self," said Aigis.

"How can you be so sure of that?" asked Yukari.

"She seems to have to reaction towards this subject matter, so it's safe to say that she is no longer a member of Strega. But since she is conscious during the Dark Hour, I suppose she still has faint traces of Potential."

"Should I...leave the room?"

"No, Chidori, we won't leave you alone by yourself outside this room," said Junpei while holding her hand.


Minato is alone looking out the window, he's too quiet and he doesn't want to look at them for the moment.

"He sure is upset right now," said Junpei.

"Who wouldn't be if you suddenly knew that you're already dead?" said Yukari. "He's had enough burdens to deal with, then this comes?"

"But to think that Minato would be given a second chance to be alive until this day," said Mitsuru, "this is something we shouldn't slip by. Ryoji, what else can you tell us?"

"I've already told you everything I had to."

"I don't think you have!" Minako said. "S-Sorry..."

"Minako-chan's also having her own problems..." said Fuuka, "To learn that the brother she had been longing to meet was only a tangible spirit, it is very saddening. If I were in her case, I'd feel the same thing."

"I'm only here to tell you this," said Ryoji, "But my presence is also for the fact that I'm to bring the end and-"

"Yeah, we already had that idea in mind," said Junpei without looking at him.

"Let me finish," Ryoji said, "I'm here for that reason...but I refuse to do it!"

"Huh?" everyone gasped.

"As much as I hated to do this like before, this time I'll make sure to never do it again. I don't want to risk losing anyone!"


"But what about Minato? Can't we do something about it?" said Yukari.

"He's only got until New Year to stay like this; after that he'll return to the Great Seal. His only mission now is to realize that he's already dead and that he needs to fulfill the task given him."


"And what task is that?" Minato turned around to tell him, "You mean that I'll completely be gone once I know what that is?" Ryoji just nodded as a response. "I just learned that I'm already dead, for crying out loud!" Minato sat down on a chair.

"Easy there, Minato," said Akihiko.

"This is bad...bad, bad, bad!" Minako acted like a little child, "There's no way that I'm gonna let my brother disappear like that! I've been alone since that incident happened... And it's only when I came here that I felt so close to anyone. Isn't there another way...?" she is already crying and only Ryoji could reply was a frown. "I'm...sure there's another way..." she sobbed some more. After that she suddenly ran out the room.

"Minako-chan!" Yukari stood up. Minato also left after Minako did. "Minato, you too?" she tries to stop him.

"Those two needs time to cool down," said Ryoji, "I'd rather leave them be right now. I'm taking this to heart as much as they do."

"But you said that you don't want to do this?" said Ken.

"I know, but I don't have that authority to do what I just said. Even if I refuse, I'll still bring in The Fall."

"Are you sure that you're fine with this?" asked Junpei.

Chidori nods, "Yes, even if I don't know what's happening right now."

"Well, it's late," said Akihiko, "We don't want everyone to start sulking again."

"I shouldn't have come and told you all this..."

"It was for all our sake," said Mitsuru, "We'll endure this together, no matter how painful it is."

Ryoji left after, still filled with doubt of telling them. As for the rest, they honestly don't know what step they should take next. Minako and Minato are in their rooms, silent with fear of losing everything in one swoop. All they can do now is observe and try to face whatever will come.