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My Dear Warrior,

I left my body the day I was struck down by the Dagger of Time as it pierced my intestines, and left my body in a pool of my own blood. Its hard for me describe what I actually felt at that moment, the pain was at first very excruciating. Then when I realized and accepted death, the pain stopped and I felt at peace with myself. I saw your eyes, but you weren't crying in my eyes, you were as I had always remembered you. That sparkle in you when I realized how divine you look in the moonlight. Those big brown eyes staring back at me when I first looked you, the look you gave to me that told me you were curious and daring. The moment when I was in your lap, I wasn't dying; I was thriving like you said I would. I didn't even think about dying as I only remembered the good times in my life and envisioned the life I will never be able to live. Sadly, only when dying did I finally reach peace and tranquility that I had sought after for such a long time. I began to see the world in a totally new light, and so when I lay in your warm lap dying, I didn't just see your pretty face, I saw my life pass me by.

I died at the tender age of 25, and do I look back in regret? No. I had lived a vibrant life, and in total I have seen four wars that I took active part in. However, as I was raised to be a soldier, I never think of fighting wars as the highlights of my life. I consider feeling loved as the highlights of my life. I felt my mother's love, I remember when I was young and I would get into fights with bigger people, my mother would always tend my wounds. She would ask, "Why do you always have to be so aggressive? You could have just walked away." Her lectures were not in anger but of a worried mother trying to raise her oldest son. I wondered when I lay dying of how she would react to my death? I realized that I wish I could tell her to stop worrying about her brash son, that she would always warm my spirit. I wanted to thank her for everything she had done for me. And tell her that there was no need for her to worry anymore because now I will be joining father in the afterlife. But, I never got to tell her any of this; hopefully my brother wouldn't be as much of a handful as I was.

I've felt the love of my siblings, my younger brother and sister. I remember teaching my brother how to hold a weapon properly and teaching him how to fight. His first weapon that he chose were twin scimitars, I was there smiling with a fatherly pride. I wish I could have told him that I'm very proud of him and I know he will take over my spot as I had for father. Also, my dear little sister, she might think her red veil didn't help me but it did. Whenever I was discouraged, I'd look at it and remember this goofy little girl that had completed my life. I would remember my sister then fight because I had to protect her and now my brother will have to protect her.

Even here in Babylon, I've felt a sort of friendship love. Kaileena, though my time with her was short, it was not long after me that she soon joined me. Though, I had left the physical world, I still had a presence in this world because I wasn't going to leave without having a final say with the Vizier. I gave power to Kaileena for her to finish off the Vizier, and to keep him from becoming immortal. I didn't want Kaileena to kill herself, since I sacrificed myself for her. But, I knew after she did, that she was never meant to be in the mortal world just like me. I will always keep my promises, even the one for you. You think I'd leave you? No, I'd never leave you. Remember? I promised that I would never leave you.

Let me expand this a bit further, the best thing in this world that I have ever felt, is your love. My comrades in the army would often talk of a woman's love being far superior to a woman's touch. Being young and naive I didn't really understand what my comrades meant by that. Wasn't a woman's touch a better sensation than something that is hardly tangible such as love, but I finally understand what they meant. The moment I saw you I knew that I would always love you. From your bratty attitude to your ultra sensitive moods, I've loved you in every perspective possible. It's been almost a year since I knew you but it seems that I've been in love with you all my life. So, when you cried saying why was I leaving you, and how to be strong. I don't think you realize how strong you truly are. Think about it, you don't need me to be your hero; in fact you are my hero in so many ways. You are a Maharajkumari, yet you came to this war as a prisoner and you could have left with me at the beginning. But, you stayed and fought, it was that fiery spark inside of you that made me fall madly in love with you. A warrior that is what you are. You will be strong and I trust that you will make the right decisions. I want you to remember our joyous times together, not the sad times. Leaving you...that's the last thing that will happen, I am here. What? You don't think the Prince is part of me? He is, because he and I both are in love with you. If he loves you then that is enough for me to know that he will be by you, and isn't that the equivalent to me being with you? There was so much I wanted to say before I died, but I have no regrets. I leave this world with an open clear mind and I wish to have no strings attached here. But, remember I will always be here for you, even if I may not appear there, I am.

Be Strong,