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Mosul: A town on the banks of the Tigris River.

Trojans: People from Troy which is Modern day Turkey.

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Chapter 10: Knowledge

He placed a gruff hand over his eyes to block the glaring rays of the sun, but his eyebrows still knitted together. Impatiently he waited outside the gates on his well-trained stallion wearing the armor he didn't wear for so many months. He inhaled the early morning air as he thought about the many memories that came along with this armor. Memories that he wished to forget….no on second thought he didn't want to forget those memories because if he did it would mean that he would forget all his hard work and Kaileena. He halted his thoughts when he heard hooves approaching him. The Shah lifted his eyes to behold the man who stood before him. Dareios, the Shah smirked when he thought of him. This Immortal had trained with him when he was younger, often bested him in hand to hand combat. Now, the brave Dareios is under his tutelage as a commander.

"Your majesty, you have asked for my services?" He asked, and the Shah nodded.

"Yes, it seems rebellions are sprouting within my empire. I am going to personally handle the Assyrians, and Elamites." He explained to his trusted commander as he unconsciously gripped a pouch he always kept attached to his trousers. However, when he squeezed the pouch he realized to his horror that it's empty. His heart stopped, and breathing became difficulty as he kept squeezing the pouch hoping that it will show up. His mind reeled backwards, he lost Farah's necklace! He tried to calm himself while trying to remember if he left it somewhere. Then he noticed that Dareios is still waiting for his command, and he cleared his throat. "That means I'm leaving Babylon and putting you in charge. I want you to keep this place air tight about news spreading into the city. Make sure to stop all trades, nobody should be allowed to leave, and nobody is allowed to come inside the city." He finished, but he hardly focused on the order as he kept trying to remember where he put the necklace. "Got it?" He asked, and Dareios.

"Yes, your majesty." He bowed and left. The Shah chewed his bottom lip as he turned away from Dareios to stare out to the horizon. Maybe it fell somewhere, he felt guilty that he lost her necklace but he had to shake the guilt away because right now he has other problems to take care of.

Farah fiddled with the blue necklace she wore with one hand, and her other hand is clasped firmly by Hydarnes's hand as he dragged her along the busy marketplace. At first she protested holding hands with him, but he swiftly reminded her who is in charge. With a groan she tried to keep up with the Immortal's long quick strides. It hardly peaked morning when Hydarnes shook her awake, and Farah didn't understand why he hastily rode to the city called Mosul. The Immortal is calm and calculating but Farah spotted him looking behind them more than once. He is obviously running from someone, but whom? Who could make an Immortal run and hide? Unless, this Immortal isn't really an Immortal….she instinctively squeezed the necklace around her neck. No, he has to be a real Immortal, no other person could do the feats he does. But, the person that gave him the necklace has to be somebody that knew her well enough to know why the necklace is important. The only person she could think of is the Shah, but what if someone else is paying attention to her? What if the Vizier is back? A shiver ran down her spine when she thought of the wretched old man, no he is dead. But, the doubt has already taken a hold in her heart. She shook her head; she needs to stop thinking about it. Instead she focused on the marketplace in Mosul and it vaguely reminded her of the one in Babylon. Except, there are more Persians that live in this city, and some people she never seen in her life called Trojans. Hydarnes nudged her and she was pulled from her thoughts to stare at the back of the Immortal's head. She smelled the salt in the wind and knew they were in a port. Still holding her hand Hydarnes walked to every sailor asking when they are crossing the Tigris.

"Well, there are two ships leaving tomorrow for Ecbatana. One in the morning, and the other at midday." The sailor explained, and Hydarnes nodded his agreement.

She resisted the urge to clutch her lovely spear that is attached to her back when she gazed upon the two leery guards. They stared from her feet to her head, and she held her head up high in confidence. "Are you going to let me inside the city?" She asked impatiently, she had been outside of these gates with the sun burning holes in the back of her head for a while now.

"What is your business here?" One of the guards finally demanded.

"Sight-seeing." She lied as she placed her hands on her hips and the guard arched an eyebrow.

"Where are you from?" He asked still skeptical of her.

"Matsya." She answered truthfully.

"Proof?" She then pulled out the emblem symbol of Matsya from her shirt and held it out for them to look at it.

"Good enough?" She asked as she tucked it away.

"You are a long way from home."

"Like I said, sight-seeing." She sneered then one of the guards moved to open the gate.

"Welcome to Mosul foreigner." She barely heard the guard's words as she gazed upon the small city. She walked through the streets smelling the fresh spices mixed with desert wind while scanning around for any signs of her prey. The trail of the Immoral and Farah are fresh and she knew there is only one reason why they came to Mosul, to cross the Tigris. Immediately, she searched for the docks knowing well that they had already gone there and she hoped that they didn't find any ships to cross with yet. But, when she stepped onto the docks she remembered one thing. That she is a foreigner and perhaps asking about an Immortal may seem fishy to them. She needs information though, and if they do tell the Immortal of her presence then she will be more than ready for him.


"Who is she?" Hydarnes whispered as he pointed to a person while gripping her wrist firmly making Farah cringe. She then followed his finger to a lone figure talking to a sailor and from her high vantage point on balcony she could barely make out who it is. Did he really think she could recognize someone from this far away? But, nonetheless she paid close attention to the tall lean woman and curiously wondered who she is. The woman's skin complexion is similar to hers and also the deep blue armor she wore also is native to her homeland. However, Farah couldn't make out the woman's face as she is turned away from her and Farah could only see the waves of long locks cascading down her back. Farah gave a shrug to the frustrated Immortal making him sigh, but he didn't give up. "Look closer, you should know her." He repeated again, and Farah was about to protest until she noticed something the woman carried with her. The bag! Arjun's possessions that she lost when she was taken by Hydarnes. How did she find it? Why does she have it? So many questions whirled in Farah's mind, and she mentally noted that she needs to meet this woman. Till she actually meets this woman, Farah will keep her mouth shut to the Immortal. Farah looked again back to the Immortal and shrugged naively. He took a long time studying Farah's stoic gaze trying to detect if she is hiding something. "Do you recognize the emblem she carries?" He asked intently trying to read her reaction, and honestly Farah never noticed an emblem.

"Emblem?" She asked with wide curious eyes, and Hydarnes growled in irritation.

"Yes, the thing that people use to identify themselves." He whispered harshly.

"I know what an emblem is! I just didn't see one on her." She huffed back, what does he think she is? And Hydarnes looked baffled.

"You can't see it?" He asked, and Farah folded her arms in irritation.

"Well, I'm sorry that I don't have superior eyes such as yours." She said dryly making Hydarnes roll his eyes.

"Alright I'll tell you, its gold and has a big fish engraved in it." He explained looking at her expression wondering if she will recognize it. Immediately, Farah knew what it was, the symbol of the Matsya Kingdom. Of course it all made sense, that's the same kingdom Arjun was from and so is her sister. Although, she knew of it she still put on a blunt expression and is determined not to tell Hydarnes the complete truth.

"It's the symbol of the Matsya." She explained.

"So you do know them?" He asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Not really, I just know of them. They are not the same as my kingdom." She informed him and he sighed again.

"So you wouldn't know why she is following us." He said in annoyance, and Farah's eyes widened.

"She is?" She asked trying hard to suppress the excitement she felt. Knowing her sister is trying to rescue her again.

"Yes, for the past two days she's been tracking us in the desert." He said as he contently watched the woman walk away from the sailor he had talked to earlier. Knowing very well that she has just found that they were spending the night here. A grin crossed his features while he stared at the mysterious woman and Farah looked at him in confusion.

"What are you going to do?" She asked fearing what he will do.

"She has made a dire mistake to come into my own backyard." He whispered with confidence that sent shivers down Farah's spine