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Chapter One : Boom.

There's a point in your life when you look back and begin to wonder where the years went. You begin to wonder to yourself if you always made the right choices. There's even that little voice in your head that often nags you with those bothersome 'what if' questions that you wish you could forget about. Growing up you listened to fairy tales about how perfect life would be when you got older. You would marry your prince charming and live happily ever after. But eventually you grow older, and things aren't as you would have imagined them. You marry a man you thought would be your prince charming, but you find yourself in just another miserable marriage, with little or no excitement for the future. And then it reaches the point where all you have left is those little 'what if' questions that you wish to forget about, because you can't bare to let go of the good days, when life actually seemed worth while.

These were the realizations of Hermione Weasley as she pulled herself out of bed. Anyone who had known Hermione as a teenager would be completely shocked that the woman would have such thoughts running through her mind. She had always been such a logical, and positive woman. But as the years went by, she changed with her life. Back then she had expected a wonderful life, but now she had long given up on any hope for that fairy tale romance or happily ever after.

Of course by now you would be wondering what happened right? Well you know where the story left off. Voldemort had been vanquished and now everyone was free to live their lives. Hermione and Ron continued to date, despite the many problems they had had during the ending months of the war. They both decided that everything that had gone wrong had just been because of the stress of the war. It was logical reasoning, wasn't it? And Ron was her best friend, so why shouldn't she give him the benefit of the doubt? Well things were perfect. They stopped fighting for a while, Ron even occasionally showed his romantic side every once in a while. He made her feel like the princess she had always imagined being as a young girl and so how could she resist?

Six months after the war he proposed. She was having the most amazing time of her life, he seemed so genuine and she was so certain and hopeful that the near perfect fairy tale romance they had going would last forever. Another six months later and they were married. That's where things started to go wrong. It started slowly. He stopped being as charming, they began bickering again and then eventually he seemed to lose interest all together. He became annoyingly possessive to the point where she couldn't even talk to Harry on a regular basis as she had before. Soon enough the fighting got out of hand, nothing she did was ever good enough for him and it seemed as though she had to constantly walk on egg shells just to get by. Eventually she started wondering if he was having an affair, and sure enough he was. But when she consulted him about it, he made it seem like it was all her fault. Like she wasn't enough to keep his interest, so how was that his problem and he made it work, too. Hermione was a smart girl but self esteem had never been her strong point and he used that to his advantage.

Now they were five years into a dead marriage, Hermione was a shell of a woman and didn't know who to turn to. She had neglected all of the other people in her life, she pushed them away, to keep her husband happy and now she found herself alone. She stopped talking to Harry, Ginny, Luna, Neville, and even her parents and what for? At this point it seemed as though she had given them all up for nothing. She had dug herself into a big hole and she didn't know how to get out of it. So maybe it was a lost cause. Maybe she was doomed to be miserable for the rest of her life. Maybe she was doomed to listen to her husband flirting with other girls at the office, or doomed to waiting up until he came home from another 'night out' with his latest skank. Yes, that was Hermione's life now and she knew she was going to have to live with it, whether she liked it or not.

The young woman now found herself staring into the mirror of her bathroom. She didn't look like any normal twenty-four year old girl. Her face looked more worn out, her hair was a mess, her face looked pale and there were huge bags under her eyes from the many nights she had stayed awake crying, unable to sleep because of the piercing pain that had lodged itself into her chest. What a life indeed.

"Hermione are you ready yet or not?" A voice snapped from somewhere on the floor beneath her.

"Yes, dear." the woman croaked as she looked away from the mirror in shame, "I'll be right down."

And with one last sigh she left the washroom.

Within moments she reached the foot of the staircase to see her husband standing there. Although she knew it was Ron standing in front of her, she could hardly recognize him anymore. The kind and loving nature had drained itself from his face. There was no more humor in his eyes and his voice had become cold. But it was only like this with her. It was as though she were some kind of burden to him, as though she was the only thing keeping him down in life. This was something she couldn't even begin to understand because she tried to make him happy. She did everything in her power to make things between them work. She gave up everything and everyone that she had ever had, just to make him happy, but he never gave anything in return. When had his heart grown so cold?

"Are you ready yet?" He snapped as his eyes moved over to his wife. "I told Kingsley I would be there ten minutes ago."

"Yes, Ronald. Lets go." Hermione said in her now usual quiet voice.

In a moment faster than any muggle could comprehend, they now stood in a completely different building.

"Welcome, to the Ministry of Magic." the usual voice welcomed them as they began walking into the sea of wizards that had also begun arriving.

"I'll meet you back here at five to go home. And don't be late." Ron warned her in a threatening voice.

The girl just nodded as her husbands eyes glared right through her. As sad as it had become, work was her escape from everything. But she didn't have the job she wanted. In her Hogwarts years she had always wanted to be a Healer or an Auror, either profession would have been perfect in her opinion but Ron wouldn't see to it. He didn't want her having a job better than his, so she was demoted to the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, as part of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, which wasn't the most exciting job in the world. But she had to be grateful to a point, it was the only time she was able to escape Ron or the prison that he loved to call their "home".

Hermione hurried off to the third floor of the ministry, and through the doors. This was her sanctuary. Again, how sad was that? A person was supposed to dread going to work, and love going home to where their loved ones would be waiting. Hermione wasn't lucky enough to be gifted with such a life. Most nights she was kept awake, wondering what she had ever done to deserve a life such as the one she was currently living.

"Good Morning, Mrs. Weasley." the secretary for their office greeted her as she walked through the door.

"Good morning, Pam. What do you have for us today?" She asked.

"Bert is on run, so it'll just be you on Magical Repair today. It appears as though it's going to be a slow day though, the only things that have been brought in are a toaster, a weed wacker and a clock. But that should keep you busy until lunch, after that there could be more in. If not then it looks like you'll be lucky enough to get the afternoon off." The woman said with a warm smile. Yep, that would be so lucky.

"Alright, well thank you, Pam." Hermione said, took the paper work from Pam and walked into her office where three magically sealed boxes were stacked.

"Okay, lets get to work." The woman muttered to herself.

The morning was going to fast for Hermione's liking. She tried to take her time at her work but she couldn't put it off long enough. No matter how slow she wished to be, after two hours she had finished with the toaster and the weed whacker, and she doubted the clock was going to take to long. She didn't want to go home but if Ron caught wind of her being excused early from work, and not coming home, that wouldn't end so smoothly for her.

"Okay well what's wrong with you." The woman asked, ask she looked over at the final magically sealed box.

Hermione grabbed the report and let her eyes skim through it. Apparently some young five year old wizard-to-be had thrown a tantrum and ever since the clock had been acting funny. It started by shocking people who walked by and after it started flooding their house, the young boys parents had no choice but to send it into be repaired.

"Alright well lets see what we can do." Hermione mumbled as she opened the box. Talking to herself had become a bad habit. Perhaps it was because she was so lonely these days.

The young witch continued with her slow pace, she wasn't in any sort of rush to get out of the office. And it wasn't as though the boss could complain about her being slow. Magic Reversal was a very complex subject and if done wrongly, it could result in a life or death matter. So slowly, the woman circled her wand around the clock, but she was soon interrupted by a knocking sound on her window. She looked over to see Pig sitting in the window, holding what appeared to be a howler.

"Oh great, what now?" The woman groaned and got up from her desk to let the owl in.

It didn't take the letter long to combust after she untied it from the owls leg.


Although he had treated her unfairly over the years, he had never quite taken it that far before and she had never felt the same fear that she was now feeling. The young woman sank into her seat, her eyes were now filling with tears. What was she going to do? How had she gotten herself into such a mess? A weird ticking noise from the clock on her desk brought her back to reality. In her head she found herself wishing that she could just start over and change everything, but she knew that she had to get back to work. Weather she liked it or not she had to face reality head on. The woman moved her wand a little more forcefully over the clock, trying to keep the letter out of her mind but it just wouldn't leave her be.

Her mind started drifting away from her work and her lack of attention caused her not the notice the clock begin to shake and change color.

"Everything will work out." She tried telling herself, but the anxious feeling refused to subside. "Maybe he will calm do-"


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