Hello people! This story is basically about Brittany's entires in her diary from episode 1 to the end of the season. The italics are her entries...enjoy!

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Dear Diary,

I know I haven't been writing in you often, but my mind has been thinking…a lot. This usually doesn't happen, well I mean I think about a lot of things, but things have been going weird lately. Today Quinn made Santana and I try out for Glee club. At first I didn't even know what Glee club was, Quinn told me it stood for Get Laid Easy and Enjoy club so I automatically wanted to join. But then…suddenly I found myself singing a song about little prayers and I don't know how I ended up there. Santana told me Glee club was actually about singing and stuff, which I don't really mind doing also I guess.

Then diary I spent an entire ten minutes in Coach Sylvester's office. I was kind of scared…she scares me. She's like a tall scary animal or something. Maybe like a creepy ant-eater who eats up all her victims from the ground.

"You three are going to be my spies."

I smirked. That sounded like fun, I've always wanted to be a spy. Hiding behind corners, jumping out at victims and yelling at them until they give me answers to super secret things. I gave Santana a high five and Quinn rambled on about how she would get her boyfriend Finn back. He isn't even that cute anyways.

"I don't care so much about that." Sue said and then all three of us scrambled out of her office.

Maybe this will be fun diary. I've always secretly liked singing. I think I have a voice like a virgin angel on top of the clouds…except for the virgin part. At least Santana will be with me. I don't think I could do anything without her…she's like my best friend. Today after school she spent the rest of the day at my house after Cherios practice.

"Taking down this Glee club is going to be a piece of cake" Santana smirked as she took a seat on the edge of my bed and quickly dropped the extra weight of her Cherios bag on the floor.

I plopped face down on my bed. It felt so good to lay down after Cherios practice. My knees were basically jelly. "Cake sounds good." I mumbled.

"Cake makes you fat." I could feel Santana looking at my misshapen body.

"Your'e not fat." I glanced at Santana's perfect body.

Santana gave a small smile, "Thanks." She then glanced at her bag and then back at me, "Do you mind if I change into some normal clothes?" We were still both in our stinky Cherios uniforms; I definitely understood why she wanted to change out of it as soon as possible.

I nodded, "Sure."

I couldn't keep my eyes off her Diary. It was like I was glued to her perfect abs when she took off the top of her uniform. I had to force myself to look down and try and act normal. I mean, Satana is a pretty girl maybe that's why all the football players are after her…and her perfect abs. We change in front of each other all the time in the locker room, but today just seemed…different. Like Different Strokes…that show is funny. Maybe I just wish I had abalicious abs like hers. Not like the band ABBA, but like really nice abs…that sing ABBA songs. Well, before I start to ramble I will bid you ado Diary…until next time…or maybe tomorrow. I will write in you again. Night!

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