Candace: Ah the city of Paris...the city of loooove..!

Phineas: and the Eiffel tower!

Candace: grr do you mind I was kinda having a moment there!

Phineas: Oh sorry Candace *mimes little hand walking up Eiffel tower humming frere jaque*

Candace: What are you doing?

Phineas: I was just imagining what itd be like to climb the Eiffel tower

Linda: Well kids that is where we are thinking of going today so get ready to go ok Candace?
Candace: Yeah alright *walks away but turns to the boys pretending to squish there heads with her fingers* Hehe they look so bust-able…

Phineas: Hey where's Perry?

Perry: rides on the back of a French cyclist jumps into "le pothole" and drops into the spy chair*

M: good morning Agent P seems like Dr Doofenshmirtz has been buying a lot of French translation and sarcasm for dummies books. We would say check Canada but seeing that there has also been a shortage of croissants in Paris it looks like he is in your area. Get to the "derriere" of it.
Perry: *salute*

Phineas: hey Baljeet! Buford! What are you two doing here?

Baljeet: oh hello Phineas and Ferb, I decided to do a project about the history and architecture of the structure. I'm sure as builders you're here for the same reason right?

Phineas: um actually we're just here on holiday

Baljeet: …oh

Buford: and I'm only here cos shrimp had a spare ticket

Baljeet: did you also know that the fireside girls are here too?

Phineas: no way! Where are they?

Baljeet: they're getting their European accent and beret study patches

Ferb: this is very serendipitous

Phineas: yes, yes it is

*Lawrence appears*

Phineas: Hey dad why so glum?

Lawrence: oh boys it seems that the lifts on the Eiffel tower are broken. So unless you want to walk all the way up there by the stairs I'm afraid we cant go up the Eiffel tower today

Baljeet: oh no! Now I can't get to study the architecture of the Eiffel tower!

Buford: and I can't spit off the side and yell Pierre to see if anyone looks round!

Linda: don't worry boys I'm sure you'll have fun doing something else today; your father and I are off to the Lurve to see the Mona Lisa

Candace: and I'm going to do some shopping, y'know something cool away from you two

Linda: big surprise there, bye kids have fun!

Candace: even though ill be gone shopping ill be watching you closely!

Ferb: …*does a walking motion on the Eiffel tower with his hand*

Phineas: …that's it! Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!

Baljeet: may we help in this endeavour?

Phineas: sure! And maybe we can even ask the girls for some help!

Baljeet: *rings up Isabella*

Isabella: *picks up* Bonjour?

Baljeet: hey Isabella

Isabella: Hey Baljeet, que faites-voooous?

Baljeet: Guess who's also here?

Isabella: Phineas is here?

Baljeet: Yeah he's here with Ferb making another contraption for the Eiffel- *sees Isabella right next to him* eep!

Isabella: Can't wait to start!