Chizuru took a step back and felt her breath hitched. "W-what has brought on this sudden question?" Her gaze flew up to his in question, only to meet up with, determination.

Hijikata grasped her left hand and spoke with a resolute voice. "I want you to marry me Chizuru. I found my reason to live." He placed the sleeping pup on his chair before looking back at her and smiled.

"And what is that reason?" Her eyes became filled with tears that were threaten to spill.

"You of course. Without me here to watch over you, who knows what kind of trouble you might start." He tugged on her hand and brought her in his embrace. "You cry so easily."

She let out a cry and pounded his chest with her fists. "Oh-h..Y-you!"

He chuckled at her reaction, grabbed both her fists and held them above her head then pushed her on to the desk.
Leaning down he nipped at her neck, making Chizuru moan in pleasure. "Hijikata-san~"

He stopped and whispered in her ear. "I think we are pass being formal Chizuru. Toshizo, could you say that?"

She blinked at him and blushed, "T-Toshizo-san~" Hijikata gave her an amused smile. "So polite as always."

Chizuru raised her eyebrows at him. She opened her mouth to retort but, was cut off as his lips claimed hers.


The door suddenly opened making the two jump apart. Two figured stood at the door way with different expressions. One was Ootori who was currently looking away blushing and the other was Elizabeth. She was gaping at first before turning it into a tantrum and breathing heavily.

"Ah, sorry Hijikata-kun. I didn't mean to interrupt THAT. But, Miss Kirk here wanted to talk to you about something serious." Ootori turned towards the fuming English woman and gave a awkward laugh. "I'm sure you know by now that these two are lovers. "

Hijikata smirked and tugged Chizuru closer to him before addressing the two. "If that was harsh Miss Kirk then by all means tell me so. But like I said earlier, we will either kick your family out or end your life by my hands. So, please state what you want to say."

"I want to speak to you alone. " Elizabeth said with force as if it was a command. "This is a private matter to both you and me."
'Then you shall say it now, as it is her business as well. " Hijikata clutched onto her arm and tilted his head in Chizuru's direction.

Elizabeth tapped her foot impatiently and huffed, "Well, I'm saying it is between me and you. She will know it until later on. " She glared at him as if he expected her to do as she says. Ootori looked at them from the sidelines and felt a sweat dropped as Chizuru was in the middle of this ongoing battle of wits.

He coughed, breaking the glare battle between the two. "I'm sure something can be agreed on between the two of you. After all, we are all presented here. So, please Miss Elizabeth, state what you would say. "

Elizabeth crossed her arms and looked away from them. "This is my last time saying this Toshizo Hijikata. My offer still stands now on becoming my husband, but I see that you have things figured out between you and your…page." She turned to them with a steel expression, "But if that is what you want, why not let her work for me? That way, she can be with all the time when you need her.."

Hijikata raised an eyebrow at her and frowned. "What is the catch for this, I do not seem to like this one bit. "

Elizabeth smirked at them. "From the Choshu side there is people who wants that girl." She tapped her lip in though, "Ah! A man named Chikage Kazama and Kaoru Nagumo wants this girl, but like I said, if she was to work for me, she will be protected from them. I'll make sure she will not be gone from your sight."

"And, there is more to this." Hijikata pressed on, knowing that he might not like the results. She gave a dry laugh, "I want you Toshizo Hijikata to marry me when this battle ends. When the Bakufu loses, Haha! I can see you begging me to take up my offer."

Ootori crossed his arms and interrupted, "That may be true with the Bakufu losing the war from the results of it. Although, Miss Elizabeth you do think likely on being with his wife once the war ends. From your tone, I can see that you intend on using Yukimura to be a concubine once Hijikata-kun is finished with her. "

"Correct!" Elizabeth agreed, nodding her head. " I bet by the end of the war, He will be begging for my hand in marriage and a better person in bed as well. That page would only be a sideline wife, doing is duties. Ha!"

"Get out." Hijikata said coldly, "Get out of my sight. I will not have you insulting my wife with this idiotic assumptions."

"You will be mine!" Elizabeth stated coldly as well. "I always get what I wanted, you are no exception!"

Ootori took that as a cue to drag Elizabeth out as he saw Hijikata clenched his fist tightly. He quickly made an excuse as he dragged her away from the room and shut the door. "Eh, Well time to go! I almost forgot to say that your father needed you Miss Elizabeth. Um, Now!"

Hijikata glared at the door way before bringing Chizuru into his embrace and held her tightly to his chest. "I'm sorry you had to see that, that woman is a monster thinking only about herself." He sighed and gently stroked her back, sending shivers down her spine. Chizuru shook her head into his chest offering him comfort.