by Gunman

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Summery: Steve Rogers and Ororo Munroe are living together following the disbanding of the X-Men. But while they are happy, something sinister is brewing behind the scenes.


Chapter 1
The Quiet Life

It was a beautiful summer's day in New York City. The sun was high, the clouds were out, a cool breeze wafted through the city streets, and at a local café a gorgeous African woman with long white hair, in a blue dress and matching shoes waited for her husband.

A hand tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around to be greeted by a handsome blond-haired, blue-eyed man in a white-button up shirt, brown slacks and shoes. They smiled at each other as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

"Have you been waiting long, hun?" he asked.

"I would have waited a lifetime for you, my love." she smiled.

The man sat down across from her as the waiter came out to take their order. Placing just a simple order between the two of them, the pair reached across the table and just held hands.

"I missed you." he said, caressing her hand softly.

"Steven! It's only been four hours since we saw each other at breakfast." the woman said with a blush and smile.

"Is it my fault I'm married to such a beautiful woman?" he asked.

"You say that now. Just wait. In a few years I'll get even older and your interest will start to wane." she said.

"Never. It's not just your outer beauty that captures me, it's your inner beauty as well." he said.

"Oh Steve!"


Captivated by each others eyes, and the rather enchanting moment between them, the pair leaned in and kissed each others lips.

"Ahem." the waiter softly coughed, holding up a tray of food.

The pair blushed and laughed as they sat back to enjoy their lunch.

Once lunch was finished, Steve paid the bill and the pair got up to leave.

"I really wish you didn't have to go back to work." Steve said as Ororo wrapped her left arm around his muscular right.

"I know, Steve. I wish I didn't have to as well. But if we want that new addition for the baby room we both need to work to acquire the necessary money."

"Just for the materials. I can build it myself."

"As good as you are, it will still cost money."

"You're right. Of course. Even though you're not pregnant yet. I just..."

"Just what?" she asked curiously.

"I just love you so much." he declared.

Ororo looked at Steve, her eyes glazed over with love and lust that were reflected in his eyes.

"I love you too Steve. Or I wouldn't have agreed to marry you after our third date." she smiled.

"Or slept with me on our second." he chuckled.

Ororo blushed. Normally she would never have done that, but Steve was not an ordinary suitor.

No. He was a super suitor.

Digging out her cell phone, she quickly dialed a number, while high above the pristine and perfect sky of New York was growing darker as storm clouds started to form.

"Hello, Kitty? It's me. Yes. Could you have someone cover me for the next hour or two? Yes. Something has come up that I need to deal with." she said, pausing as someone on the other end was talking. "Oh, be quiet!" she snapped, hanging up.

"What was that?" Steve asked.

"That was Kitty. She just said to 'get her some as well'."

"She's pretty perceptive." he smiled.

"Or she is merely lonely and living through me vicariously." she replied.

The storm clouds had gathered, heavy rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning were seen and heard above them.

"Storm's coming!" Steve said as he led his wife to a nearby hotel for cover.

Not yet she's not. Ororo thought with a lustful smile.


"OH! OH! Steve!" Ororo cried out as her husband/lover thrust his ten-inch rod into her shapely body again and again. "I'm Coming!"

"Ororo! Hold on! I'm almost... There!" Steve groaned as he came once again, shooting his hot semen into her naked and sweaty body as the climax struck her too.


The pair tensed as their mutual orgasm lanced both of their bodies. It took nearly a full minute before they were able to move again.

Steve stared down at the gorgeous young woman beneath him, panting hard as she herself looked in the throes of post-orgasm. Her eyes closed, her mouth gasping for breath, turned to the side just a bit, as her slick and messy tangle of hair covered the entire pillow. He leaned down and gently kissed her cheek, causing her to look up at his face.

"I love you." he whispered to her.

"I love you." she whispered back.

The pair kissed softly as Steve pulled himself off of her, lying on his side as she spooned up against him. He kissed her forehead softly as he pulled her into his arms.

Ororo smiled as she drifted off to sleep. As she did, Steve continued to watch her for just a little while longer.

She's so beautiful. So incredible. He thought. She's such a kind and nurturing person, but she's such an energetic lover. I'm really the luckiest guy on the planet. Though... he paused as he once again realized something. ...why don't I remember anything before meeting her? Hmm. I guess it doesn't matter, but... it's strange. It's like... we've known each other for years and it seems like we only just got together. Almost like, like what? I don't remember. I know I love this woman, but... some part of me feeling like I just met her. Like I... like each time we make love it's like the first time. Even if she is the first African woman I've ever met. I hope it's nothing that will ever tear us apart. He thought as Ororo unconsciously snuggled into his chest. I don't think I could ever handle being apart from my goddess.

With that thought, Steve Rogers drifted off to sleep, holding his wonderful wife in his arms.

(Half-way across the city, on a gargoyle-statue sitting on the top of the building)

Marie just looked at her hands, covered by black gloves, which were shaking nervously.

"It's starting again. Soon... everything will be gone. Everything... will go back to what it once was. And I... I'll be alone again." she whispered to herself as tears overtook her eyes.

"Marie? Are you here?" a voice called out from the balcony next to the statue.

The pale-skinned woman with brown hair and a steak of white that highlighted it, jumped off the gargoyle statue and landed on the balcony as a young man stepped out of the apartment.

"Oh! Here you are! Dinner's about ready." Scott Summers said.

"I know. It smells wonderful." Marie Summers said as she walked over to the young man, running her hands through his soft brown hair.

"Sweetie, what's wrong? And why are you wearing your gloves?" Scott asked, taking her hands in his own.

"It... felt a little cold." she said, blushing at how he held her hands.

"Well, come inside. I'll warm you up." he said, kissing her lips softly.

Marie smiled as her body started to warm up.

"You know... I'm not really in the mood for dinner anymore."

"You want to..."

"Yes." she whispered, tentatively brushing her lips across his as she stared into his blue eyes.

Scott nodded as he wrapped his arms around his wife and led her back into their apartment.


Author's Notes:

This was just the start of a much longer story, but I had to write some kind of start for this. For a long time I have wanted to write a Captain America/Storm pairing for X-Men E but I wasn't sure how to get it started. Hopefully, this will turn into a much longer story in future. And there will be more of an explanation as to how things turned out this way.

And in case you couldn't tell, or haven't guessed, the major pairing in this will be Steve Rogers and Ororo Munroe, followed by a very important side-pairing of Rogue and Cyclops.

I know this is kinda short, please forgive me for the quickness of this story, but I hope everyone likes the start I have going here. And hopefully, my future chapters will be much longer.

Leave me lots of reviews so I know what everyone wants to read. Pairing ideas are welcome too.