by Gunman

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Summery: The X-Men and their allies slowly start to realize something is wrong, even as they try to live their peaceful lives.


Chapter 2
Something Wrong

Marie smiled as she lifted her head out of her pillow. Memories of last night etched into her memory of her and Scott making love yet again. She loved Scott. Loved him with all her heart. That was why she had done all of this.

But you can't do it forever, sweetie! A voice called to her.

Leave me alone! Ah'm happy now! Marie retorted.

You stole my powers! You transformed the world! You know the consequences for doing this! The voice shouted back.

Ah know. And Ah don't care! Marie shouted back.

You don't? Do you remember nothing that Xavier taught you?

Oh like you're one to talk! You never listened to anything the Prof. tried to teach you!

I was institutionalized!

And Ah want to be happy! Is that a crime?

Only when you transform all of reality to get your own selfish desires.

It isn't selfish to be loved! And sides, Ah never had a chance in my old life. Not with him, not with my powers. And what are you complaining about? Everyone's happier now. Mutants ain't being hunted and hated. Magneto is human and in prison, just like you were. The Brotherhood Boys are disbanded...

Like the X-Men.

They're all living happy lives now. Normal lives, like they wanted. Besides, you have no idea what it's like to never be close to someone. Even if they liked me.

That doesn't give you the right to...

Shut Up, Wanda! Ah only wanted him! Not Remy, not anyone else! Why can't ya leave me alone?

And go where? I'm stuck in here with you, you know. And thanks to you, neither of us have any powers with which to fix this mess.

Maybe Ah don't want it fixed.

Why would you? At least you're getting laid.

Just then, Scott walked in with a tray of food.

"Morning, sweetheart." Scott said as the brown-haired, blue eyed young man approached his wife as she sat up and covered herself with the sheet.

"Ah. Breakfast in bed. You shouldn't have." Anne Marie said with a playful tone.

"Well, I thought it would make things less painful." Scott said.

"Painful?" she asked as she looked over her pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast and milk.

"The office called. They need me to do an immediate rush job. Could take a couple days." he said.

"A couple...calm down Marie." she chided herself quickly.

"I'm sorry. They called about an hour ago. I've got to leave in about 30 minutes."

Marie sighed. "Ah understand. It's just gonna be lonely without you."

"You have your friends, don't you?" he asked.

"Sure, but that's no substitute for the man you love." she said, staring into his blue eyes.

Scott leaned in and kissed Marie softly on the lips.

"I love you, Anne Marie." he said softly.

"Ah love you too, Scott. Hurry home soon."

"Why? Is something wrong?" he asked.

"I just enjoy being with you." she said.

"Me too." he said, giving her a slow kiss before getting up to get dressed.

While he got dressed, Marie just watched him, committing everything to memory, which included the passionate sex they had had last night.

Ah love you, Scott Summers. She thought.

(Canadian Rockies)

Logan sniffed the air and breathed it in. The crisp clean morning air, the cool breeze, the utter lack of pollution. It felt wonderful, and yet so wrong.

"This feels... wrong." a young woman with long brown hair, dressed in a pair of jeans and a black tank top approached him.

"I know." Logan said. "But it feels nice doesn't it? Peaceful. Quiet."

"It's still wrong." she said, her hands twitching.

"I know, kid. We should probably find Charlie, but... for some reason I don't want to."

"I know. I... don't either." she said as a tear came to her eye.

"Is that a tear?" he asked.

"I'm crying? Why am I crying? I don't cry. I don't."

"Yes you do. You did, remember?" he said, remembering their first meeting at the mansion after she had taken out all the X-Men, including Xavier, and nearly killed him.

"I did... I don't understand!" she hissed, falling knees-first to the ground. "This is wrong, all wrong! But... I actually like this. I like living here, away from the city, away from the noise and the rank smell. Away from the violence."

Logan took out his wallet and opened it, revealing a picture of himself, the girl next to him, and a woman he vaguely remembered. It was a family picture, if their smiling and arms wrapped around the girl was any indication.

We look happy. Logan thought, folding up the wallet and putting it back into his pocket. "We have to leave, but we don't want to. And I... can't imagine anything that would or could take us away from here."

"So... what do we do?" the girl asked.

"Well, for starters... what should we call you?" he asked.

"My name... is Laura. Laura Kinney." she said after a bit of thought.

"And you can call me 'dad' if you want." Logan smirked.

She stared at him for a few seconds. "For some reason... I like that idea." she smiled. "But... what is the plan? What do we do now?"

"The plan is... we wait. We stay strong, we stay sharp... until someone comes looking for us."

"Is that a good idea?"

"It's the only one I've got. Besides... I think Kayla is gonna be mad if we leave."

"Kayla?" Laura asked.

"Hey you two! Breakfast is ready!" a voice from the nearby cabin, Kayla Silverfox, called out from the cabin.

The pair looked over and saw a beautiful woman with long dark hair, of Native American descent, with brown eyes and a motherly smile standing in the doorway of the cabin.

"Coming, hun!" Logan said. "Come on, kid." he said as he headed back to the cabin.

"Yes... dad." the woman formerly known as X-23 said.

(Metro Hospital)

"Kitty, for the last time, leave me alone!" Ororo Munroe Rogers said as she walked over to the copy machine.

"Come on, Ororo! You have to give me some details!" Katharine 'Kitty' Pryde, a young woman with long brown hair and bluish eyes whined.

"What happens between a woman and her husband, stays between a woman and her husband." Ororo said as she started making copies of her paperwork.

"Come on! You didn't show up for the rest of your shift. I had to cover for you. You owe me!" Kitty said.

Ororo sighed as she turned to face the young, brown-haired nurse.

"And do I have to tell Kurt and Amanda of your fantasies about Piotr Rasputin?"

Kitty immediately shut up. While only a few people knew that Kitty actually had feelings for the Russian Ambulance Medic, Kitty had been far too shy to even talk to him, and had taken to fantasizing about him in a variety of very intimate scenarios.

Some of which were 'kinky' to say the least.

"You wouldn't!" Kitty gasped.

"I would." Ororo smiled.

"You couldn't!"

"I could."

"Are you bluffing?"

"Try me." Ororo smirked.

Kitty growled. "Fine." she said, walking away.

(Paging Dr Rogers. Paging Dr Rogers. Call for you, Line 2) the intercom called out.

Ororo smiled as she went over and picked up the phone.

"Dr Rogers speaking." Ororo said into the phone.

(Ororo? It's Jean. I need to come in.) The voice on the other end said.

"Of course Jean. Is anything wrong?" Ororo asked.

(You... could say that.) Jean replied.

"I'll be expecting you soon." Ororo said.

(Very soon.) Jean said, hanging up the phone.


When Jean arrived at the hospital, Ororo was in shock.

"Jean! Who did this to you?" she asked, noticing the black eye and bruises that he attractive red haired woman possessed.

"I got into a fight with this woman named Emma Frost." the red haired young woman said as Ororo started checking her over.

"Emma Frost? The litigator?" Ororo asked.

"The same. We were in court today, on opposite sides, arguing this big case, and... let's just say things got ugly." she said with a slightly guilty expression.

"Ugly? You got into a fist-fight with another lawyer in the middle of court?" she asked in shock.

"Okay. Really ugly."

"Honestly Jean, this is not the Korean parliament. There is no place for that sort of thing in an American court of law." she admonished.

"Ororo, you haven't met this woman!" Jean snapped.

"Perhaps, but that is no excuse, Jean. One would expect better from a graduating valedictorian."

"Uhh! I just hope Warren doesn't find out about this." Jean groaned.

Just then, the doors to the ER opened up and a handsome blond-haired young man named Warren Worthington ran into the room.

"Jean! Are you alright?" Warren gasped when he saw his girlfriend.

"Oh no." Jean gasped/groaned.

"I didn't call him." Ororo said to her.

Warren hugged Jean, and Jean hugged him back.

"I'm fine, Warren." Jean assured the man.

"I was so worried when I heard you got into a fight. At least it wasn't a guy." Warren said.

"She hits like one." Jean smirked.

(SHIELD Headquarters)

Nick Fury, the current head of the Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Enforcement Division, stood at the head of the table as the rest of his hand-picked team began to assemble.

"I was beginning to wonder if you guys got my call at all." Fury said, the dark-skinned, bald-headed, eyepatch wearing director looking at the five members of his Avengers team.

"Some of us actually have personal lives to attend to, Fury." Steve Rogers said.

"You're not the only one, Steve." Scott Summers said.

"I understand that." Fury said. "But it's because of your families' safety that we need you now." Fury said.

"What's wrong this time, Nicholas?' Hank McCoy asked.

"Several days ago our best theoretical scientists discovered something rather disturbing." Fury said as he brought up the computer model on the large screen before them.

The five members of the Avengers team looked at the screen and gasped at what they say. It was Hank McCoy, the muscular dark-haired scientist of the group, who deduced what Fury was saying.

"You're saying that reality is... unraveling?" Hank asked.

"Basically." Fury said.

"But how is that possible?" the tall, Russian, dark-haired Piotr Rasputin asked.

"That's what we need you to find out." Fury said.

"We're not exactly investigators, Fury." Scott said.

"There isn't anyone else to deal with this. We need you to find out what's going on." Fury said.

"But where do we start?" Kurt Wagner, the youngest raven-haired man said.

"Change into your costumes and report to Hanger 3, you leave immediately." Fury said.

The group just looked at each other before heading off to their respective lockers.

"Is it just me, or is Fury sending us on another mission... blind?" Kurt asked as he changed out of his civilian clothes and into his red and blue costume.

"It isn't like he hasn't done that before." Hank said as he changed into his own suit.

"But what can we do about something we don't know about?" Scott asked as his armored suit started to fully power up.

"I'm sure Fury will have more instructions for us later on." Steve said as he set his circular shield down and changed into his red, white and blue costume.

"I do not think this is a good idea." Piotr Rasputin said as he changed into his mostly purple and green outfit. "Should we even be doing these things?"

"The world needs heroes, Piotr." Hank said as he fixed his goggles over his eyes. "While I do find the world of science most interesting, it does come as a slight bore at times. The action I find in this profession is most engaging."

"Besides, we're doing this to protect the people we care for." Steve said as he pulled his mask down over his face.

"And once again, the Avengers are born!" Scott Summers said as he closed the face plate of his high-tech armor.

Their costumes in place, the Avengers stepped out of the locker room and headed towards Hanger 3. Captain America led the way, followed by Iron Man, Giant Man, Spider Man, and The Hulk.

"Alright, Avengers! Let's get to work!" Captain America stated as he and his team boarded their special jet.


Authors Notes:

Here's chapter 2 of my 'American Weather' story. Sorry there isn't much citrus in this story, but it is mostly an explanation chapter that answers a bunch of questions, such as how this came about, and who is paired with who. Hopefully it also answers the question of who the new Avengers are. Originally I wasn't going to put them in this story, but with Captain America in the rotation, I figured that it would be a good idea.

I turned Piotr Rasputin into the new Hulk, because he is a medic kinda like Bruce Banner. Kurt Wagner is the new Spider Man because of his acrobatics and wall-climbing abilities. Hank McCoy is the new Giant Man, because he is a scientist named Hank (and because he would be better than Hank Pym) and Scott Summers is the new Iron Man because Tony Stark is the 'wrong' person for the job.

And Remember 9/11!

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