Hostile Hosting

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Chapter 10: Unstable Reactions

At the Xavier Mansion…

Kurt Wagner, the mutant Nightcrawler, shook his head,

"I can't believe there's an actual woman interested in Quicksilver."
Logan, the mutant Wolverine, grunted,

"She's hormonal and nutty, not to mention a princess."

Amara shuddered,

"She is of royal blood? I would hate to meet her family."

Beast said,

"From what Simon told me, Crystal is part of a race called the Inhumans, non-mutants who live somewhere in the Himalayan mountains."

He added,

"And, from what else he told me, she used to stalk Johnny Storm for a little while."

Tabitha smirked,

"That would explain her taste in men."

At the East Coast Misfits Manor…

Toad shook her head,

"That was the chick that likes Pietro?"

Blob shrugged,

"She is attractive."

Dragonfly glared at him. The massive mutant quickly corrected,

"But, no one compares to you, sweetie."

Lina smiled,


Dragon shrugged,

"Have to admit, Crisis and Hercules are pretty good wrestlers. I'd like to take them on sometime."

Pietro was lying down on the couch and Wanda came storming in, slightly singed. She glared at her speedster brother,

"Tell that bitch to leave me alone or I'll stuff you in a box of chocolates and send them to her. Got it?"

Pyro groaned,

"Another flaming tornado and I missed it."

At the East Coast Avengers Manor…

Kid Razor, the rock hero, smirked,

"Now, that was a match up. Nice to see the Hellions get what's coming to them."

Hawkeye laughed,

"Did you see M get choke slammed, then the F-U? I'm glad I taped it."

Tigra giggled,

"Persiana was awesome. Too bad that match ended the way it did."

Thor growled,

"Hercules dares to besmirch me? I shall make him pay!"

She-Hulk shook her head,

"Is he still ticked that time Herc beat him?"

Hawkeye nodded,

"Oh yeah."

At the West Coast Misfits Manor…

Wildstar shook his head,

"Did you see what happened last night?"

Siryn nodded,

"Aye, we all did. We saw M get beaten. Hard."

Wolfsbane nodded,

"For what it's worth, lad; she did deserve it."

Thunderbird shrugged,

"Whatever. I've got to fight that guy Hercules sometime. Warrior to Warrior."

Wildstar shook his head,

"But, that guy Crisis knocked out M twice already? I had better send her a get well card."

At the Hellion House…

Catseye said,

"Miss Frost is chasing after John Cean again."

Roulette shook her head,

"Just as well."

A loud, girlish scream was heard,


M roared,

Tarot shook her head,

"I am guessing that, by telling Beef and M about Empath's manipulations, they have not taken it well."

Jetstream said,

"Beavertron is tapping it for blackmail."

Jen grinned,

"He had better give me a copy."

End of Hostile Hosting